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September 2009

TRIVIA QUESTION: How much muscle mass do we lose after the age of 35?

….In the July issue we reported LIZA HUNTER-GALVAN, 40, former Dallas White Rock Marathon Champion and 2008 Olympic 35th overall finisher (2:34:51), had tested positive for a banned substance. It was announced on Aug 26 that she was officially banned for two years. Hunter has recently run three marathons in three months (2:52, 2:42, and 2:30). Hunter has won the San Antonio marathon six times, including her personal best 2:29:37 set in November 2008, winning the race four consecutive years at one point. The San Antonio resident tested positive for erythropoietin (EPO) on March 23. Galvan has since admitted taking the drug three times this year. Rumors of this circulated within running circles since the Beijing Olympics last year. She represented New Zealand in two Olympics, Athens 2004 (2:50:23, 51st place) and Beijing 2008 (35th place). Galvan asked selectors not to pick her for last month’s Berlin world championship team despite qualifying. At the 2004 DWRM, Galvan Hunter won with a time of 2:38:23, a 6:03 average pace per mile. Recently she has been the subject and cover of Texas Runner Magazine. Galvan has been welcomed at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in years past. That welcome might not be extended in the future. Local elite runner JODY HAWKINS and Lisa were close at one point, until Jody openly talked in 2005 about the possibilities of drugs surrounding Lisa. At the 2005 Dallas Race For the Cure, Lisa hid in the crowd until the gun, then passed Hawkins for the win. At the finish, Galvan stood with attitude, her hands on her hips, staring back at Hawkins coming into the finish chute. It was an obvious, “In your face” move. “Any day that an athlete is caught cheating in their sport is a great day!!” Hawkins said when asked by The Phast Times News to comment. “Every elite runner knows the rules. You can not put anything in your mouth or on your skin without clearing it first with your governing athletic body. Any athlete who chooses to cross the line is guilty! Many never get caught and that is why some will continue to cheat. I strongly feel that any athlete caught cheating should never get the chance to make a professional come back and be a role model for our youth. Our children need to know that cheaters never win; not that if you cheat, you can win until you get caught and then you can return to do it again. Over the years athletes who chose to cross the line have beaten me and no doubt many more will do the same. However, I will leave the sport I love one day knowing that I am clean and everything I have accomplished came from hard work and faith in God and his ability to work thru me.” According to New Zealand web site, two years ago Hunter-Galvan revealed she was running for her teenage daughter Amber, who suffered a serious head injury in a car accident. One report said “Liza’s running to build some new memories for her daughter, who can no longer remember the past races and world competitions her mother was in.” Hunter-Galvan has vowed to keep running despite the ban. “I have to. I’ll go crazy if I don’t” she told a web site.

After runner EDDIE PASCACIO passed away on Aug 23, TNT-Tuesday Night Track walked a loop of the track Eddie used to run, before starting the scheduled workout that night. “That is so awesome,” his wife, JENNI replied. “I am sure Eddie was smiling down from heaven. He loved TNT and was looking forward to a day he could be a part of it again. You all gave him that… Thank you!” Jenni plans to resume her own running. “

I plan to start running at White Rock, followed by a visit with Eddie [at Restland]. Originally I thought Sundays since he passed on a Sunday, but I might make it Saturdays so more people can join me. I want to run a loop for him this weekend on Saturday morning and then will visit him before college football kicks off that day, our favorite Fall activity. I have to banter with him some over my Sooners vs. his Longhorns. Saturday wouldn’t be the same without that.”

The fall race season is once again kicking into high gear with Dallas’ over-population of races. These are the number of races seen scheduled for the upcoming weeks. There might be more. Sept 12th – 12; Sept 19th – 19, Oct 3rd – 16; and on Oct 10th – 18 races. For those looking for a lack of talent and a chance to trophy, these would be ideal weekends.

Ultra-distance runner MATT CROWNOVER and his wife, JULI ANNA, are expecting their fourth child in December. “I had to beg her for this one” he says. Boyish Matt is as “at home” with his kids as he would be on a swing set.

A third year swimming challenge has been created in Texas. The TEX ROBERTSON HIGHLAND LAKES CHALLENGE will take place Oct 21-25. The Challenge involves crossing the following five lakes in five days. Lake Buchanan, LBJ, Marble Falls, Travis, and Inks Lake in a north to south direction. All the lakes are located in the Texas Hill Country. The longest (and first) swim will be 4.5 miles in Buchanan and the shortest will be two miles on the third day in LBJ. Each swim has an easy time limit. Under their liability statement, it reads, “Unlike swimming pools, natural waters are not chlorinated or disinfected. The risk is higher after heavy rains when bacteria levels are elevated due to fecal matter washed into the lakes and streams.” The top three times for last year were for people between the ages of 38 and 60. Collis Williams, 38, won with 5:47:22 for the 15.1 miles of swimming over five days. Dave Barra, 43, was second with 6:02:03, and Keith Bell, 60, was third with 6:05:15. There are also single day swims. Fees range from $375 to $450. Go to for more information.

Meanwhile, there were three “Hubbies” who ventured across Lake Ray Hubbard’s five miles from Rockwall to Garland on Sept 18. MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, DAVID HARTWIG, and CHRIS PHELAN all made the journey as part of the underground swim.

ODD! The very popular River Cities Triathlon celebrated their 29th anniversary, Aug 2. The 30th anniversary is expected to be a blow out. However, they might want to consult Spell Check before putting out their next race t-shirt. On this year’s shirt the word “triathlon” was misspelled. Instead, on the front of the shirt for all to see it says “River Cities Triahlon,” leaving out the “t.” Surely triathletes can spell. Kan’t they?

Triathlete coach GAIL LEVEQUE, who heads-up Gorilla Multisport triathlon training, recently had back surgery to make things better. Unfortunately, there exists the very real possibility she will never race again.

DAVE BALIS, his wife AMY, his sister, DIANA, the grandfather PHIL, and their children, Sarah and Michael, turned the BLACKLAND TRIATHLON into a family affair. The event sold out with 150 in the youth triathlon, and 535 in the sprint race. “Dave won overall again,” said Amy, on the bet the two had on who would have the fastest transition. “52 seconds to 1:03,” she wrote. “I’m at least gaining on him.” Amy finished 1st in her age group, while Phil placed 2nd in his age group. Diana and the kids also completed the event. David, a medical doctor at Baylor who was featured on the cover of The Phast Times News, May 2006, will be doing the U.S. Open Triathlon, Oct 11, as well as the Turkey Trot and the DWRM Half Marathon.

Bike for sale. A size 51 Orbea Orca with Ultegra SL gruppo; Zeus alum bars and carbon seat post; Selle Italia Flite gel flow saddle; Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels; Speedplay pedals; Continental ultra-race tires. Price is negotiable. Contact IRIC GACHMAN,, 817-875-1908. It is said to have been taken good care of and has little mileage.

Triathlete and doctor of chiropractic care, RON TRIBENDIS, had a busy August. He and his wife had their first baby and he completed an Ironman triathlon. On August 29, Ron finished the Louisville, Kentucky Ironman with a time of 9:58:43, which placed him 70th overall of the 2,435 that started. He swam the 2.4 miles in 59:29, biked the 112 course solo in 5:27:36 (“Could have been better but I had two flat tires that slowed me by 20 minutes because I am a terrible mechanic.”), and then ran for 26.2 miles in a time of 3:36:11. “Needless to say, I have been a bit froggy,” he said. His goal is to run a three hour marathon in an Ironman triathlon. “I was looking at the three hour mark more as a five year plan type goal. I still feel like I have more potential.” He intends on racing the Clearwater, Florida Half Ironman World Championships, Nov 14, and the St. George Ironman triathlon, May, 2010. “My dad ran his 2:32 at age 35 so I figure I have some time. I am 31.” Oh, and the mother and child are doing fine. See more results from this race on page 13.

WENDY RAGLE, who was featured on the June 2009 cover of The Phast Times News, ran 58:06 (a 6:15 pace per mile average) in the Labor Day 15K in Ft. Worth to win overall. But that after doing a relay race in Austin on three days before. “So, good to see where I’m at and what I need to do. Longer longs runs and longer tempo’s!” Wendy is planning on attending a few of the fall races. “ I love those fast races where all the good runners show up. Just a month ago it was really hard for me to get out the door on ‘easy’ days. I’m much more motivated when I’m racing and can see my hard work pay off.”

On Aug 23, the Dallas area saw two triathlons taking place on the same day. It might be a sign of the times that triathlons can not only survive against an overcrowded running calendar, but also against each other just like runs do, as JACK WEISS pointed out while handling packet pick-up at Richardson Bike Mart for his race, Tri The Rock. Less than 10 yards away, The Take On The Heat Triathlon was also conducting packet pick-up. The doubling up of the multi-sport races was not originally planned. The Colony city workers, where Take On The Heat (TOTH) was scheduled the week before (Aug 16) didn’t feel the pool was ready. So their race was delayed a week to coincide with Rockwall’s Tri The Rock. Both races had good showings of over 350 participants. While holding court at Richardson Bike Mart, Jack gave the following quote, to be seen later in the end-of-the-year issue of The Phast Times News: “It’s easy to DO a race” compared to being the race director for an event. “It’s harder to direct a triathlon”, he pointed out, which he does many times throughout the year. At the Rockwall event, Kenyan runner FESTUS KIGEN, 25, participated as part of a relay team which won 1st place. That’s not a surprise as he ran the three mile leg in 14:00. The other members of that team were Manton Willoughby, and Bo French. The Rockwall triathlon has the distinction of perhaps being the first race in which a beauty pageant queen has participated. SHANNON JAMISON, otherwise known as “Ms. Dallas” ‘95-96 did her first triathlon. She is hoping to complete the difficult Catalina Island Triathlon on Nov 7. She’s done one other event leading up to her triathlon debut. On Aug 8 she rode the 43 mile course at Rockwall’s Hot Rocks bike rally, another first for beauty queen participants. Shannon has also been Ms. Highland Park and Ms. Metroplex, and was 2nd in the Ms. Texas pageant. “Oh, what have I gotten myself into?” Shannon jokingly asked after finishing Tri The Rock Triathlon. She can be seen swimming at the 6 am Dallas Aquatic Master’s workouts held at Tom Landry Center, and biking at White Rock Lake. Stay tuned. Winners at the Tri The Rock Triathlon: Males, 1st – Michael Dawdy, 55:32; 2nd – Ian Ray, 56:08. Females, 1st – Doreen Redenius, 1:09:48; 2nd – Nikki Bertrand, 1:12:28 (wife of David Bertrand, Play Tri coach and SMU professor); 4th – Master’s winner Tammy Rooney, 1:14:11. At TOTH, Males, 1st – Pedro Trindade, 58:33. Females, 1st – Jenny Hogan, 1:07:26; 5th – Kathy Wickersham, 1:11:16.

TRIVIA ANSWER: How much muscle mass do we lose after the age of 35? We lose 5% of our muscle per decade after the age of 35. But athletes can maintain strength and power by adding resistance training [weights] to their routine.” – Bicycling Magazine, Dec 2008

Out of State Results


Aug 15, Indianapolis, IN

Dallas Aquatic Masters

1 Dixon, Stephen, 47            50m Freestyle0:30.24

2 Dunne, Patrick, 55    “          ”          0:32.43

3 Enright, Richard, 57           50m Breaststroke 0:36.26

4 Glass, Laura, 29     50m Freestyle0:27.58

5 Glass, Mark, 35     “          ”          0:26:12

6 Henderson, Kristin, 49      “          ”          0:29.92

7 Hogan, Kristin, 29    “          ”          0:31.89

8 Jones, Elene Kay, 49         “          ”          0:29.40

9 Kenny, John, 49    “          ”          0:27.00

10 Kritzer, William, 52          50m Breaststroke        0:36.80

11 McCarthy, Shaun, 49       50m Freestyle0:39.50

12 Montgomery, Jim, 54 100 Freestyle      1:00.32

13 Patten, Bobby, 471500 Freestyle            16:19.28

14 Sikora, Rod, 49     200 Freestyle  2:17:34

15 Wendell, Nancy, 45          50 Freestyle    0:31:81


Irving Masters Swim Club (IMSC)

1 Myer, Cynthia, 56Breaststroke    0:53.70



Sept 12, Australia, Olympic Distance

3,049 competitors overall, 392 from the USA

NAME                                    TIME              AGrp   OVERALL

Ahmed Zaher                          2:03:03            10        186

Mike Zinn                               2:27:47            18        756

Alma Darensburg                    2:22:30            25        175

Stephanie Bassin                     2:26:55            17        279

Diane Proud                            2:55:21            29        566




424 11:17:28 SCOTT DECKER       S.LAKE M40-44       71/354

453 11:22:43 TOM BELL                 DALLAS M25-29      44/107

665 11:49:33 PHILLIP JONES         DALLAS M45-49      86/314

793 12:04:57 JOHN PETTITT         DALLAS M45-49      111/314

830 12:10:24 TIFF MCGINN          TROPHY CLUB, W25-29, 23/73

962 12:26:23 AL KOSZAREK         S.LAKE          M45-49           130/314

991 12:28:53 NICOLE GILINSKY   LUBBOCK W30-34,48/129

1171 12:48:09 TREY BENNETT      FRISCO          M35-39           203/359

1223 12:52:57 NANCY HENLEY     BURLESON W45-49 34/123

1230 12:53:32 ERIK ANDERSON    FORT WORTH M50-54, 99/236,

2006 14:58:57 FRANK CHENOWETH BURLESON M50-54, 180/236

2048 15:08:43 DARYL REVA           FRISCO M25-29        00/107

2143 15:35:19 MISTY AGUERO     DALLAS W25-29      64/73

2242 15:59:45 AMBER TUNE         DALLAS W30-34      111/129

2310 16:27:16 GAIL SPURGEON    DALLAS W45-49      110/123

2331 16:34:55 BILL PRUETT BURLESON M40-44          324/354

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
August 22, 2009
S 1.5k/ B 40k/ R 10k

MINA PIZZINI, featured on the cover of the December 2007 Phast Times News, was the highlight among many standout performances. Pizzini, 42, won the Master’s overall title by 15 seconds. She was the 6th overall woman. Her times were 31:14 for the open water mile swim against the river’s current, 59:59 for the 25 mile bike, and 40:30 for the 10K run. What people don’t know about her race is that her bike was lost by the airline in the days before, along with the bikes of other competitors.

Name                                      City             Age   Time

Jason Watson Irving 30 2:12:42
Sean Thompson Grapevine 50 2:14:25
Mina Pizzini Dallas 42 2:14:45
Madison Flowers Fort Worth 31 2:16:15
Ben Munguia Dallas 22 2:21:12
Kathy Rakel GdfellowAfb 25 2:23:12
Richie Conry Garland 25 2:24:09
Aaron Patel Fort Worth 26 2:28:11
Alma C. Darensburg Lewiville 44 2:32:14
Benjamin Drezek Denton 34 2:32:36
Philip Dudley Colleyville 25 2:33:34
Lauren Rinck Dallas 25 2:34:08
Karen Burks Cedar Park 41 2:35:09
Amari Holmes Dallas 29 2:35:01
Brandon Barnett Dallas 28 2:37:33
Mandy Jellerichs Houston 35 2:40:01
Victoria Piper Richardson 42 2:44:11
Stephanie Bassin Dallas 51 2:46:42
Lisa Clines Carrollton 52 2:48:43
Denise Rhodes Marble Falls 48 2:53:36
Chris Gescheidle Richardson 49 2:54:15
Lauren Lewis Arlington 21 2:55:43
Devon Bijansky Austin 32 3:03:36
Nancy Moore Austin 52 3:08:28
Maura Guthrie Dallas 47 3:12:28
Amanda Poland Longview 22 3:14:04
Melissa Martin Grand Prairie 25 3:31:36



DAVID JONES, DELLA IRBY, and STACI BRODE all had something to prove in the 140.6 mile self powered aerobic distance race known as “The Ironman.” David, 43, had a streak of bad luck following him around this summer, as PlayTri head, competitor, and friend, Ahmed Zaher tells it. “My beautiful friend David Jones, crashed on the bike in St Croix [a qualifying race], but ran his heart out to miss a Hawaii Ironman slot by minutes. He goes to Lubbock [Buffalo Springs Half Ironman, another qualifying race] and misses the slot by one place. The hardest race came in Rhode Island where he missed the slot by seconds. He goes to Ironman Louisville and gets hit by a Van at Mile 50 of the 112 bike ride. He gets back on the bike with a bruised shoulder, hip and a cut knee that eventually needed six stitches. He sits in the bike-run transition not able to move or put on his socks thinking, may be that is it. But he remembered my race email where I said everyone will be hurting too. He runs the race of his life, with lots of pain, but his determination pays off as he wins his age group and qualifies for Hawaii!”

Della, 47, is somewhat unknown in the area for her athletic prowess. Glimpses of her have been seen at a few races, and while riding in the Argyle area. But after moving to the area, she had to show her real strength. Until now. With a fantastic time of 10:51:54, Della immediately moved to the front of the pack in the DFW area. She won her age group overall at the race.

Then there’s Staci, the wife of Ahmed, and co-owner of Playtri. “It was a blast,” she said after. “I couldn’t be happier with my finish. I averaged about six hours a week over the last six months and less before that. For the past few years, my priorities have been family first, Playtri second, and training third. So I was ecstatic and shocked to cross the finish line well under 17 hours. My goal was to finish in the cutoff and that is what I did. What an amazing day and to top it off, I got to cross the finish line with my best friend and training buddy, Anne Weil!”

Ahmed gushed. “My beautiful wife comes to me nine months ago and tells me that she will prove what I have always said. If you train right under Playtri for a long time, you can do an Ironman triathlon with a minimum of hours of training, in this case 4-6 hours/week average. I watched her tackle the goal with a full time job, a new baby, and, of course, the hardest job in the world, taking care of me. She had her ups and downs, but she was determined 100% for her goal and at Ironman Louisville she became a new IronMOM.

“Not once did Staci, or David have any doubt they would reach their goal. They had lots of obstacles along the way, life obstacles, but they never allowed these obstacles to be a distraction, just bumps on the road home.

So the next time you have a hard day, think, is it as hard as what Staci, or David had to go through? If they can do it, so can you.”

Overall Name     City             Age     Swim/Bike/Run           Total time

43 David Jones, Frisco               46 1:11:34/5:11:29/3:14:37         9:47:35

70 Ron Tribendis, Frisco           31 59:29/5:27:36 3:27:11           9:59:44

253 Della Irby, Lewisville         47 1:29:45/5:29:28/3:46:27       10:51:54

340 Scott Wollaston, Pilot Pt     33 1:13:44/5:34:12 4:12:09       11:08:31

450 Alison Peters, Fort Worth   30 1:18:04/6:05:07/3:52:14       11:25:18

466 Gregory Rhodes, Colleyville50 1:12:47/5:50:42/4:17:46       11:27:57

526 Chris Edgewort Longview   31 1:30:51/6:16:41/3:38:07     11:36:49

556 Tommy Johnson, Frisco       48 1:19:13/5:53:44/4:12:38       11:40:02

592 Katie Rhodes, Dallas           26 1:24:48/6:13:50/3:49:27       11:43:54

608 Michael Zinno, Lubbock     42 1:20:03/5:57:58/4:21:11       11:46:04

700 Aaron Gingrich Dallas         26 1:13:19/6:10:32/4:22:53     11:54:59

861 Max Barron, Murphy          40 1:07:37/6:11:30/4:37:53     12:09:39

906 Ryan Groves, Dallas             31 1:34:17/5:54:53/4:36:00     12:17:08

954 Anthony White, Granbury     27 1:46:08/5:13:30/5:06:18     12:22:22

1191 Daniel Banse, Grapevine     51 1:21:47/5:57:16/5:16:53     12:46:50

1219 Rob Borse. Dallas               36 1:58:52/6:13:39/4:24:44     12:50:10

1228 Nathanael Gingrich, Dallas 28 1:29:35/6:18:23/4:46:01     12:51:23

1289 Dirk Johnson, Richardson   45 1:22:47/6:28:08/4:52:22     12:58:33

1369 Lance Lewis, Quinlan         44 1:11:16/6:33:52/5:12:21   13:08:23

1413 Jeffrey Parry, Coppell         52 1:44:25/6:12:13/5:08:01   13:15:10

1433 Juan Carlos Zapata. McAllen 24 1:28:59/6:05:15/5:19:57   13:17:03

1512 Franklin Haun, Frisco           41 1:19:54/6:17:25/5:34:18     13:25:21

1540 Taylor Humphrey, Richardson 26 1:37:31/6:27:56/5:12:10 13:28:41

1560 Kevin Kieffer, Prosper         39 1:29:24/5:52:23/5:51:04     13:31:13

1663 Juan Iparraguirre, McKinney 30 1:39:14/6:58:37/4:45:46   13:44:35

1682 Ronny Guerrero, Plano       36 1:39:53/6:31:55/5:22:05     13:46:59

1700 Jake Dijulio, Stephenville   36 1:52:46/6:50:11/4:45:31   13:48:36

1854 Dan Benintendi, Fort Worth 34 1:18:09/6:19:13/6:16:45   14:14:14

1917 Larry Branagin, N. Richland 64 1:32:06/6:59:32/5:38:18   14:25:04

2044 Tamlyn Baker, Frisco           45 1:32:57/7:13:53/5:33:26   14:48:30

2050 Jason Maloy, Carrollton       29 1:27:27/6:54:11/6:11:10   14:49:54

2065 Keith Pinckard, Coppell       41 1:28:25/7:17:16/5:32:45   14:55:05

2111 Caleb Hargesheimer, Dallas 22 2:02:51/7:34:46/5:12:09   15:11:11

2133 Anne Weil, Dallas                 37 1:53:53/7:30:38/5:29:13   15:16:49

2134 Staci Brode, Dallas             33 1:12:46/8:04:05/5:41:01   15:16:50

2173 Zach Callaway, Farmers Branch 30 1:29:05/7:01:39/6:39:52     15:31:34

2236 Maite De La Morena, Dallas 50 1:21:42/7:25:44/6:38:29   15:52:40

2261 Jennifer Pinckard, Coppell   34 1:40:54/7:30:39/6:32:59   16:01:11

2311 Rich Berard, Murphy             39 1:55:50/7:38:30/6:21:08    16:21:29


10/1/53 Greta Waitz, runner

10/8/55 Jonathan Boyer, cyclist

10/11/71 Chan McRae, cyclist

10/12/75 Marion Jones, Track

10/14/75 Floyd Landis, cyclist

10/14/82 Ryan Hall, runner

10/15/58 Julie Moss, triathlete

10/25/56 Scott Tinely, triathlete

10/31/47 Frank Shorter, runner

10/31/58 Jeannie Longsjo, cyclist

11/2/60 Said Aouita, runner

11/4/70 Tim DeBoom, triathlete

11/12/50 Alberto Juantorena, runner

11/14/54 Bernard Hinault

11/18/71 Bobby Julich, cyclist

11/22/44 Priscilla Welch, runner

12/2/73 Jan Ullrich, cyclist

12/6/66 Natascha Badmann, triathlete

12/9/76 Desiree Ficker, triathlete

12/12/63 Arturo Barrios, runner

12/23/47 Bill Rodgers, runner

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.