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November 2009

TRIVIA QUESTION: What’s the average weight of an adult man and woman in the U.S.?

….Runner, cyclist, triathlete, and White Rock Lake walker, BETTY FORSVAL turned 75 on October 15. She keeps fit with a pack of friends who have known each other for 20 years. Currently, along with her husband, MURRAY FORSVAL, 78, they have run in 49 of the U.S. states. Alaska, which will be the last one, will be scratched off in 2010. Murray, who tries to stay up with his wife, had his second bad cycling wreck for the year. “I think the cyclists call it a face plant,” he said. “I am OK. Just takes a while to get over it and the antibiotics.”…. ….Website Launch of Track & Field/Road Running Speakers Bureau: Dallas founder TROY JAMES has always had a knack for being a little ahead of the curve. Whether it was finding the next champion athlete or pioneering a new sponsorship idea, he has a pretty sharp eye. While still advising athletes, now he has a new gig. Enter TIAGO Worldwide, (, a new speakers bureau dedicated to the sport of track & field and road racing. “Until now, there’s not really been a concerted effort for this in our sport,” James explains. “There have been notable former athletes who remain high profile, but not everyone has an easy access to them. We just make it easier.” TIAGO Worldwide hopes to bring “something extra” to races and events that are looking “outside the box” for their race, expo, store opening or motivational conference. Currently, he has secured appearances in the US, Eastern Europe and Asia within the next few months. “There is a need from many directors, especially marathon directors, who could never afford Haile Gebresalassie or Usain Bolt, but having a gold medalist or world record holder like Mike Powell or Frank Shorter builds some excitement in their race, making it an event.” The current (and growing roster) includes former greats like Frank Shorter, Mike Powell, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Charles Austin, Arturo Barrios, Valerie Brisco and Henry Rono and renown coaches Pat Henry and Jack Daniels. Of course, as any pioneer would appreciate another pioneer, TIAGO Worldwide’s list includes media pioneers Toni Reavis, Weldon Johnson and Pat Butcher and then, Katherine Switzer who broke barriers for women. The list even includes Texas athletes Jody Hawkins and Kyle Heffner, who are attracting greater attention after their running careers, as motivators and coaches. “This list is by no means complete.” he adds. “There are many we have agreements with who aren’t on our roster and we get calls requesting those athletes, too.” During his career as an international agent for top level athletes, Troy represented athletes from over 20 countries and did business in 80 countries. He is a recognized coach, writer, photographer, event coordinator, and former television reporter. Married to 33:28 10K runner, Debbie Arzola James, they have a 3-year old son, Joseph. For additional media requests, contact Andrea Borenstein at For athlete inquiries, contact TIAGO Worldwide at (972) 747-0952, or In connection with the web site, THE CELEBRITY MILE is being planned by James for May 29, in Ft. Worth, down Lancaster Avenue. James is rounding up an A-list of talent to run the mile with all proceeds going to charity. Baylor Hospital is on board as the title sponsor. There will also be a MEDIA MILE that will include as many of the local TV, radio, and print personalities as possible. The Phast Times News has been invited…. ….DEBBIE ARZOLA JAMES, 35, got a great pay day on October 31 by winning both the Four Seasons Cool Run 10K and 5K, winning $150 for each. She won the 5K by a minute in 18:41, and the 10K by 8 seconds in 36:34. While she had a long training run planned for the next day, Debbie decided to enter the DRC Half Marathon as a training run and finished 1:23:02, fourth overall, winning $200. “The two races on Saturday were to be a stress workout,” her husband, Troy said. “Sunday called for a long run at 6:20 pace. Debbie just thought she should be paid to workout.” At the same 5K race HENRY STERN had the luck to be the only one in the 20-24 male age group division, allowing him to win his age group, even though he was 264th overall, with a time of 39:27. That’s 12:44 per mile in a normally competitive age group. To put that in perspective, JJ JENKINS won his 55-59 age group and was 19th overall. His time was 20:59. Or RICHARD WIDENER, 82, who won his age group in over three minutes faster than Stern. It’s a sure sign there were too many races that day in the area. At the 10K, husband and wife, DAVID and AMY BALIS of Plano, both 42, PR’d. David won his age group in 35:38, while Amy placed 4th in her age group with a 55:13. The couple are known as making bets against each other during the triathlon season when both competed. David usually spotted Amy extra time since he was faster. David’s a doctor and instructor at UT-Southwestern…. ….At the DRC Half Marathon on Nov 1, SHEILA NATHO, 43, won the master’s title for the third consecutive year. “I am quite pleased,” she said after earning $250. “It was nice. Although, that course is NOT a fast one. I thought I could pull off Master’s. I worked packet pickup Friday and had a good look at the list.” And to anyone who thinks this is a fluke, it was her 17th (!) half marathon under 1:30. (She’s done it five times at The Half, four times at Houston, three at Philadelphia, three at San Francisco, once at Las Vegas, and once at Austin. However, she bemoans not getting one at the Dallas White Rock Marathon Half. “Gonna work on that one this year!” Natho has certainly earned her spot as one of the great female masters of the area. MARIUS MAIANU ran 1:31:12 (6:58 pace) for 15th in his age group and top 90 overall. But, what’s more is he and wife Christine gave birth to their second child Wednesday (Oct 28) before the race, leaving the hospital on Friday. “I felt good to race on Sunday, but the lack of sleep caught up to me. I hit the wall between Miles 8 and 9. I walked and ran the rest of the way. Anyway, it was a great day to run and celebrate our second child.” Former competitive runner, MONIQUE ECKER, 40, ran 1:38:53 (7:33 pace). The one time 5K’er was once offered a job out of Dallas with a sportswear company only to turn it down the day before leaving. That was Oct of 1998. KIM STARK, featured on the cover last month, said the race was not good for her. “End of last week I struggled with some hip and calf pain. I took off from running Friday and Saturday to rest. I knew I shouldn’t have run. However, I was stubborn and decided to anyway with a little pain. I thought I could run through it and thought it would loosen up. Felt great the first nine miles and was running right on for my goal. Then I felt a bad pain in my hip. Decided to keep going. Then at Mile 11, I felt a bigger pain in the hip. The pain shot down quite strong. I decided to finish the best I could, even though it was very slow at this point.” She finished at 1:27, but wanted to run 1:24. “I feel like I could have otherwise. Now I’m barely walking and probably have a torn hip muscle,” according to her doctor husband. “It hurts a lot more than any pulled muscle I have had. So now I’m hoping, really hoping, I will be back to normal in a couple of weeks for the San Antonio half. Yikes!”…. ….LAUREN HULSEY, 49, did her first triathlon at the Benbrook Women’s Triathlon on October 4. Through pouring rain, Lauren and 195 finishers of the 300 that signed up swam 300 meters, biked only 6 miles instead of 12 due to flooding, and ran a 5K. “It was very wet! It was pouring,” Lauren said. “Pouring. Absolutely pouring.” Lauren’s husband is long time Ironman competitor TOM HULSEY with multiple finishes since doing his first in 1986, and was there to help as needed, hovering like a concerned parent, Lauren said. “Tom gave me all the tips. He’s so good and disciplined. Everything he told me was right. I was riding with helmet backwards in training. I wasn’t going to wear a hat. I don’t even look like a girl in a hat!” She was glad she wore one to keep the rain out of her eyes. Her training was hampered by a previous back surgery for three herniated disks. In the two weeks before the race, she couldn’t run, swam only once, and biked twice for a total of 17 miles. Lauren liked the women’s race because of all the encouragement she got along the way. “‘You’re doing great!’ they would say. ‘GREAT!’ I thought. ‘Where’s the freakin end!’” Meanwhile, Tom was emotional when Lauren finished, she said. “He kept saying, ‘I’m very, VERY proud of you.’” Tom said, “Considering the bad weather and her two friends backed out, she was determined. Plus, the challenges she has had with her back.” Her finish time was 1:17:30, finishing 184th overall. She’s considering another triathlon in the spring. “I like the nice flat courses.”…. ….Triathlete AMY WITAKER had a math problem at the same race. She can’t count. Amy scored the fastest bike split of the day, averaging 43 MPH, placing 3rd overall right behind VICTORIA PIPER and in front of JULIE BURNS. Due to heavy rains, the bike course was shortened. The bike course would be only two laps of an out-and-back three mile section of road. Amy allegedly did the course in 8 minutes and 19 seconds, more than 5 minutes faster than Piper. Piper is known to be a very good cyclist. She had the second fastest bike split of the day with 13:39, averaging 26.4 MPH. Amy was later “DQ’d” suspected of only being able to count to one, as in only one lap of the bike course instead of two. “She must not know how to count to two,” Burns said, who was third overall. “Jack made it very clear to do two loops. So either that girl doesn’t know how to count to two or didn’t listen at the pre-race meeting.” JAMIE SHAW, 46, placed 5th in the same age group coming in at 54:54. Race Director JACK WEISS says this was probably the last year for the women’s race to be held at Benbrook. He is considering a new location in Cleburne on the same date…. ….Consider one of the best signs at an event seen this year was on October 3 at the NORTH TEXAS BICYCLE RALLY. Toward the end of the ride, along a flat section just before a hill, the sign read, “Hill, yeah!”…. ….The best Triathlon team this year has got to be TEAM BRIAN LONCAR. First, they appear to be everywhere, at every race. Plus, the prolific team is tight, always hanging together under SCOTT EDER’s tutelage. Third, with TYLER and ASHLEY JOHNSON usually in the hunt for the overall trophy, there’s STEPHANIE BASSIN taking the Master’s title, and JUSTIN MEADER capturing the wheel chair division…. ….THE SANTA FE TRAIL is about finished. It connects White Rock Lake with Baylor Tom Landry Center and Fair Park. According to its web site, the trail “traversing through East Dallas’ cultural and natural landmarks, an under-utilized and not to be forgotten pathway, touches some of Dallas’ most architecturally significant neighborhoods, thriving employment centers, exciting entertainment districts, and beautiful recreational destinations. This linear Park has taken its first few strides to become a new transportation artery within the City of Dallas that will help connect families, friends and communities. The impact of the Santa Fe Trail will be tremendous – healthy living, high-quality sustainable development, increased property values, more green space, commuting access to the DART stations, all while showing off the unique qualities of East Dallas. It will be a linear museum, an ever-evolving garden, and more, all bringing together Dallas’ magnificent White Rock Lake and culturally inspiring East Dallas, Deep Ellum and Fair Park neighborhoods. All kinds of audiences will be served by the trail in its finished, beautiful state – commuters, families, shoppers, athletes, artists, and social groups. We want our neighbors to get fit, get connected, and get involved. The Friends of the Santa Fe Trail depends on the generosity of supporters. The Friends of the Santa Fe Trail is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, and all donations are tax deductible. Board of Directors include: Monty Watson, Greg Furman, Chris Angarola. Checks can be made to: Friends of the Santa Fe Trail, 1003 Clermont, Dallas TX 75223…. ….On September 24, former local high school running stand out MICHELLE HURN became a degreed and registered dietitian. “I DID IT!!! I graduated from Kansas State University. I did my internship at the Oregon Health & Science University.” She has since been hired with OHSU patient food services. “I am loving it!”…. ….Thirteen year old MOLLY TUCKER won the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Double Trouble 5K, Oct 10, averaging 6:18 per mile. Her finish time was 19:31, placing her 8th overall with the guys. JOSE LOPEZ, 24, won the male division 5K in 17:21 (5:36 average), after winning the accompanying 10K in a time of 34:58 (5:38). Talk about consistency! He finished this year’s San Franscisco Marathon on July 26 with a time of 2:51:34, a PR by over 6 minutes, placing 31st overall…. ….Elite runner couple DAVE and KAREN MATLACK proved they still have it by each winning overall at the DRC 5K Oct 3rd, with times of 16:42 and 20:32, respectively. Dave was featured on the September 2005 cover of The Phast Times News. Jose Lopez, featured on the July cover this year, won overall at the 15K Oct DRC race in 53:30. It’s his first race after completing the San Francisco Marathon, July 26, in 2:51:34…. ….If you’ve noticed the lights are back on at White Rock Lake’s Dog Park parking lot, you can thank RANDALL TURNER. After concern that the White Rock Lake Task Force had extended their reach to turning off lights runners use, Turner contacted the city and inquired. Park Maintenance Manager JAMES PAGE responded. “I just wanted to thank you for the heads up and let you know we turned the request into the electricians and Oncor. Thanks for bringing this to our attention – a lot of times you, the public, are our eyes and ears for stuff like this.” The Boston Marathon qualifier is currently training in the morning at the lake…. ….Long time runner DAVE WEST, 51, of Plano, was in Portland, OR for business when he noticed there was a five mile race the next day, The Portland Marathon five Miler. Not on Dave’s calendar of “A” races, he thought he would enter and just enjoy the run, maybe average 9:00 mile pace. Without looking at the course map, he headed off with 2,000 others. The first mile was good, 8:55. He lost some time on the second mile, 9:22. But then the course drastically changed, heading up a steep incline for a mile with the last 400 miles almost straight up. He slowed to a 10:15 pace. But, like the stock market, what goes up, must come down. The course turned down hill, giving Dave some time back for an 8:40 on his third mile. Then the downhill section turned drastically down. Dave’s last mile was 7:33, giving him a 9:00 average for an official time of 44:58. Dave was astonished at the course and his time, likening it to a ride at the fair. In related news, earlier this year West was asked by BRENNA VIVIER, 38, to train her for the New York City Marathon. As next door neighbors in Plano, Vivier had seen and heard about West’s running and racing. Vivier, married with three kids (ages 14, 12, 9) had never run a 5K until she started training with West in June. Prior to that, she had run three to four miles, two or three days a week, for about four years. She attempted to train for the marathon on her own, using a Life Time Lady trainer who printed off a schedule and demanded her to follow it. The schedule involved lots of weights and sprints. Vivier, frustrated, called West. As neighbors, their kids played together (West has two children with his runner wife, Laura). So it was easy to talk to West, who volunteered to help her. It would give him a running partner on long runs. West’s first words to her were, “Forget the schedule. Let’s worry about getting in the time running, and building strength.” They worked around her schedule of work and family duties, adopting a modified Galloway walk-run program. His advice for her to walk through all the aid stations at the marathon “worked perfect.” She finished in 5:28. “Steady, no problems, no cramps.” Only a slightly sore hip that’s been nagging her since a July fall. Two minutes after finishing, Vivier called West from the cell phone she was carrying, crying. “I did it! I can’t believe I did it. I can’t talk, I’m crying.” West says she’s still “sky high” with her accomplishment. “The pain can’t wipe the smile off my face,” she said. “I slept with my medal beside me.” Now she wants her entire family to get in on the act. She’s already signed up for the Dallas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in mid-March 2010, and wants everyone in both families to do it with her…. ….A new LANCE ARMSTRONG book hit the shelves this past June 25th that has local heroes described in it. In the book, “Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion,” JIM HOYT has “a square face and steel-grey hair, and his rimless glasses emphasize his twinkling eyes.” In reply Hoyt said, “I enjoyed the book. That was how I saw it,” he says speaking of Armstrong’s growing up years here. “[Author John Wilcockson] came by the store and talked in my office. Really a nice guy. I guess he described what he saw. I did not think of myself as having ‘steel grey hair,’ but I still think I am 30. As far as being a mentor? Ya.” Armstrong’s first coach, SCOTT EDER, is also pictured and is mentioned as “In his early fifties and has a round face, short graying hair, and a high pitched but rough voice.” “He confused me with Harry Hall,” Eder said laughing. Asked about the authenticity of the stories presented, Eder said, “Fantastic. As close to the best, authentic thing I’ve seen.” Eder gives one of the best quotes of the book. “No body coaches Lance.” He went on to suggest Armstrong will have a tough time with the Hawaiian Triathlon run leg when he is supposed to do it in 2011. Besides family interviews, ADAM WILK is another local guy the author tapped, describing Wilk as “Lean, athletic build, and a small patch of grey hair on his balding head.” Wilk responded. “Funny! Yeah, the ‘bald’ part was a little wrong. Maybe I had just cut my hair the day he came in. At least he said lean! One-hundred percent accurate,” Wilk said of the book. “I was interviewed about two years ago, and actually forgot about it. We talked for over three hours, so I am sure I talked probably too much! The cool part is Lance gives a lot of ‘yeah, that happened’ comments. When somebody told me about the quote on the back cover, he paraphrased what it said. At first I thought ‘Oh, no!’ But once I read it, I think you can tell what I meant was that Lance was into football and baseball, and when he met Chann and I, he got introduced to swimming, biking, and running. And the rest is history.” Local swim coach CHRIS MacCURDY and former pro triathlete STEVE MUDGETT also get mentioned along with the President’s, Lewisville, and Waco Triathlons. The first three chapters are all about Dallas, and Richardson, peppered with area landmarks. DAVID HARTWIG is not mentioned, but was one of the people who police woke up looking for Lance after a notorious car chase through Richardson. “Those were the good old days,” Hartwig says…. ….The US TRIATHLON OPEN got mixed reviews because of weather and road conditions. STEVE MUDGET: “The swim and run had nice temperatures. But, the bike was an adventure.” DAVID BALIS: “Didn’t have a great day. Cold, rainy, wet, hard, long bike. Hands and feet froze. Couldn’t feel them. Couldn’t get my feet out, helmet off, shoes on in T2. Lots of really fast people there from all over. I was 1st out of water, but had a slow bike. Pedro passed me in T2. Couldn’t catch him on the run.” ANN DANNIS, sporting a new, shorter hair cut: “I’ve always been a fan of triathlons. But, this one was all-around NOT fun. It was a suffer-fest. Freezing before the start, choppy water, windy on lake, some major hills with slick streets. Oh well, I hate to complain because I’m still healthy enough to get through the torture.” According to one inside report, Race Director JACK CARESS is at least considering moving the venue next year to Rockwall’s Lake Ray Hubbard. He will be in town to scout surrounding roads and infra structure in coming months. At the Dallas US Open Triathlon, there were 204 males in the sprint race, while 272 females competed. MINA PIZZINI, who is considered the best local female triathlete, won as the women’s Champion among the amateurs in 2:22:50, over three minutes in front of second place. Among the pro’s she wouldn’t have made the Top 20. The story of the day was local DEE ANN ARTHUR, 22, Bedford native, who was 21st overall among the women, and 2nd in her division, with a time of 2:19:11. She finished 5th overall at the Race for the Cure on Oct 24 with a time of 17:28. Arthur, who goes by D’Ann grew up a gymnast. “I didn’t make it to the top in gymnastics, as I was constantly injured.” She broke three bones in 12 months between her junior and senior year in high school. “Between missing out on training and getting taller, I was limited with how far I could go. But I absolutely loved the sport.” She says she started running to fill the void. “I needed something to fill the hole left in my life without being at the gym for 15+ hours a week.” For graduation, her parents helped her buy a triathlon bike. She did her first triathlon in the fall of 2005 in San Antonio. “It was the day after I moved into college and the morning of a bunch of placement exams. I barely got back to school on time for the tests and still had numbers scribbled all over me, but I ended up winning my age group and was hooked.” She did one other triathlon that fall and then joined the diving team for Trinity College. The summer of 2006, she did a few more triathlons. At one, the Boerne Triathlon, one of the girls on the Cross Country team happened to recognize her and mentioned how she should try running. “I walked on the team my sophomore year and helped the team qualify for nationals.” After bouts with bursitis, getting mono, and stress fractures in both femurs, she was having a tough go of it. She was able to run at Regionals, winning she says, “off a base of biking and aqua jogging.” She had six stress fractures in less than a year. Then was diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance), forcing her to the a strict gluten-free diet. Since the new diet she hasn’t had a bone break in over a year. Her senior year in cross country she only got to run at Regionals and Nationals, again, helping the team to a 6th place finish at Nationals. She was the team’s 2nd fastest runner. In track she ran 35:58 for the 10K and 17:19 for the 5K, both of which qualified her for Nationals. She has since joined Dallas Aquatic Master’s because, after placing 8th at the triathlon collegiate nationals, she was convinced, “I should actually swim more than twice a week.” While trying to get a word with the UT-Southwestern medical student, she was intensely studying. “I’m a little overwhelmed right now with my midterm for Gross Anatomy.” Sporting a tattoo on her right butt cheek of a bull that she got while in Spain 18 months ago (Shhh! Her parents don’t know about it.), we hope to see her at more starting lines to come. Dallas, be fore warned…. ….At the Race for the Cure, another stand out was NATALIE RATHJEN, who finished 4th overall, right behind DAVID BALIS and in front of JEFF ROTH, 22nd overall with the male runners. Her time was 17:22, a 5:34 average pace per mile. Rathjen is 13 years old. On April 19, Rathjen placed second at her first race, the Rise and Shine 5K, where she finished in 18:52 behind WENDY RAGLE. At the Cure race, Ragle was five spots behind Rathjen. TYLER and ASHLEY JOHNSON did well as a running couple. Tyler ran 16:12 to win his age group, placing 9th overall, while Ashely pr’d going from 18:45 to 17:54 in the 5K distance. (Tyler’s 5K PR is 15:33, during college in 2003.) Both are looking forward to the World Half Ironman 70.3 Championships in Clearwater, Florida later in November. Tyler felt his wife’s progress is because of “consistent training, proper periodization, training through the year, training easy on easy days, and very hard on hard days.” A week after her 5K PR, Ashley, who goes by the nickname “Smash,” won the Borden’s Uptown Five Mile Run overall by over three minutes, PR-ing with a 29:53. Tyler finished third at the same race in 27:18. “I’ve been very happy with my running lately,” Ashley said. “I hadn’t done a running race in a long time, so it’s great to see my improvements. My hard work has paid off! I was truly shocked when I saw my 5K time when I finished the Race for the Cure! I would have been ecstatic with an 18:30, but the 17:54 was a PR by almost 50 seconds. I’ve also been doing track workouts and I think those have really helped my speed. I’m not doing that many miles during the week, but the majority of my runs are quality. I usually will get my recovery from bike and swim workouts.  The main thing I would attribute my faster running to would be doing the majority of my workouts with Tyler. He’s clearly MUCH faster than me, so I’m forced to go much faster than I typically would. Of course, I’m going what feels to be race pace when he’s going ‘nice and easy.’ Hopefully he’s not getting slower by running with me!  Let’s hope the fast run times translate to a fast Half Ironman time!” Here’s to Phast Times!…. .AHMED ZAYER will be assisting the Egyptian Triathlon team for the 2012 London Olympics. “I turned down the offer for coaching the team,” he said, “and just accepted to be the technical expert. This way I can still live here full time and just help via email phone and a few visits. It’s very cool.” Ahmed is one of the most decorated Ironman triathletes in north Texas, if not the state, with seven Hawaiian World Championship Ironman finishes. He is also known for coaching area athletes, and with his wife, Staci, for producing a batch of fun triathlons in the area…. ….FRANCES MCKISSICK was involved in a bike wreck this past summer that has messed with her back and running. The familiar and much trophied and accomplished athlete has been struggling lately, finishing the Cure 5K race in 25:15…. ….REUBEN CHESANG, 46, of Allen, became the fastest Dallas area marathoner with his 2:15:24 performance at Minnesota’s Twin Cities on Oct 4. Holding a 5:10 for 26.2 miles placed him sixth overall at the race. However, running agent TROY JAMES used his own address to register the runner he represents, skewering the chance Chesang is from Dallas. If he can run 2:22 for the same distance in 2010, he will earn a spot at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. See more out of state results on pages 12-13. Chesang lost contact with leaders at about 22 miles when he got blocked from getting his fluids. In the race, he stopped to go back to get it. A resident of Kenya, he was the former 1500m champion as a 23 year old at the Commonwealth games. He was 4th at Grandma’s this past June in 2:19…. ….Olympic marathon qualifier WELDON JOHNSON, who along with his brother is the originator of the famous web site, lives here in Ft. Worth all the time now, he says. He grew up in Dallas and says, “I’m definitely not marathon training anymore, but I used to do a lot of it.”…. ….DALLAS WHITE ROCK MARATHON will probably not have prize money according to Race Director Marcus Grunewald. “That could still change prior to race day, and will be discussed at the board meeting. If we do offer prize money it will be greatly reduced from amounts over the past few years.”…. ….JASON BOGARDUS got the opportunity to run in a famous meet. On September 19, he traveled to Eugene, OR, and ran in the 30Th Annual Steve Prefontaine Memorial 10K held at Hayward Field. For all runners, this is scared land. Bogardus also got to run in Prefontaine’s home town of Coos Bay. “I might have even been the only runner representing the great state of Texas, too,” he says of the race. “Bad thing, I was sick as a dog with some sort of respiratory cold. It rained the whole run, and I got beat down on the hills. It was not my best showing. I was still very glad I ran, even though I was brought to a walk three times.” His finish time was 47:20…. ….SHANNON JAMISON, otherwise known as 1995 and 1996 Ms. Dallas and runner-up Ms. Texas, completed her goal race, the difficult Catalina Island Triathlon. She had done one race prior to the Nov 7 event. Prior to this summer Shannon had no experience swimming, biking, or running. She decided to do a triathlon to see if she could. , then picked out the Catalina race because she thought it would be scenic. Shannon had no idea of the race’s reputation of being very tough. She did her first workout on July 25, riding her bike for an hour. By the end of the month, she was swimming at Dallas Aquatic Masters, and on August 8, rode 43 miles at her first bike rally, Rockwall’s Hot Rocks, a first for beauty queen participants. She did a practice triathlon at the Tri The Rock sprint race, August 23. At the triathlon she had so whimsically entered, she met pro triathlete CHRIS MCCORMICK, and went to dinner with him the night before the race. Most triathletes would have given their left arm to be in Shannon’s place. But to Shannon, “Macca” as he is known, was just a regular guy with an Australian accent. She was not star-struck when she asked him for his autograph for local friend LUCY SILVAS. After making it through the icy Pacific waters, and severely hilly turns on the bike and run course, Shannon finished the race feeling excited to do more. Besides the pride of finishing what she set out to do without knowing what she was getting into, she left with Macca’s medal and bib number he gave to her as a memento. Macca was in town two days later signing autographs and met “The Famous Lucy,” as he called her…. ….Ultra runner extraodinaire, MATT CROWNOVER and his wife, JULIANA are expecting their fourth child December 15th…. ….FRANK CORTESE,, was elected to the four state regional USA Triathlon board. DAVE YOUNG, President, and MERRY PRATHER, Secretary, were re-elected. “I was the only newbie from our area.” Cortese is the race director for the Blackland Triathlon, and several other events…. ….LARRY LICHNOYSKY, 62, completed a marathon in all 50 states on October 17th at the Vermont Marathon. To celebrate, he brought along friends BOB SMEBY, and JEFF ARNIER. Lichnoysky ran his final marathon with a 3:19 finish. All of his races would have qualified him for the Boston Marathon. Smeby finished in 3:12, while Arnier ran 3:19. “It was a beautiful course running through the farmlands of Vermont and along Lake Champlain,” Smeby said. “Beats a big city marathon hands down in my book.” It was Smeby’s 12th marathon. While Lichnoysky is recovering and pondering his next goal, Smeby is considering the Pikes Peak Marathon, August 2010. “It will be my lucky 13th and final. I am looking for adventure.”…. ….Competitive runner, cyclist, and triathlete CELINA RICHARDSON crashed while finishing up on her bike ride through Lakewood Park, east of White Rock Lake, on Oct 22, injuring her face. A branch got lodged in the front wheel. “My bike abruptly came to a stop and sent me flying over my handlebars. Two ladies came along and called 911. Besides road rash and a nasty bruise to the left side of her face, she also broke her left hand….. ….LORENE ROBERTS was among the finishers at the St. George Marathon, Oct 4. She finished in 4:20:14…. ….TEAM FIT2TRAIN has several training opportunities coming in the next year. A long course triathlon training program will start January 10, 2010. A cycling training camp is planned over President’s Day weekend, February 13-15, 2010. And their Rookie Sprint Program starts on March 21st. They are also looking forward to hosting open water swim training from April to October, once a month. “You will practice wave mass starts, sighting, and distance swimming.” For more information go to the Fit2Train website ( or email questions to CHUCK HOBBS at…. ….TRI-NOW ENDURANCE is holding their spring cycling base camp at the Tin Star Ranch, Fredericksburg, March 26th, 27th and 28th. Go to to register…. ….GORILLA MULTI-SPORT is going well according to owner GAIL LEVEQUE. The triathlon team will be targeting the Bolder 70.3 Half Ironman, and Ironman Canada triathlons next year. They are also hoping to host a monthly bike time trial. They have two early spring training camps planned in Tucson, AZ. The first, March 3rd – 8th, will be designed for beginner/intermediate level triathletes gearing up for half or full Ironman distance events. The second session, March 10th – 14th, will focus on the intermediate/advanced long course athlete and include a few more miles and a more intense curriculum. “Rest assured that both sessions will include tons of swim/bike/run time, informational seminars, skills clinics, meals and lodging, great schwag, the fabulous hospitality of the folks at and the attention to detail Gorilla camps are known for. Go to for more information…. ….The MESQUITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 5K is being held on Thursday, December 17th, 6 PM, from Lake Ridge Bible Church parking lot. The run is free, with no registration, and will cover the best set of lights east of Highland Park. But in Mesquite, the police won’t be chasing runners off. The run will border I-30, Northwest Drive, Barnes Bridge, and Galloway Ave. Contact: John Trimble,…. ….CK Sports owner, CONNIE KELLY is inviting everyone to the ADIDAS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS RUN, also on Thursday, December 17, 6:45pm. The start location is at CK SPORTS, 8880 State Highway 121, #164 (the Target Shopping Center), McKinney. Call 214-383-0088 for more information…. ….The annual CHRISTMAS MORNING RUN at White Rock Lake will take place, as always, at 8 AM, on Dec 25th, starting from T.P. (Texas Pacific, not Tee Pee) Hill. The run has been going on for approximately 15 years. Distances vary from just a couple of miles, to an entire loop. There is no registration, no fee, no t-shirt, or store sponsor. This is a very festive run with people bringing holiday goodies to share. Contact or…. ….A benefit run is being planned for the Dallas Police North East Division Support Fund, inspired by the events of Officer ALEX GARCIA who had an accident away from police duty that was not covered by insurance. The WHITE ROCK 5K will take place April 10, 2010. That police division is responsible for the White Rock Lake area, looking after runners and cyclists. MEL CYRAK (former DRC Pres), DAVID HARTWIG (area timing director), LIBBY JONES (former DRC Pres), MARCUS GRUNEWALD (DWRM race director) and ALISE CORTEZ (DRC Board co-race management) are the organizers behind the race. They are hoping to inspire the other departments and divisions to do a similar event…. ….The TURKEY TROT has its hands full, putting on a race for $20 a person for over 30,000 runners, not including spectators. To put that in perspective, The Tour d’Fleur charged $70 per runner for less than half that many. The new 5K finish will be at the end of the 8-mile race, but in the opposite direction, separated by the median on Young Street…. ….JAMES STRAY-GUNDERSEN, Orthopedic MD, is opening up his Alter-G treadmills to local athletes. Cost is $30 an hour. The weightless running is said to be good for rehabbing and training. The S-G Alter G Center is located at 10620 Buccaneer Point, Frisco, TX 75034, 435-901-9308,…. TRIVIA QUESTION ANSWER: What’s the average weight of an adult man and woman in the U.S.? Answer: The average man weighs 191 pounds, while the average woman weighs 164.— Tara Gidus, MS, RD, CSSD, LD/N…. ….Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney has asked PLAYTRI race organizers to cancel one event from their calendar. According to race director STACI BRODE, the community association wanted to focus on home and garden shows. “They told me I could have one event. I chose the Playtri RBM Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon weekend kids and adults races.” Asked about the triathlons inconveniencing local residents, she said, “I am sure some people are and get upset. But each year we have received fewer complaints. One of my main focuses is making the community happy. If they aren’t happy, we don’t get to come back. I think we have done a good job at Stonebridge and hope to continue our great partnership there. The support in the area has continued to be great and we hope to race there for many years to come.” PlayTri has been putting on races there for six years. They will only be losing one race.

White Rock Lake: East Side Trail Concept Study

Two meetings at Winfrey Point have been held concerning the use and construction along White Rock Lake. On Sept 15, the main theme from all those who attended (lake side residents and concerned runners and cyclists) was separation of users. Lake side residents were also strong in their opinion the lake side paths and roads were being used as a “race track” by runners and cyclists. “It’s a free for all,” one said, complaining about runners using the roads and not the trails. Horse poop was also a rallying point by residents.

Ideas presented by Dallas Parks and Recreation included the re-doing the running trail from Mockingbird Lane south past Big Thicket Cabin to The Bath House with construction going from north to south. According to WILLIS WINTERS, DP&R head, the design phase will last from May 2010 to Jan 2011. Actual construction for a 14’ wide trail won’t begin until 2011 and will not be completed until 2012. Winters reminded everyone that, though the two million dollar trail construction is being paid for with a 2006 bond, financing the rest of these ideas all depends on future bonds.

Additionally, ideas brought up by the audience were to have the new Mockingbird Bridge continue over East Lawther to the running trail up at Boy Scout Hill; move the trail between the road and the lake; and to consolidate and move parking lots on the inside of East Lawther and the lake, to the outside or west of East Lawther.

The October 20 meeting lasted about 90 minutes with about 40 people attending, including BILL SHIRER, CHUCK HOBBS, MARK and KATHY NORMAN, and KEN and LINDA ASHBY. A plan was made to present to the park board in November. Current plans show the existing route with the addition of the 14′ asphalt path. “The most contested area was the first stretch from East Lawther across the hill,” said Norman. “There were a lot of complaints that the trail should be down along the right, or west side of the road along the waters edge to get people off the road. The presenters were frustrated since the previous meetings showed support for the current route, up the hill.” Norman pointed out that a trail along the lake edge would constantly flood, damage wetlands, and would at some point have to cross the road before getting to the sailing club. “I suggested keeping the trail on the north side of the road but bringing it down close to the road to make it visible and accessible to the parking lots. The parks people liked this but some of the people still wanted it by the water. They were better at talking than listening.”

The new bridge extension over East Lawther was also discussed but with some confusion how it would work for runners, cyclists, and pedestrians. This lead into bike safety and the issue of the narrow trail and moving cyclists back to Mockingbird. The city will use MAX KALKEIMER as a bike specialist to help devise a way to include bikes more in city planning, especially at White Rock Lake. Currently, construction along Northwest Highway in that area will include a bike trail. Anyone can be included in future meetings and discussions by contacting Jared White, Project Coordinator, Park and Recreation, 1500 Marilla, 6FN, Dallas, TX 75201, 214-670-4090, 214.670.4286 (fax).

Bike DFW’s Pres., ERIC JACKSON weighed in asking people to contact the council and mayor about funds for the Mockingbird re-striping project to move cyclists back on to the three lane bridge over White Rock Lake. “This project would help alleviate the issues with the dog park entrance and exit, as well as bring back some form of a safe lane for cyclists and runners.” It should be stressed that what is good for the cyclists is good for runners. Runners would benefit from having Mockingbird re-striped instead of attempting to cross on the narrow sidewalk. The proposal that went before the City Council of Dallas requested funding from The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). Last year, an attempt was made to re-stripe and add “sharrow,” or chevron type, signage, and reduce the speed limit at Mockingbird Bridge along White Rock Lake, but the funding was denied by the city. This is reported to cost only $70,000 and would be done in a matter of weeks. “It would improve safety for all who use the North end of White Rock Lake,” said RICHARD WHARTON, a USA Cycling Coach, and author of Watts per Kilogram. “Speeds for cars would be reduced, the dog park entrance and exit would be improved, and it would be safer for cyclists. The right hand lane along both sides of the bridge would be improved for safety purposes, so we could stay on the road, like the old days before the pedestrian bridge was installed.”

Speaking of the construction along the White Rock Lake section of Northwest Hwy, where the Dallas White Rock Marathon course travels, RACE DIRECTOR MARCUS GRUNEWALD is prepared to alter the marathon course if the road is still under construction. “We don’t know,” he said. “It would be easier for the city if we do use Northwest Highway. Various departments are discussing it.” According to Grunewald, the marathon route is such that there is a Plan B for the entire course if there’s an emergency. In case of a house fire, a traffic accident, or sudden construction, the course has “escape hatches” throughout the course. “We can use Mockingbird. No one likes that alternative, but it is available. We can close down Buckner and tack on residential neighborhoods, keeping it flat where it’s supposed to be flat.” Grunewald also said registration is way up. “The Half will sell out,” meeting the 10,000 limit. As of this writing (Oct 28), the relay was 50% full. With the likelihood of the half marathon selling out, he said he would like to grow the numbers for the full marathon. The DWRM has asked SCOTT ROBINSON with the AmeriKenyan Running Club in Santa Fe, NM to provide some elite runners instead of paying out appearance fees to the world class field in hopes of drawing national attention. Prize money was still being discussed. Grunewald would also like to make it a RRCA (Road Runner’s Club of America) southwest championship and bring money to the prizes that way.

When he was speaking, Grunewald had just finished doing the Muddy Buddy 10K with NIKKI DAVIS. “I love that race. It’s not competitive, and mainly for fun.”

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.