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March 2006

The 3M Half Marathon in Austin on January 29 produced some fast times. Unfortunately, the course was officially declared short by a tenth of a mile. Nevertheless, outstanding locals who participated include DAVE RAY (24th overall male, 1st age group, 1:09:56), ALBERTO CASTRO (1:12:42), JEFF BURROWS (1:18:24), ALEX CASTRO (1:18:28), JASON BEREND (1:18:53), SHIHUI MANG (1:19:30), JENNIFER PRIM (17th overall female, 2nd age group, 1:19:44), and SHEILA NATHO (1:27:57). …MINDI RICE, 30, of Lewisville, ran her second 15K and her fourth race ever at Grapevine’s Bold in the Cold 15K. She finished as the second overall female in a time of 59:10, good enough to have been the 12th overall male. We reported on Rice in the January issue, and her come-out-of-nowhere staggering results. Rice began running last summer. In her last race, the Dallas White Rock Marathon Half, the Austin Middle School 6th-8th grade PE teacher was also second overall. At the time, she was predicting a 2:56 marathon for the Austin Marathon. At the Grapevine race, she PR’d by over seven minutes. …PLANO CYCLING and FITNESS was named the number one family bike shop in the U.S. by sales representatives on February 1. …RICHARDSON BIKE MART will again be participating in the MS150 2-day bike ride. RBM is hoping to reach it’s goal of donating $250,000 through their riders pledges. This year the ride on May 5th and 6th will ride from north Dallas to the Texas Motor Speedway. Many will camp overnight, and then ride a 75-mile route to Ft. Worth’s Sundance Square. …MARY ANN COTTON has been absent from the races as of late. The 73-year old has been told she has worn out the cartilage in her right knee. She is currently rehabbing the knee after surgery. Doctors have not told her when she’ll be able to return to the races, but she says she misses her friends. She doesn’t miss the trophies she inevitably won. “Honey, I have a house full of them,” she said, about the number of trophies she’s won over the years. …Stalwart runner and triathlete, GREG FLOYD, is close to moving with his family outside San Antonio to Canyon Lake this summer. …Duathlete and runner WES RADETSKY is expected to have moved to Puerto Rico by March 8. After a few months in there planning his wedding to triathlete wunder-kid, NICOLE KELLEHER, the couple will eventually move again to Virginia. Wes will continue his work in youth ministry while Nicole will pursue medical school, maybe taking care of her husband. After finishing his first double-loop run of White Rock Lake, Wes had a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and Taco Bueno as replenishment food. “The donuts were small,” he rationalized. …BOBBY BONDS ran the CCCD 15K the morning of his wedding to JEAN O’LEARY on 2/4. Together they hosted a wedding reception at Winfrey Point where that morning’s race started. …CHRIS CRAWFORD, 44, ran 2:54:59 (32 overall, 6 in his age group) at the Miami Tropical Marathon six days before the CCCD 15K on 2/4, where he placed in the top five. …AHMED ZAHER as part of PlayTri, has developed a new consulting package. “I have had a waiting list for coaching, for the last eight months.” His Buffalo Springs Half Ironman Triathlon Camp is filling faster than expected. “So if anyone had it in their plans, now is a good time to register.” At this time last year, the camp had only one person signed up. At the time of this writing, there were 12. PlayTri is also putting on a Couer D’ Alene Ironman Triathlon Camp, “due to the demand of a lot of athletes.” They can of course go to www.playtri.com for all the information. …DART and BICYCLES: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has bicycle lockers at its train stations and bus Park & Ride centers. “I used one for three years in 1997-1999,” writes LOWELL SEATON. “It was very nice and secure. You pay a small deposit like $40 and then pay a quarterly fee of something like $3. You are assigned one specific locker. You have the only key to it. I think there are about 10 lockers shaped like pie wedges. They alternate each side. I have left clothes and bicycle accessories in my locker for weeks at a time with no worry since I had the only key. Too bad the lockers are not used more. I doubt if more than one, maybe two lockers at any one station is rented. I think DART is very accommodating to cyclists. You can take your bicycle onto a DART bus or train during the non-peak hours. And for the ‘Express’ buses, you can actually store your bicycle under the bus in the luggage hold. I never tried this. I doubt if anybody has ever done it. It would be quite a sight. DART probably has 200 lockers. But I wager fewer than 10 are rented. When I rented my locker in 1997, I had to make 8 phone calls and get transferred all over DART to find somebody who knew anything about the bicycle lockers and could get me a key. Hopefully, it is a little easier now.” For short term use, SAM HAGAR writes, “there is that crazy series of U shaped bars that to me is useless to chain your bike to, but they are there for the short term. Put your chain through both tires and if your seat is quick release take it with you.”…TO HELL AND BACK, the bike ride inspired by the late ultra-cyclist LARRY SCHWARTZ, is gearing up. The ride is from the mid-cities, to Wichita Falls for the Hotter ‘n’ Hell Hundred, and then returns for a round trip of approximately 225 miles over three days. Last year ten cyclists made it. For information, contact Mad Duck’s Bob Chaplin at 817-282-6840×32, 801-640-1899,orbchaplin@pulaskimortgage.com …BIG EVENT BAN DELAYED ONE YEAR IN COLORADO Hints of things to come in Texas and other states? Maybe. Unless cyclists and other recreationists act. This is a follow up of a story that’s been unfolding over the fall and winter. From the Bicycle Colorado web site(www.bicyclecolo.org), “The Colorado State Patrol has delayed the implementation of their new policy banning big bicycle events in Colorado until December 2006. Their new policy bans bicycle events with more than 2,500 riders, but this limit can be lowered at any time putting every event at risk. Bicycle tours, races, charity rides, group rides, and triathlons are all affected.” The ban was to go into effect this spring, but was delayed after a letter writing campaign, and meeting on December 12, 2005 with the Colorado State Police, Bicycle Colorado, state legislators, transportation planners, and event organizers “to discuss concerns about the State Patrol’s cap on big bicycling events.” A taskforce was formed to “review ideas and best practices for keeping events safe, instead of an event cap.” The group will include Bicycle Colorado, State Patrol, and CDOT staff. “This group will look at ride safety, State Patrol event resources, and motorist behavior.” The site goes on to say, “a random cap [on the number of cyclists at events] has no effect on the safety of bicyclists. Safety is based on good event planning, educated bicyclists, traffic management plans, safe roads, and law-abiding motorists. A well-run event can be safe for 10,000 bicyclists and a poorly-run event can be unsafe for 100 riders. An arbitrary cap punishes everyone and discourages all events.” The State Patrol says that they are using the ban to “ensure safety.” …ESTELA REYNOSO will be doing the two-day MS150 ride on May 6th and 7th as part of The DFW Dirt Divas Team. “The DFW Dirt Divas are a fun loving bunch of mountain bike racers and riders that are a part of DORBA, the Dallas Off Road Bike Association. To help with such a great need, the Dirt Divas have joined together to ride in the MS150 road ride this year!” The ride starts in Frisco, overnights at the Texas Motor Speedway, then finishes the 150 miles at Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. Estela was injured after completing an Ironman Triathlon, and has been unable to do her first sport, running. “I miss all that fun at the track and the pain of the hills. I still suck at hills.” …JIM MONTGOMERY has loaned his name and swimming expertise to the Triple Gold Swim Academy & Dolfin Swim School located at the aquatics complex at Bally’s Fitness Center, located, at 14902 Preston Road (southeast corner of Preston & Beltline Rd.). Jim is a Hall of Fame swimmer, being the first man to swim 100 meters freestyle under 50 seconds (49.99), the equivalent to Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile barrier in track. His Olympic record is also stunning with three Gold Medals, and one Bronze. Jim is also the owner of four world records. …Chiropractor DR. RANDY SILVAGNI’s kids were used in a commercial-promotional clip for MARTHA STEWART’s TV show on kitchen makeovers. They are Ashley, 13; Bailey, 11, Alexa, 7; and Enzo, 5. They held up individual signs that read “We love you, Martha. Please fix our kitchen.” …TRACY CLEVELAND is out of training temporarily due to a former knee injury swelling back up on Feb. 12. The former football player and wrestler did his first Ironman last year in Lake Placid. …A memorial bike ride will take place Sat., April 22, 2006, 8:00 a.m. at McQueeney Baptist Church in McQueeney, Texas, for DAVID EIKENBURG, who died this past July 11, while cycling. Cost is a $25.00 donation that will go to mission work in Nicaragua. The cost of the ride includes free breakfast tacos being served at 7 a. m, a T-Shirt, and a bandana. Bike routes include: 12, 25, and 100 miles. Contact information is (830) 557-5532 or email: letsgoride@gvec.net. …At the Austin Marathon on February 19, one of Dallas’ rising running talents, Dentist MELISA CHRISTIAN, 29, ran a personal best of 2:49:29 (sub 6:30 pace), becoming the first runner from north Texas to cross the finish line, male or female. The Dallas native was the 16th overall female. Melisa’s previous marathons were all at the Dallas White Rock Marathon. At her debut marathon in 1999, she ran 3:30. In 2003, she ran 3:15:19 (7:27 pace) and placed 10th overall. In 2004, the petite brunette crossed the line in a time of 3:02:54 (6:59 pace) and 8th overall. Then last year, she ran 3:00:28 (6:54 pace). Melisa will be the featured athlete on the cover of next month’s April PHAST TIMES NEWS. Her time in Austin is less than two minutes shy of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials “B” standard of 2:48:00 for women. (The “A” standard is 2:39:59.) But first, Melisa wants to do well at some of the local triathlons this summer. She was very excited and happy at her time and new fitness level. …ANDREW COOK of Denton, 24, who listed himself as a Houston resident, also ran, finishing in 2:19:48, qualifying for the “A” standard for the Olympic Trials in 2008. At the 2005 Dallas White Rock Marathon, Andrew placed 7th overall with a 2:21:58. …There were other local performances at the Austin race last month. KELLI MURCHISON, 25,ran 3:18:26 for 25th overall female, as triathlete MINA PIZZINI, 38, ran 3:23:19 for 38th overall. Keep in mind, Mina’s strength is cycling. Among the males, HAROLD WILSON, 28, finished with a PR of 3:09:52. His goal was 3:15. His previous best was 3:22. “I feel great,” he said after his effort, saying it felt like a long training run. He will also concentrate on triathlons this summer, hoping to do the Coeur d’alene Ironman triathlon in 2007. Both Christian and Wilson reported it was very cold at the start, but both said once they warmed up, the 25 degrees, drizzle, and no wind was fine running weather. By the finish line, the temperature only climbed into the mid-30’s. …In health related news, for those of you who didn’t buy into the whole “no carbs diet” thing, according to the February 13 web site, Adweek.com, Atkins has overhauled its web site. “ATKINS NUTRITIONALS has relaunched its Web site, part of a broader effort to position its brand more as a choice for active adults. The new site, www.atkins.com, is heavy on nutritional information, highlighting in particular the lower sugar and higher protein content of Atkins products. The site has few references to the Atkins diet, which has fallen out of favor among many dieters. The company began the “Atkins Advantage” ad campaign in January to emphasize its evolution to a maker of high-quality, healthy foods geared toward on-the-go adults. In addition to overhauling its packaging, Atkins is running print ads, and will soon launch a Web ad push to build awareness of its redesigned Web site, built by Abstract Edge of New York. Beth Neumann, vice president and chief marketing officer at Atkins, said the company’s research has shown that the majority of its customers are not dieters and less than one in five follows the Atkins diet. “We’re evolving our brand to health and wellness,” she said. …ADAM WILK placed 5th overall at the multi-sport season opener, The Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon on February 4. “I could of passed the guy in fourth, but I told him that if he set pace, I would not pass. But I was stronger. I was really happy with my performance. It was the first time on the bike this winter. I have done everything indoors. I was also running with guys that usually beat me by a minute or two. There was tons of competition. It was the “Who’s Who” of duathlon in the area. This year should be fun; I am swimming faster also. I will be doing the local stuff, but also The Holy Toledo Half Ironman, and Buffalo Springs Half Ironman. Wife LAURA WILK also raced with her husband. “Laura raced and ran great,” Adam proudly said. “She had the second fastest runs on both segments. But it was so windy, she had a terrible bike.” Laura place second in the 35-39 age group. “We are old now,” Adam continued. “It was my first race in the 35-39 age category. …It was reported earlier in the Fall of 2005 in The Phast Times News, that LANCE ARMSTRONG was considering a return to triathlons, specifically the Ironman. Evidently, he’s enjoying his successes and the freedom of being a single man. “He is having way to much fun partying,” our source tells us. “Maybe in a year or two he might get the bug, but not right now.” …SEAN FLESKES is out with a returning injury to his pelvic bone. “I’m out of it for now. I’m taking a week off. …It’s just not getting any better. I’m going to have to go to the doctor. It’s getting worse.” …DAVID CROWDER, 36, is working hard, maybe harder than his friends, at the track, in the pool, or on the bike. Married with two kids, he weighed 354 lbs. “I just didn’t train much and I trained wrong. I kept training like a football player with my style of weight training and running.” When he used to play, he weighed 206. “In July 2003, I was flying home. This struck me as a really terrible way to spend my time. Then I thought if ‘If I am wasting my time, then I am wasting my life.’ If there was a moment of clarity, this was it.” Crowder got help from a coach. “I was down to about 320 by the time I began training with AHMED ZAHER in November 2003.” At 308 lbs, “15% of a ton” he says of his weight, David ran a marathon last April in London. “I loved every single step and had no problems other than a very mild case of tendonitis. I got great treatment form DR. MEL MANNING.” Of his 6 hour and 12 minute finishing time, he says, “It was a fast course!” He’s made several changes to how he lives and is now down to 270. “As far as changes to my lifestyle I am the same as everyone. I eat much healthier than ever, even eating spinach! But I still love Bar-B-Q and a cold beer.” He enjoys the people he trains with, and doesn’t mind that they’re all faster. “I can honestly say I have never met such a great group of people to be around as triathletes.” His immediate goals include doing the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman this June, as well as several other shorter distanced triathlons. Long term goals: “Be healthy, enjoy life and never waste one minute. I would also like to make it down to 200 pounds.” Oh, and something else, he says. “One word – Ironman!” ……MICHELLE RELEFORD and MARTIN JOYCE are engaged and plan on getting married in 2006. …SCOTT HUGGINS has a running incurred injury. …GREG LAUTENSLAGER has written a novel that appears to parallels his own running career. Considered by some to be one of the best running columnists the The Dallas Morning News ever had, Greg qualified for four Olympic Trials in the 5K. He was schooled at Dallas’ Bishop Lynch and Mesquite Poteet. He was also the coach of UNT’s cross-country and track program. The book is called Following the Flame. Greg will be in Dallas the last week of March. He hopes to do some talks and book signings. The book details what running in the Dallas area was like in the 1980’s, as well as Portland, Oregon, and Boston, Massachusetts. After leaving the Dallas Morning News (also written up through the eyes aliases), Greg moved to New Zealand with his wife and kids.

“Now, go into the world in peace. Have courage. Hold on to what is good. Honor all men. Be just. Love kindness. Strengthen the fainthearted. Support the weak. Help the suffering. Love, share, and believe. And may grace be with you.”

Stay active and I’ll see you in the Phishbowl. Let’s swim, bike, or run together. Go get’em!

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.