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June 2009

An update of the June 15 meeting at Winfrey Point concerning the lighting of White Rock Lake:

DAN BORUFF introduced PHIL NEELY to discuss the technical aspects of lighting. Though this was probably meant to be informative, Neely’s hour talk sucked the life out of the room full of people who wanted to discuss how the White Rock Lake Task Force came to this point without considering the number one users of the lake (walkers, runners, and cyclists).

Shockingly, CHIP NORTHRUP and Councilman SHEFFIE KADANE were absent. Northrup had been the loudest proponent against lighting, and the opening up of, the lake.

Eventually other people got a chance to speak, but about half the crowd had left by then. Possibly the best comment was by runner DON ROSSI when he said, “You can sum up my speech in one sentence. And that is, ‘It’s our lake, too.’” From there Rossi made a point of showing how the walkers, runners, and cyclists pay taxes also, and should have a say about what happens at the lake. CHRIS STRATTON, a Dallas Running Club Training Program Director, also made a point of telling the Task Force how “A hand full of residents have effectively destroyed the opportunity for any further lighting along the actual trails that were originally in the plan. The actual users were shut out of any voice and grossly outnumber the few residents who complained.” He continued, pointing out there were only two of the 17 member task force who were even remotely representative of the lake’s users. The 3600 member DRC (72% of which pay Dallas County taxes), he pointed out, has contributed to many of the programs that contribute to the lake, such as For The Love Of The Lake, White Rock Lake Conservancy, and White Rock Lake Foundation, but had no representation. Former cyclist BUD MELTON, said, “Lights, as have been proposed, will be a detriment, including endangering people riding along the trails. I’d advocate reducing the number and brightness of the lights proposed.”

Lakeside resident MEREDITH FOSTER had this to say: “I don’t live next to White Rock Lake. I live next to White Rock Lake PARK, one of five ‘signature’ parks in Dallas, Texas. Interesting how the meeting was focused on the lighting of the lake and not what happened at the meeting in February.”

In the end, the lights that were in the latest cut back, will stay, with no more being added. However, a position on the board will be created to include a member from the Dallas Running Club, and therefore, be the responsible voice for all runners using the lake.

Thanks to TOM CONLON who was responsible for contacting many of the groups that use the lake for training, such as Luke’s (750 trainees), the DRC (500), Run On (400), the Tom Landry Center (130), and the Leukemia Society (80). Sadly, only the DRC had representatives present. Both Channels 4 and 5 covered the story in their evening broadcasts, and the Dallas Morning News carried the story.

 Are You a Masters Athlete?

The Institute of Exercise and Environmental Mediciine at Dallas Presbyterian is currently conducting a study that looks at how life-long exercise maintains a young and healthy cardiovascular system.  If you are over 62 and interested in finding out more, contact Adam Banks (

The Ride of Silence: Pay Back

Dear Fellow Cyclist,

From the first time I heard about the idea behind the Ride of Silence, I thought it was a good idea. A simple ride, styled after a funeral procession, to memorialize the riders who have lost their lives on the public roadways.

Since that first event in 2003, the Ride of Silence has resonated with cyclists all over the globe. In 2008, Ride of Silence events were held in over 300 cities, in 50 states and 18 countries.

This past May, just before the Dallas Ride of Silence, I learned of a breakdown in communication between the volunteers planning the event and the City of Dallas Office of Special Events. I contacted individuals in the Office of Special Events, who were most helpful in working out a solution.

Since the first Ride of Silence in Dallas/2003, several officers on the Dallas Police force had voluntarily donated their time to the event. For a number of reasons, those officers were unavailable and event organizers were caught off guard. With no funding in place for the cost of the police support for the event, estimated at $1600, the event could have been cancelled. Volunteers were scrambling for solutions and the media was circling. I asked the Office of Special Events to move ahead with the event, promising them that we would pay the fees for the police support.

This past week, I received the $1,357.80 invoice for the cost of police support for the 2009 event.

While I have a group of individuals who are willing to pay this invoice, my personal belief is that this event belongs to the entire cycling community (the event has no fees, no shirts, no sponsors). It seems appropriate that the entire cycling community collectively pay the bill, which is why I am writing this letter.

Please join me in showing your support for the Ride of Silence – and demonstrating to the City of Dallas Office of Special Events how much you appreciate their support of this event. Here is how we can accomplish those tasks:

Send a check or money order in the amount of $1 to:

609 Trail View Lane
Garland, TX 75043

Any excess funds will be applied to the 2010 event.

Please show your support for cycling and the Ride of Silence. Send in your $1 check today – and forward this to all your cycling friends and ask them to join us in this effort. Bikin’ Mike Keel,

Bike Friendly States

The League of American Bicyclist normally spends much of its time promoting cycling in Washington DC. The trade and industry lobby organization also like to compile lists, and the most recent one it has put together ranks the 50 American states based on bike-friendliness.

According to the groups

“The Bicycle Friendly State Program is a two part recognition program that ranks and recognizes states that actively support bicycling. First, states are ranked annually based on their level of bike-friendliness. Secondly, states that wish to apply for a Bicycle Friendly State award designation can receive further recognition and promotion of their efforts as well as feedback, technical assistance, training and further encouragement to improve their bicycling legislation, projects, and programs.”

So how does your state rank in bike-friendliness? The full list is below from friendliest to least friendly.

1. Washington

2. Wisconsin

3. Maine

4. Oregon

5. Minnesota

6. Iowa

7. Arizona

8. New Hampshire

9. Delaware

10. New Jersey

11. Wyoming

12. Illinois

13. Colorado

14. California

15. Michigan

16. Maryland

17. Missouri

18. Utah

19. Massachusetts

20. North Carolina

21. Vermont

22. Hawaii

23. Virginia

24. Mississippi

25. Nevada

26. South Carolina

27. Kentucky

28. South Dakota

29. Indiana

30. Louisiana

31. Georgia

32. Florida

33. Kansas

34. Idaho

35. Rhode Island


37. Nebraska

38. Arkansas

39. Ohio

40. Pennsylvania

41. New York

42. West Virginia

43. Tennessee

44. Connecticut

45. North Dakota

46. New Mexico

47. Alaska

48. Oklahoma

49. Montana

50. Alabama

TRIVIA QUESTION: The first Tour d’France was in 1903. But when did the Yellow Jersey, or “maillot jaune” appear?

Well known Dallas area runner EDDIE PASCACIO, 42, was admitted to Baylor Plano Hospital for cancer of the esophagus on May 22 when his weight got down to a dangerous 102 lbs. Eddie has never smoked. At that point, he had no solid food since March. Instead, he was fed by a tube, “24-seven” he says. “He cannot ingest much orally at this point,” said his wife, JENNIE, also a runner. “Just mild liquids. All shakes have been through the feeding tube and he has struggled to get more than four 350 calorie cans a day. Before that he was eating less than 500 calories a day and said the pain was excruciating, even through the tube.” He noticed a problem last year that physicians told him was acid reflux. But he continued having pain and nausea, and struggled to get adequate nutrition. Finally, some tests were done to reveal the problem in January. Chemotherapy was begun immediately. By June 3 his weight was up to 116 lbs. “I’ve lost some hair,” he said. “But my finger nails grow like crazy from radiation.” No longer able to run 100 mile weeks like he did at one time, he was reduced to walking one mile in the morning, and one mile in the evening to get his heart rate up, per doctor’s orders. Occasionally he’ll get on his bike in the garage, but only for 10 minutes (“It’s all I can handle.”). He also should not lose any more weight. “I’m so ready to sweat. I miss sweating. I miss my running.” He says he also misses pasta, pizza, and mango flavored V-8. He says his days consist of reading everything, taking his medications, watching a movie, and crossword puzzles. “I’m kinda good at that!” he smiles. Because his immune system is compromised, there is the threat of catching an infection. So he and his wife must clean everything. He was schedule to have 90% of his esophagus removed on June 9, attaching the rest to his throat. But, due to losing weight, it the surgery had to be postponed. According to Jennie, “He had a procedure this week to add a stint so he can eat more. His cancer has spread and they felt he wasn’t strong enough for an extensive surgery to remove all tumors at this time. We meet with doctors next to determine the next steps. It sounds like more chemo and possibly surgery at a later date, if he can gain more weight.” Eddie’s goal is to run a race in December. He’s only missed one Turkey Trot since 1982. During the mid to late 1990’s, he was one of the area’s top runners.

LUCY SILVAS, who has been writing The Rookie Diaries for The Phast Times News, had her first fall off her bike on May 23. “It scared us both at the time,” said her boyfriend, MATT GORE. “But I thought it was pretty cool that once she took a couple deep breaths, she got back on the bike and finished the remaining 26 miles!”

Half of the TOM LANDRY CENTER track has been ripped up for construction.

The new hike and bike SANTA FE TRAIL opens in June. To see all of Dallas’ trails, go to:

Ironman triathlete KHAI HARBUT went down on his bike May 17, after a dog attacked him. Khai doesn’t remember anything after going down, but it was apparent the dog attacked him from the bites up and down his left arm. “[I was] knocked unconscious and a dog bit me on my left forearm and hand, while I was out. When I came to I didn’t know where I was or what my home phone was. The accident broke his left clavicle in two places, as well as causing numerous cuts, scrapes, and bruises. “I won’t kid you, it hurts all over.” On June 3, he had a plate put into his left shoulder. He said he would be out until the end of August. Khai has been on a roll over the last year and a half, with his Ironman times and PRing his marathon in Boston. He was on the cover last month and mentioned in the cover story. “The crash happened off of County Rd 317 in Fairview. It is an unincorporated area of Collin County so it is under the Collin County Sherriff’s jurisdiction. No leash law so dogs are allowed to legally run free.”

A new running/triathlon store has emerged, but not without some conflict. CK SPORTS ( is located at the corner of 121 and Custer Road, in McKinney. It has paid running programs from the 5K to marathon, and boasts coaches will be available for all classes. There are no more than 10 people in a group, and there is a 15% discount for participants. The store opened July 28, 2008. Presently, it has five employees, including owner, CONNIE KELLY. She remembers sitting in her store waiting for her first customer on opening day, suddenly realizing she forgot to put money in the register. She couldn’t make any change. But business has been very good, having gone through two complete inventories of everything in the store. However, word has it other local running stores have prevented CK Sports from carrying Asics, Saucony, or New Balance items. But the store carries everything else (she’s proud of Zoot shoes). So much for a free market society! Connie wants to out do the other stores on customer service and bringing the athletes together. After the Saturday bike rides, she and the staff serve up homemade pancakes for free. If customers find a better price for their shoes, CK Sports will undercut that price. Customers also get their 6th pair of running shoes free. The store already has a mascot. Banana Man is dressed head to toe at races. Underneath, it is MATT JAMSON.

LUKE’S LOCKER is embroiled in a law suit over payment to the city for use of White Rock Lake each Saturday morning, according to ROBIN WEBER, who is behind the suit. He lives immediately off the lake near The Bath House. The running store is allegedly behind in payments. There is also acrimony that Luke’s has their own locks on the public port-o-johns at The Bath House.

The TOUR d’FLEUR 10K and 20K will go off, as planned, 7:30 AM, Sept 19, at the Dallas Arboretum’s White Rock Lake edge. But, they are showing signs of recent economic woes. Running is quickly moving away from its grassroots beginnings to hardwood and marble flooring, to match the beneficiary’s fees. The price for the 10K race is $45 and the 20K is $50, by Sept 1. If you wait until race day, the cost will be $50 and $55, respectively. ( Taking a page from the Dallas Race for the Cure organizers, VIP parking and access to VIP Camp House cost is an additional $125. Compared to a DRC race, for non-members, held over the same course, the cost is $10. Despite the glut of races on the Dallas calendar (April 25, 2009, there were 28 races), organizers are creating Xanex type anxiety that the race will be capped at 3,400. *Whew* I was worried they would pick the arbitrary number of 3,300 or 3,500.

DAVID YOUNG is an accomplished Ironman. But for him to ride the 112 miles and then run the 26.2 miles to the finish line is grueling. Dave’s home sport is swimming. Yet, his goal is to finish 50 triathlons in one year. That’s going to be a challenge because the triathlon season only goes from March to late October. That’s only 32 weekends. Most weekends he is racing back to back events. Besides a lot of travel, it’s going to be expensive paying for all those race fees. He accomplished race number 23 and 24 the weekend of June 13 and 14.

ESTHER CUNNINGHAM, the wife of ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, died May 28. She suffered a heart attack while he was out running. He found her unconscious when he returned. Many in the running community knew her because she attended the many running events Robert did. A funeral was held in Grand Prairie on May 31.

TYLER JOHNSON is hot! This is quite possibly the heir apparent to Dallas’ best triathlete. The just turned 27 year old appears to be coming into his own. At the Lone Star Half Ironman Triathlon on April 5 in Galveston, Tyler finished first in his division, and fourth overall. Not bad for a runner by nature. It is his swim and bike that have come so far. At this race he averaged 1:36 per 100 meters for the 1.2 mile swim, then averaged 24.7 MPH for 56 miles on the bike. That took the wind out of his 1:30 half marathon. Back in January, he could be seen on Flag Pole Hill in the vicinity of the home he shares with his triathlete wife, Ashley, laying down base miles, easy and slow. He and his wife attended the Kansas 70.3 Half Ironman on June 20.

GERALD JACKSON also attended. Before the race he said, “I am very pumped about Kansas.  I have been training very well. I am ready for this event. I think it plays to my strengths, not to mention, I age up to 45-49. There are still very competitive people, just not as many. And even better, not as many than can run like I still can off the bike. I am playing next week. I will let go for a week and then lock back down for IM Wisconsin.”

LIBBY JONES has taken over as the North Texas State Representative for the Road Runners Club of America, replacing KELLY “K2” RICHARDS who was elected to be an at-large RRCA director. The position comes after Jones turned down the opportunity to be the DRC Half Marathon race director. That position went to former DRC President CLINE TAPLIN. The RRCA is starting to offer regional continuing education classes (cec) for certified coaches. In the South & Southwest, the cec\’s will be Sunday June 28th from 12:15 to 4:30 pm in Richardson Texas for 4 cec\’s. The classes offered include one on speedwork designed for racing, common running injuries and their prevention, and others. For complete course description see To register go to and click on the June 28 Richardson Cec’s calendar item.

Dr. ALLAN SHERMAN has new technology for chronic Achilles, IT Band, or Hamstring pain. The procedure, extra corporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), was introduced to the US with FDA approval in 2000. Sherman is only one of two offices authorized to use the therapy. Many times only one or two in office sessions is all that is needed to help the patient begin recovery from the chronic pain. Sherman has been a medical icon in the DFW area. Almost every runner who’s been injured sees him at one time or another. Sherman himself is an accomplished triathlete, marathoner, and ultra-runner. He’s located at 12700 Preston Rd., #135, Dallas, 75230, 972-233-4351.

After having their second child, COBY and DANA BULLARD of Keller, returned to both win the Grapevine Paddle Pedal Pound, May 30. Both are known in the area for their runner prowess, but few know of their multi-sport talents. This is the second time they have both won the same multi-sport event. Coby won the 300 yard swim, 20K bike, and 6K run event by three minutes. His wife won by almost a minute. “We’ve done a few things but nothing seriously since baby two,” said Coby. “May was the first month that we really started to try to race seriously again.” Dana finished 7th overall and 2nd in her age group at the very popular and very competitive CapTex Triathlon in Austin on May 25. It was a big PR for her. The following weekend, she won the Grapevine race. “She has really focused on biking over the last six months and it is really paying off for her.” She’ll be at the grueling Buffalo Springs Half Ironman triathlon on June 28, “to get more experience at the longer distances,” her husband said. Dana is also registered for the Cozumel Ironman in November. Meanwhile Coby is sticking with the Olympic distance triathlons for now. “I’ll probably do the Longhorn Half Ironman Triathlon at the end of the summer.”

The FLOWER MOUND STRIDERS have become The NORTH TEXAS STRIDERS. According to President Harry Otto,”Our members felt that the Striders name should better reflect who the Club is and what it is doing now. The membership of the Striders has expanded beyond Flower Mound. Membership now includes residents from Lantana, Lewisville and other communities north of Flower Mound. ‘North Texas Striders’ is a much better fit for the Club as we expand our membership base and our activities.”

Former SNS – Sports Nutrition Source owner MIKE RAMSEY broke his neck May 24 while riding his bike. He had just crossed Northwest Highway at White Rock Lake and West Lawther, when possibly a stick got stuck in the spokes. The next thing he remembers was waking up in an ambulance. “I say ‘woke up,’ because I remember the dude asking me my name and what the date was. I also remember concentrating on touching my fingers to my thumbs on both hands continuously, somehow thinking that it was important to do. Don’t remember anything else from a little before noon, until I looked at the clock in the ER observation room at 1:30. I don’t remember much of anything until the first x-ray. Don’t remember the CT scan.” After the stick got stuck, it’s believed he and the bike did a cart wheel, hitting head first, smashing the helmet. “Never felt a thing.” He broke C-7. “It actually cracked the wing-like structure that goes off to each side, next to the main round part of the vertebrae.” Because of the unusual break, surgery will not be required. But he will have to wear a neck brace for eight weeks. “Going nuts just sitting around.” He has a couple of books he’s been working on. “I will be forced to write more. Now I have no excuses, so that’s good. All things normal, I would much prefer to ride, run, or swim, and put off writing.  Kind of messed up my vision of the ideal summer of riding, running, and swimming I had in mind. Also makes for odd tan lines.” He’s looking forward to riding the stationary bike. “I’ve got a recumbent that shouldn’t hurt anything above the waist.” He’s not allowed to drive for the first month, but expects to do a few short races in August and September. His bike has yet to be fixed. Then he added, “I’ll be riding again in four to six weeks.”
MITCH and MICHELLE ALLAN, two mainstays in the running and multi-sport community, have moved to San Antonio. Their new home should be ready in July. During the month of June, however, they were in France riding over the Tour d’France route.

CHRIS KRAFT started swimming. The endurance runner has decided to take the plunge to further enhance his running performances. He joins runners LUCY SILVAS and KEN CHIGANI.

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DALLAS HALF MARATHON SET FOR MARCH 14, 2010: On June 3, the Competitor Group who organizes the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, announced they were coming together with the Dallas White Rock Marathon for a multi-year partnership agreement to host The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon. The race is set for Sunday, March 14, 2010 and is expected to draw between 12,000 and 15,000 runners. The first 500 runners to register online will receive a special entry fee of $50.  The half marathon registration fee is $85 through November 30. Go to The race will include an expo. “The March timing for a stand-alone half marathon works perfectly with our national event schedule,” said Peter Englehart, CEO of the Competitor Group. “For 40 runnings, the Dallas White Rock Marathon has been an exciting tradition for the city of Dallas. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon is another opportunity to encourage health and fitness in our community,” said Marcus Grunewald, executive race director for the Dallas White Rock Marathon. “We’re also thrilled that Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, which is the primary beneficiary of the Dallas White Rock Marathon, will benefit from the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon as well.” The Thurston fall race series building up to the DWRM is also being considered as an addition to the marathon. James Thurston’s races have been a main stay in the metroplex almost since running began in the area, setting the standard by which today’s events are organized, and timed, and have since prospered.

FRISCO YOUTH TRIATHLON: On Sunday, May 31, at 7am, 130 young triathletes, ages 7-14, invaded the Frisco Athletic Center to compete in the annual all youth triathlon produced by Punch Buggy Productions. Race director FRANK CORTESE: “It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day for a well-run race. We’re extremely proud of all the kids and parents who participated in this event! There has been some good responses. The post event feedback has been unique.” Cortese is hoping to stage an event in Plano or Little Elm next year.

RANDALL TURNER will be training for the New York City Marathon after gaining entry through the lottery.

THE HEELS AND HILLS 5K: An affordable $5 5K that’s all about having fun and staying active! The cheapest race yet, is scheduled for June 28, 7 AM, Sam Houston Park, Irving. Also present will be the Nike Running & Sports Authority Mobile Experience. Runners will be able to get video gait analysis, Nike footwear recommendations, and some free Nike giveaways. Organizers are asking runners to bring exact change. No credit cards will be accepted. “Pre-registration is simple and required and, best part, involves no processing fees from places like!” You must submit the online form below before Saturday, June 27, if you would like to be chip timed. There will be no no race t-shirt or awards given out. We will post results on our website that night and submit them to the newspaper. Go to:

CLEBURNE’s IRONHORSE SPRINT TRIATHLON was an unqualified success, according to race director, JACK WEISS, with 100 more than last year. He feels the economy is not having an effect on triathlons this year, because athletes already had the money set aside. But, be prepared, he warns. The races for next year might see some drastic changes, with less attendance. As an example, the two day THE METROPLEX SPRINT TRIATHLON was sold out on June 13, and nearly full the second day, June 14. Together, there were over 600 athletes signed up. Also, two Rockwall triathlons, the CLASSIC ROTARY this past May 17, and the TRI THE ROCK TRIATHLON on Aug. 23, are the only triathlons in the area that allow someone to check their fitness over the same course during the year. Go to: THURSTON RACING has three opportunities for people to check their duathlon fitness over the same course during the season. Those races are all on the east side of White Rock Lake. Go to:

Exercise Physiologist and local runner/triathlete MARIUS MAIANU is quoted in the June issue of Runner’s World Magazine (page 67). In the article, he discusses six reasons why track workouts are good. Marius is a TNT-Tuesday Night Track regular. He is still having problems with an Achilles strain, and has had to cut back on his running. But he has been doing the Tuesday Night Crits on his bike, placing 1st and 6th.

The Texas state legislature was busy this past session, dealing with bike issues that have haunted the politicians for two decades. This is important to runners as well because what gains cyclists can make has positive outcomes for runners. Also, what adversely affects cyclists, also negatively affects runners. Thanks to BikeTEXAS and BIKEDFW for keeping us updated and our interests “alive.”

PASSED:SB 2041 would require questions about bikes on the Texas driver’s license exam. Thank you to bill authors Senators Rodney Ellis (D-Houston), John Carona (R-Dallas), and Florence Shapiro (R-Plano), and House sponsor Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland).

REVIVED:HB 1687, which would allow electric bikes with larger motors to be operated without a title or license, died as a stand-alone bill. But with the help of bill author Rep. Ellen Cohen (D-Houston) and our Senate friends Kirk Watson (D-Austin) and Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth), it has a second chance as an amendment to HB 2553.

BLOCKED: HB 736 originally included a provision allowing counties to ban bicycles as a nuisance, but after we worked with the bill author he agreed to remove bicycles from the bill.

VETOED: SB 488, drivers must allow three feet of space between themselves and a vulnerable road user; commercial vehicles must allow six feet. This includes pedestrians, runners, cyclists, construction workers, and people on horseback. Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, is a co-author of the bill with Sens. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston and John Carona, R-Dallas. “We are stunned,” said Robin Stallings, BikeTexas Executive Director. “In spite of the huge number of phone calls in the span of two very intense hours,” the bill was vetoed, “after passing through both houses of the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan margins and responding to every legislator’s concern with information or compromise. We are extremely disappointed with the Governor’s action.  In our view, this reflects a cavalier attitude on the part of the Governor toward the deaths of the 1000 vulnerable road users that are killed annually in Texas.” In favor of the bill were law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, AAA, AARP, Texas Motorcycle Rights Association, and Texas Towing and Storage Association. “It is well known that Rick Perry rides a bike on the streets and on the trails. Unfortunately, ordinary Texans do not have a security detail to shield them from motorists.”

The Govenor is said to have sided with trucking lobbyists. He said the bill, “would create a new class of users of roadways, called ‘vulnerable road users,’ which would require specific actions by operators of motor vehicles. These vulnerable road users would include pedestrians; highway construction and maintenance workers; tow truck operators; stranded motorists or passengers; people on horseback; bicyclists; motorcyclists; moped riders; and other similar road users.” If you wish to leave a comment for the Governor, his Facebook page is:

The Stonebridge monthly 5K/10K’s on Virginia Parkway have gotten into some hot water, handing out a cash award when questions surround the recipient performance. Race Director MICHELLE HUDDLESTON insists she correctly gave the $100 prize to ISAIAM SANGA for breaking the course record at the Memorial Day 5K ( With two races going off, the 5K started 5 minute before the 10K. GREG PACE lead that race from start to finish, with a time of 18:12 over the very tough hilly course. The weather that day was warm and humid, making times slower. ISAIAM registered for, and started with the 10K runners, telling Greg Pace before the race he was running the 10K. Somewhere during the 10K run, Isaiam changed his mind and jumped on the 5K course. Eye witnesses say he cut the course. Celebrated Images shot the race that day and show Greg Pace finishing first across the finish line in frames 41 and 42. It’s not until frames 48-50 do we see Isaiam Sanga come across the finish in fourth place. After subtracting the five minute deficit of starting with the 10K’ers as he meant to do, Isaiam’s time was 14:30, an outstanding time for any 5K race. That time smashed the old course record. But the course had seven to eight hills along it. Michelle, the race director, has stood by her decision even though she can’t verify if Isaiam ran the course or not. When asked if runners were allowed to leave the 10K course and run the 5K course, legally, Michelle did not respond. “The money was NOT given out to the wrong person,” she told The Phast Times News. “Thanks for the interest.” Michelle said she let Isaiam switch races (“He was registered for the 10K and I let him switch to the 5K.”), but could have only done so if she had met him out on the course. Some reports suggest Michelle didn’t really have a grasp on the races. The following week, Isaiam ran the the Lion’s Club 5K in Colleyville (Saturday, June 6) on a flatter, faster course, under much better weather conditions, and ran only 15:13 with a pacer. Isaiam would have easily won the 10K since the winning time, 38:36, was by DAVID JONES. Isaiam Sanga and STEVEN ARIGA, both runners from Kenya, have just moved to the area. For the director’s next race, Father’s Day Fun Fest on June 21, Race Chip Timing was brought in to legitimize the results.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Although the Tour d’ France began in 1903, the Yellow Jersey did not appear until 1919, when Eugene Christophe became the first one to don the prestigious shirt. Spectators in the back complained they couldn’t tell who the popular Christophe was, known for his huge moustache because he had shaved it off for the Tour. Christophe happened to be leading. The Tour founder, who owned a newspaper printed in yellow paper, bought a bright yellow jersey for Christophe. Today, Nike makes the jerseys, making several sizes for all 20 teams entered, complete with logos. During the Tour, the leader gets three jerseys every day: one with short sleeves, one with long sleeves, and one for interviews. Although the shirts cost about $60, the leader gets $5000 per day, bonus, in cash. Last May, one of Armstrong’s shirts was auctioned off for $100,000. (The money went to his foundation for cancer research.) – The Bee Keeper (ref. USA Today 7/13/00, page 10C)

“Now go into the world in peace, have courage, hold on to what is good. Honor all men, be just, and show kindness. Strengthen the faint hearted, support the weak, help the suffering. Love, share, and believe. And may grace always be with you.”

Stay active and I’ll see you in The Phish Bowl. Let’s swim, bike, or run together. Go get’em!

3rd Annual Frisco Family Fun Ride

The 3rd Annual Frisco Family Fun Ride is coming!!!  Bring your family and meet your friends and neighbors at Frisco Square on July 25, 2009, from 10am – Noon and ride your bike around a ½ mile loop that is closed to all vehicular traffic.  As in years past, the Frisco Family Fun Ride is a FREE event. Register on–line at for your free goody-bag and ride number.  The event is for all skill levels. From trailers to tricycles and training wheels to advanced riders, the Frisco Family Fun Ride has something for everyone.  Enjoy the expo which will feature local family friendly businesses and don’t forget the silent auction that is always a huge hit and full of amazing items to bid on.  This year the event will also host a BMX demo that will feature local BMX talent.  Don’t miss out on the biggest family event of the year and remember its FREE!

White Rock Lake Parking Changes

From the Dallas Running Club web site:

As you may have heard, the City of Dallas Parks Department has set forth new regulations, restricting parking in grassy areas at the lake, to take affect in 2010. The full extent of these changes and the related impact this will have on future races at White Rock Lake is as yet unclear. It is DRC’s opinion that this issue should be addressed prior to imposing changes that could negatively impact the citizens of our community and their desire to participate in lake-based events that motivate them toward a healthy lifestyle. We are concerned that our city leaders may not understand how much damage they will do by imposing these new regulations without addressing the root problem: there simply are not enough formal parking spots to satisfy the demand at White Rock Lake.

DRC’s go-forward plan to deal with these proposed changes is as follows: We will continue to respect the lake by not parking in grassy areas when there is rain preceding a club race. We will seek further understanding of the proposed changes. We will communicate to city leaders so they fully understand the impact on our members and community. We will communicate our findings to you and, as necessary, ask your assistance to make sure our collective voices are heard.

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