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February 2009

Bandera Trail Run


January 10, 2009, Hill Country State Natural Area, Bandera, TX


241 start / 240 finish / 99%


Overall           Time               Name              Age     City

35        2:32:35                        Paul Thibodeaux     50    Dallas

53        2:45:13                        Jonathan Johnson  29   Dallas

99        3:04:26                        Sarah Brown           39     Ft Worth

106      3:09:03                        Stacy Dannels    42     Grapevine

112      3:10:43                        Tom Emery     55        Dallas

113      3:10:43                        Rick Lawson   56        Dallas

114      3:11:00                        Amanda Short24        Irving

116      3:11:42                        Le Pham          41        Frisco

121      3:13:37                        Monette Crain            41        Ft Worth

122      3:14:00                        Brad Reno       33        Keller

142      3:23:47                        Beth Kush       27        Fort Worth

160      3:33:58                        April Toms     37        Lewisville

162      3:34:42                        Erin Cambridge15       Euless

182      3:48:11                        Brian Fairbanks32       Arlington

189      3:53:08                        Pippa Tucker  14        Dallas

190      3:53:09                        David Jackson50        Dallas

198      4:05:14                        Josephie Jackson46    Dallas

213      4:20:56                        Char Thompson52      Keller

221      4:42:29                        Brenda Ramirez34      Ft Worth

228      5:06:18                        Robin Armstrong41    Euless


135 start/ 114 finish/ 85%.


Overall           Time               Name              Age     City

5          10:51:17                      Scott Eppelman          42        Coppell

13        11:52:50                      Matt Crownover        36        Garland

20        12:45:46                      George Hitzfeld          48        Ft Worth

29        13:44:51                      Buddy Teaster            44        Dallas

30        13:45:27                      Barbara Hitzfeld         47        Ft Worth

34        13:53:01                      Jesse Wilson   33        McKinney

36        13:54:36                      Claude Hicks   49        Ft Worth

37        13:59:37                      Mike Krejci     37        Dallas

43        14:22:28                      Jeff Hanson     44        Plano

50        14:38:52                      Rene Villalobos           50        Ft Worth

51        14:40:51                      Eduardo Morales        21        Desoto

74        16:01:36                      Michael Potter            46        Irving

85        16:37:08                      Dan Hamilton52        McKinney

86        16:37:09                      Alan McLain   44        Mansfield

87        16:42:37                      Marshall King39        Richardson

88        16:42:38                      Fred Thompson          60        Keller

89        16:47:50                      Ryan Valdez   31        Ft Worth

95        17:39:52                      Alberto Battaglino43  Keller

96        17:47:10                      Eunsup Kim    56        Dallas

102      18:40:54                      David Billman54        Keller


126 start / 124 finish / 98%


Overall           Time               Name              Age     City

17        5:36:55                        Boog Ferrell    30        Athens

62        6:51:05                        Sandy Simons46        The Colony

73        7:06:12                        Dave Elliott     39        Plano

81        7:22:59                        Michael Power31        Granbury

95        7:37:34                        Jay Norman70                        Irving

101      8:19:55                        Lauren Kennedy47     Lewisville

103      8:30:57                        Holly Vaughan40        Ft Worth

104      8:30:57                        Sam Caricato   50        Arlington

110      9:01:31                        Nancy Hogan  49        Richardson

111      9:09:59                        Fran Cox         47        Ft Worth

114      9:21:38                        Sonia Burdett  43        Ft Worth

115      9:32:40                        Jason Costantino25    Ft Worth

135      10:27:54                      Fred Lowstetter42      The Colony

1 Mile Kids Cross Country Trail Run

16 start / 16 finish / 100%

Note: Of the children that participated, Noah Crownover is 7 years old, while his little brother Micah is only 4. Neither child placed last. Probably because both are the talented offspring of Mathew Crownover who set a personal PR in the Bandera 100K (13th overall, 13:52:50)and Sunmart’s 50K (16th overall, 14:16:32) in December. Their mom is a former ultra-runner, Julianna Crownover. Laura and Taylor Teaster are the children of Buddy Teaster, 29th overall, 13:44:51, in the 100K.

Overall Time   Name                           City

5          11:15   Noah Crownover       Garland

10        14:07   Laura Macie Teaster   Dallas

11        14:36   Mica Crownover         Garland

12        14:45   Taylor Teaster             Dallas

TRIVIA QUESTION: How much money did U.S. marathons generate in sponsorship dollars in 2008?

REID AINSWORTH, 42, ran 4:19:23 at the Chicago Marathon.

HANK GARRETT graced these pages in August, after he was hit by a cyclist traveling too fast, while running on White Creek Trail near Fair Oaks. In that accident, his right shoulder was separated, and his left eye needed surgery. He missed several events he was planning. Fast forward to The Dallas Turkey Trot where he fell and smashed his other shoulder (the left). He got up and struggled to the finish line but had to have surgery to piece the shoulder back together, forcing him to miss the Houston Marathon. On January 27, he was allowed to come out of his sling. “The bones have healed completely,” he says. Next up is electrode therapy, massage, swimming, running on track or treadmill but not outside, and nothing heavier than a cup of coffee for six more weeks. (i.e. no weights). The runner is actually a well respected mountain climber and diver. This summer he hopes to summit Switzerland’s famed Matterhorn. “I WILL be back!” he said.

RUNNERS NEEDED FOR RESEARCH. Want to further science? KELLY HENRY is a exercise physiology doctoral candidate at Texas Women’s University, looking for “female runners, aged 18-39, that have a normal menstrual cycle, and can run 8 MPH [7:30 pace per mile] comfortably for 10 minutes.” She is looking at the effects of three different stretching routines on running economy. The first session will be a VO2max test, which makes the testing worth it. “Their compensation is a free Vo2max test which is worth a good chunk of money,” said Kelly. See the flyer on page 14. Participants aren’t needed until mid, to end of February. But particiapants are needed to line up now. Contact:,,


In the spirit of brotherhood to share resources, three triathlon clubs (TEXAS TRIPLE THREAT, GORILLA MULTI-SPORT, and NEGATIVE SPLIT RACING) have come together to better serve the triathlon community. According to the press release, the new concept “will allow independent multi-sport clubs to train, race, socialize, and play together. DFW Tri Community is open to all swimming, cycling, running, and multi-sport clubs in the DFW Metroplex.” They will be hosting a kick-off party at REI in Dallas on I-635, February 13, 2009 at 6:30pm. The release went on to say, “DFW Tri Community intends to break down the barriers that traditionally develop between rival multi-sport clubs. By combining each group’s unique strengths and philosophies, Tri Community will create interaction amongst athletes and coaches, develop camaraderie, and promote growth individually and amongst the athletic community at large. Multi-sport Clubs: working together for a greater athletic community.” For more information contact one of the coaches: Kristen Codish (Texas Triple Threat Racing,, 765-532-6932), Gail Leveque (Gorilla Multi-sport,, 817-909-2188), or Gerald Jackson, Jr. (Negative Split Racing,, 469-574-3719). For a historical perspective, during the early 1990’s, the Metroplex underwent a similar triathlon transformation plan that worked until the more dominant Tri-Dallas club slowly assimilated the other clubs over time. In the end, however, Tri-Dallas also fell on bad times and its once strong influence faded. That club closed its doors for good two years ago.

The COWTOWN MARATHON and spaghetti of events gave a new addition to its years as a B race by adding an ultra-distance event, and a medal that fits with the next five years medals to form a star. Shrewd move, but smart. This way they can be assured of steady numbers for the next five years. However, their one Mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and now 50K events are all shrouded in confusion from start lines to finish lines. None of the events draw a deep field, and only the 10K is competitive

JASON BOGARDUS took top honors for 2008 in the PLANO PACERS Prediction Run series. Jason was first in total points and first in the least seconds category with a 7.8O second average. “It came down to the last run in December between KEN ASHBY and I to decide both categories. I thought it was kind of cool and they gave a nice award, but I think Ken was a little bothered since he dominates those things.”

GREG FLOYD was supposed to move back to the area on January 3, after a three year hiatus in San Antonio. But at the last second, his plans changed. “It has been a roller coaster time for us,” the hospital CEO and father of two said. “We are not coming to Dallas, at least not in the near future. Something came up right before we were to go and we are staying put. We just need to trust God. We don’t know the plan but He does. Keep us in your prayers and I will be in touch later.”

In January, the DALLAS TURKEY TROT race organizers began selling a DVD of the 2008 televised race for $10. Sounds good. However, if you happened to have seen the telecast, you probably won’t get the DVD. There was very little of the race shown. OK, there is that one scene of winner MELISA CHRISTIAN at the finish line. But, most of the telecast is about the Dallas YMCA, not what one would expect for the cost.

Veteran runner DAVID POTTER turned 50 at the start of the year. To celebrate, or some would say, to punish himself, he is running 50 consecutive loops of White Rock Lake in 50 days, running one loop per day. His final loop of the lake is February 28. Though a noble achievement, JOE TORRES and DAVE DOZIER have been doing this for years! We wish David well and hope to join him on the 28th.

Meanwhile, TERRENCE TIPPETT is planning on completing a half Ironman race during each month from April to November, with hopes of qualifying for the world championships in November. …You know, 50 loops of the lake suddenly looks a lot more sane.

DAN CLUBB set a PR at the Houston Marathon, breaking the 3 hour barrier with a 2:58:51. At Mile 13, he was nervously asking himself, “Can I make?” He did!

THE DALLAS RUNNING CLUB made news when it received national honors for having the best running web site in the country, according to the Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA). This is quite an achievement, one in which only a single person is responsible: former DRC Pres. LIBBY JONES, who worked tirelessly on the web site. Libby is also credited for her efforts to grow the club to its rightful place of dignity in the metroplex running community by becoming the third largest running club in the U.S. The DRC will receive its award at the RRCA convention in San Francisco, March 26. It is hoped Libby will be present to pick up the award for the club since it is directly the result of her work and persistence that the DRC is even recognized. The web site won on the following criteria: first impression, layout/graphic design, ease of navigation, use of technology, depth of content, up to date, and uniqueness/personality. The top two clubs the DRC beat out for first were the 2nd place Knoxville Track Club, TN, and 3rd place Rochester Track Club, MN. Both were multiple year web site winners. The RRCA commented, “Most reviewers commented on the quality and depth of this years entrants and the difficulty it gave them in judging. The judging was incredibly tight with three clubs in a virtual dead heat and a fourth only one vote out. In the end the Dallas Running Club site was picked as the winner.” “I’m thrilled,” Libby said. “You may recall that for the last two years, since I became webmaster, the club’s website had been in the top three club websites, but never the TOP spot. This is a great honor for the club!”

LIBBY JONES was working at the Houston Marathon when the announcement was made about the DRC web site. Instead of running, she was shadowing the head of Public Relations handling media. “Very cool seeing the winners,” she said. “Records were broken, it was a nifty day!” Having sacrificed her own running while holding the DRC office, she is happy to be training once again. Her next big race is the Austin Half Marathon next month. She said that will be one of four halves she is planning. The other three are Oklahoma City, Big D, and the DWRM Half in December. She is also the co-race director for May’s HILLS and HEELS HALF MARATHON. After looking at timing companies to help at her race, Libby decided to buy her own. She now owns IPICO Timing Chip System. She says it’s funny because race directors are coming to her now, asking if she can help their event.

New DRC President GREG HALL is concerned about the growth of the club, saying in the first board meeting of the year on January 6, he would like to cap the membership of the club that appeared on the up swing. Greg has yet to decide who will be the club’s race director. But soon after taking office, he eliminated the Executive Director position Libby Jones had created and hoped to fill. It would have been the club’s first paid position. Her position would have paid $25 per hour for a maximum of 10 hours per week in return with the assurance the monthly club races would run smoothly. Instead, it leaves her without even a board position. Instead, Greg has tripled the size of the DRC board to 20 members, with each volunteer having specific job responsibilities. “I love the club,” Libby said, “and would love to see it be 5,000 members in another couple years with another record year of DRC Half Marathon registrations! I’m just not holding any sort of position like everyone was expecting, not of my choice.  I have been asked to stay on as a webmaster/communications person, a contractor of sorts.” Greg has asked Libby not to talk openly about club matters.

JEFF BURROWS who has won the Grasslands Half Marathon for four consecutive years, is planning on racing the East Texas Ultra Runners 25K Trail Run on Saturday, February 14, at Tyler State Park.

While SHEILA NATHO, 43, was busy in Houston at the Houston Half Marathon on January 18, scoring a PR (1:26:28, her best since she was a spry 36 yr. old!) and some cash ($500 as 2nd Master’s, she placed 167 of 8,435), MELISA CHRISTIAN, 32, went to the downhill 3M Half Marathon in Austin on Jan 25, earning $250 for a 1:15 on the fast course. Also in Austin on that day were ERNESTO CABALLERO, 43 ($175 as the third Master’s with his 1:11:59), and running partner WILLIAM MOORE, 47 ($150 for running 1:12:25, and winning the 4th Master’s title). Sheila’s race was for the USA Track and Field Championships. “It was a dream race. I ran so even. Actually the 2nd half was a few ticks faster than the first. It was on the warm side and I did not feel good during the first mile but then things came together as the race unfolded. This is what we train all the miles for!” She is very happy. Fellow runner FRANCES MCKISSICK commented, “She is awesome!!  She is one of the greatest master runners of our time!!”

Meanwhile, some wonder if Melisa has peaked. Her last six marathons, all between February 2006 and November 2008 have brought her up to a point that seems to have crested. In order, her times are – 2:49, :46, :49, :42, :41, :42. Are there any more? The same might be true of her half marathon times, though, she hasn’t done as many, five in five years. Those times are – 1:22, :16, :14, :15, :15, the last on a point-to-point, downhill, fast course. If she has peaked, given that she came into the sport unexpectedly, will she continue to compete? Will she suffer, as the other veterans of the sport have, with the arrows of injury and effects of age as her times slowly plateau or decrease? Time will tell. We hope to keep seeing her out there.

MEREDITH FOSTER was able to run 4 miles on Sunday, January 25, in a time of 47:37. Her total for the week: 14 miles. “For me, running clears my mind. I don’t listen to music when I run. This morning I started my run thinking about… ‘Today is my birthday.’ I love to run on holidays, but it’s even better on my birthday. There is something about being outside, running next to the lake. I was born on a snowy day in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. My mom tells me that after I was born, I was lying in the plastic crib next to her bed and suddenly I reached over and grabbed the side of it. If you’ve never asked your mom about the day that you were born, you should.”

MAX LEWIS, a Dallas triathlete who completed three Hawaiian Ironman triathlons (1998, 1999, 2002) died January 25. He was 53 and active in Dallas commercial real estate. Many of the area’s triathletes attended the Restland Cemetery funeral held January 30.

GO BROWN GOES GREEN: UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, or UPS, will be making delivery by bikes where possible this year. The company has purchased a fleet of mountain bikes outfitted with a 200 pound capacity trailer with a cover for rain, and a set of lights. All bike delivery staff will be uniformed and helmets are required.

Before hitting the road, each rider will undergo a paid orientation and training session. The custom-tailored training will focus on operating the bicycle and trailer safely. “We realize the riders will be experienced already,” says a spokesperson, “but have they ever pulled 200 pounds? Do they know the safe following distance in wet weather?”

Delivery staff will be expected to deliver about 25-50 packages per day, compared to 150 stops a day for a normal “package car.”

An interesting historical note: UPS started delivering by bike in Seattle (where they were founded) over 100 years ago. Today, the company once again uses bikes for deliveries in Seattle and has gone so well the company decided to expand the program. UPS is looking to hire bike delivery people in various cities located through the U.S. Interested people should call Maria Mason at (503) 978-7409 or email mariamason@)

JASON ROBERTS heads up BIKE FRIENDLY OAK CLIFF, who, along with the Oak Cliff Transit Authority, is pursuing bike facilities, ped paths, and streetcars for the southern part of Dallas. ( This is good news for bikers and runners, as possibly more progress is being made there than the rest of the city. Using the Chamber of Commerce, Roberts and his group is bringing about a turn around in an area usually over looked when it comes to city improvements.

This almost wasn’t the case late this past summer when one city official argued against the groups’ use of bike lanes. That official, PM SUMMER, is the same official responsible for removing Dallas’ only bike lane two years ago, that extended over White Rock Lake on Mockingbird Bridge. Summer was also responsible for discouraging NBC News when they had planned to do a story on Dallas being named the U.S.’ worst city for cycling, saying, “They already had their story written. They just wanted film.” Summer was threatened, by ANGELA HUNT, with losing his position as Alternative Transportation head, months before he retires. Angela is heading up the city’s new bike plan that is calling for extensive bike lanes. The rest of the city council, that doesn’t agree with Angela, are hoping the bike lanes become her ruin. “The Chambers already have a deep connection into the government portion of the city,” says Jason. “I’ve found it’s easier to join and change the culture of a group, rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel with an entirely new organization. I’ve done both.” He feels the more chambers that are infiltrated with bikers and runners, pushing for simple walkability, “the more the city council members will fight for the same. We’ve had a lot of success on changing things. Some of it has just been written initiatives, which don’t have a lot of teeth. But we’re now looking at creating a bond package that would fund bike – pedestrian trails here.” This is Oak Cliff’s first attempt at forcing the issue. “The more of us that are vocal, and fighting for this, the better.” Jason can be contacted at: 469-487-6263

TRIVIA QUESTION: How much money did U.S. marathons generate in sponsorship dollars in 2008?

TRIVIA ANSWER: Sponsorship spending on U.S. marathons reached $84 million in 2008, a far cry from the $832 million generated by the National Football League, but still up 8.4 percent from the preceding year, according to IEG Sponsorship Report. Why advertise at a marathon? According to Ray Bednar, senior vice president and global sponsorship executive at Bank of America, the title sponsor of the Chicago Marathon, the second largest in the country: “Sixty-three percent of the people participating in marathons have a household income between $50,000 and $200,000. So you’re getting a mass affluent segment.”

“Now go into the world in peace, have courage, hold on to what is good. Honor all men, be just, and show kindness. Strengthen the faint hearted, support the weak, help the suffering. Love, share, and believe. And may grace always be with you.”

Stay active and I’ll see you in The Phish Bowl. Let’s swim, bike, or run together. Go get’em!

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.