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February 2006

The DALLAS WHITE ROCK MARATHON gave $37,000 to the female winner without a drug test. According to Kate Mittelstadt [kmittelstadt@usantidoping.org] at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, “I wanted to confirm that USADA has not tested the White Rock Marathon since 2001. I don’t know of the testing history prior to that.” According to Ryan Lamppa, Running USA Media Director [runningusa@runningusa.org], the Dallas White Rock Marathon is certified by USA Track and Field (USATF) but that doesn’t mean drug testing procedures follow. “Certification refers to the course. USADA determines whether a race will have drug testing.” He said, yes, it was possible for a marathon to certified and not drug test.

MATT BURNS will run his fourth marathon since January 2005 at the Austin Marathon in February. His PR was 3:46 at last January 2005’s Disney Marathon. He says his worst is 4:17 at Ft. Worth’s late February Cowtown Marathon. “Not a good idea to do two marathons in five weeks. Note taken.” …GERALD JACKSON did the Disney Marathon in Orlando, FL, on January 8, 2006, finishing in 3:10:16, or a 7:15 per mile pace. It was 38 degrees at 6am for the start. He placed 21st in his age group, and 110th overall, claiming to be “The first mouse [wearing large mouse ears] across the finish line.” He helped a first time marathon runner to the finish line. “I love participating. I enjoy more some of the things I get out of helping others. It is such a great feeling as you know to get back from your athletes without any expectation.  I had a great time and am very pleased with my performance.” …SHELIA NATHO turned 40 on December 31st. The day of her birthday, she won overall at the Plano Pacers monthly run, and then won the following weekend at the Cross Country Club of Dallas’ 10K on January 7th.  “I was very happy with my win and my time at the CCCD race, as well as the Plano Pacers race the week before. My performance has improved just as I turn 40, since I am now more motivated. I needed something new to inspire me.”  At the end of February, Shelia plans to race at the 3M Half marathon in Austin. “My Dallas White Rock Marathon Half was awful.” She will attempt to make the cut for the Sendai Half Marathon. The race will be held on May 14, 2006. Last year it was held in July. “This works out perfect with my work travel. I was not going to pursue it if it was in July. Plus, the weather in May won’t be ideal but it will be much better than July.”

DEBORAH SEXTON ran in the Bandera 100K on her 48th birthday recently. “I managed to finish despite some pain in my left shin, which the doctor told me yesterday is a stress fracture.” Sexton has qualified for the very difficult Western States 100-Miler in June. “I need to work on my speed.” …BRONDA STARLING was mentioned as winning The Phast Times News MRS. TRIATHLON award. To certify that, the South Mid-West district of USA Triathlon has named Bronda as winning the Super Competitor Award for doing the most duathlons in 2005 (19) in the district. In addition, Bronda officiated 12 races, did four triathlons, and three duathlons out of the district. ROBERT SMITH won the male Super Competitor award. …STACY DANNELS won as Overall Duathlete for the four-state region, 2005, with TRACY HARRISON placing 2nd overall. Tracy also won the 2nd Best Master’s Triathlete. …AHMED ZAHER and STACI BRODE will be married June 17. ANGIE PITTMAN will be the Maid Of Honor. They say they are very happy. Meanwhile, Ahmed won 2nd in his age group rankings in the South Mid-west district for triathlons, but was listed 10th overall in the nation rankings, which is far superior.

And BOBBY “007” BONDS and his long time girlfriend, JEAN O’LEARY, were married on February 4th. …GREG LOUALLEN’s daughter, SARAH, who was mentioned in a previous issue as being born premature, is finally home. Sarah was born on September 8th although she wasn’t expected until December 23rd. Sarah arrived home on January 7th weighing over 7 lbs. …ANDY CLARKE, the President of The League of American Bicyclists, will be traveling to Dallas, Texas from his office in California for THE RIDE OF SILENCE on May 17, 2006. PRESTON TYREE, the former head of the Texas Bicycle Coalition is also planning on traveling from Austin to par take in the Dallas edition of the world wide ride. Last May, the ride took place in over 120 locations and nine countries. It is expected to grow further this year.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported and showed films of police infiltrating, harassing, and arresting cyclists at the New York City Ride Of Silence because city government suspected the grass roots organization as having ties to Al-Queda. In Dallas, the area police departments are directly solicited to take part in the ride. Dallas PD has provided support, encouragement, and safety for the Dallas Ride Of Silence. …Runner and cyclist WALT HARTLEY has been dating ESTELA HOOVER since Thanksgiving. Walt asks, “Why is it that we still enjoy this stuff so much? For me it hasn’t changed from when I was 4 years old running around all day. Still doing the same thing 47 years later.” Estela is doing great, though she doesn’t run as much anymore due to a chronic IT ban problem. She does do well on the mountain bike. Walt is not running as much as he did when he was younger, but he is still active. The master’s category athlete says, “I mostly bike and do it fairly well. I am running again, but just seem distance limited to three to four miles three to four times a week. I have the cardio to go for hours, but my heels won’t hold up. Looks like another year of bike racing. Hopefully, two to four sprint triathlons as well.” …THE TEXAS CLUB, who is one of our main advertisers, was selected as the best health club facility by The Dallas Morning News F!Dluxe section. “Nothing rivals this downtown hot spot for its panoramic views of the Dallas skyline and its elite workout program. The facility sits atop the 15-story BankAmerica parking garage on Main street, giving gym rats a bird’s-eye view of the city and plenty of executive amenities. No more excuses – this is the perfect venue for creating a new you. Plus, you can park for free.” …JULIE KANER is selling her trainer. “It is a Blackburn and I bought it used. I think it was only a year old at the time and I have had it now for 2 years. It works but it is loud. That is the only downfall to it. We can negotiate on price.” Contact: kanerjules@aol.com …ERIC KOENIGS is looking for a bike for a friend. “I have a friend looking to buy a good used bike. Please let me know if you have a 50cm (or close to it) bike you’re looking to sell.” Contact irone@sbcglobal.net …The TEXAS BICYCLE COALITION (501c3) in partnership with the Fort Worth ISD is looking for 100 kid’s bikes (single gear/pedal brakes) as a fleet to transport around to the elementary schools during the teaching of the SuperCyclist Curriculum. Thousands of 4th and 5th grade PE students will learn traffic laws, bike skills, and helmet fitting. If you have any partners that can supply the bikes or money, TBC will partner together for press releases and media attention. If there are any other ways you would like to work together to help children with helmets and bikes, let KC Jones know at 817-205-2595, kcjones@biketexas.org …NICOLE KELLEHER, listed as one of the better athletes in the area by The Phast Times News, won her third consecutive multi-sport race. It was also her third multi-sport race in her life. On January 22 on the island of St. Thomas, Nicole, 21, participated in a sprint distance triathlon with her fiancé, WES RADETSKY, won by a mile, and pocketed $250. After leading the 800-meter swim, “the 14-mile bike course had the most dangerous steep hills,” Wes reports. “Then it began to drizzle. A lot of people went down including Nicole. She skidded down the road after her face slammed into the pavement. She has minor whiplash, still. She eventually got up, still in first, and finished the bike route. She set out on the 5K run in agonizing pain, but took it easy for the win.” Wes, who finished the swim with Nicole, says, I had bike problems three minutes in to the bike segment that prevented me from being able to ride. I almost tossed my bike into the Caribbean. I walked it in.” As Nicole was being interviewed by the Virgin Island news stations, Wes says “I stood in the background in her shadow contemplating my existence.” …Some of you old timers might remember DAVE WEEKS who swam back in the 80’s. He has recently returned to Dallas and would like to rejoin swim practices at St. Mark’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. He is legally blind and therefore he cannot drive. He lives on Frankford Road between Midway and Marsh. The way the Dallas bus system operates, it would take him two hours to get from his apartment to St. Mark’s for a 6:30 pm swim and two hours to get back home. He is retired and is flexible on when or where he can swim. If any of you are able and willing to help with transportation for Dave, please contact Dallas Aquatics Masters at www.damswim.com. Anything we could do,like a one way ride one day a week, would be extremely helpful to him! …LANCE ARMSTRONG’s diamond studded bike written up in the local paper recently, was put up for auction and bought by actor ROBIN WILLIAMS’ wife, after Williams had already bid $60,000. Williams didn’t know who out bid him, until he turned and saw his wife had offered $73,000. The bike had seven yellow diamonds forming the number 7, surrounded by 300 white diamonds in the shape of a wheel and spokes. The bike was also autographed by Armstrong. The Lance Armstrong Foundation, the beneficiary, was hoping to raise $100,000. …KEITH HESTER, 41, crashed back in October during a bike race when half of his handle bars fell off during a sprint. The fall is captured on film in which he separated his left shoulder. He has just recently returned to cycling. Hester has had two previous horrific crashes. …JAMES THRUSTON’S White Rock Lake Duathlon Series (WoRLDS), will host the following races at the Bath House, on the east side of the lake: The Summer Solstice Duathlon (June), The Bath House Duathlon (July), Blazing Saddles Duathlon (July), and The Two White Dogs Duathlon (August). For those keeping track, these are the results of last year’s races: June 12, Do-A-Duathlon: Debbie Biermann (57:55) and Tyler Johnson (49:44); June 26, Summer Solstice Duathlon: Dana Bullard (53:12) and Joey McElhaney (49:26); July 10, Bath House, Duathlon: Leticia Lechon (57:56) and Dwain McDuffie (49:30); July 24, Blazing Saddles Duathlon: Nicole Kelleher (51:34 – course record) and Robert Reveal (48:18); August 7, Two White Dogs: Julie Kaner (58:52) and Tyler Johnson (47:31). The male record was set August 4, 2002 by Adam Riser, 45:44. The relay record was set July 24, 2005 by runner Logan Sherman (19) and biker Albert Hirsch (57). Their time was 43:43. The female course record was also broken on the same day by Nicole Kellerher (21), with a time of 51:34. Course record bike split set by Alex Williams (29), June 2, 2002. He averaged 29 MPH.

DAVID MORGAN, 40, broke his ribs on both sides last year in a bike crash five weeks before the Arizona Ironman. He still managed to finish in 14 hours, 50 minutes. Not feeling he had done the race justice, he set his goal on the same race. But again, he broke some ribs (only on the right side), this time playing basketball, before the April 9th race. Still, he has his goals. This year since only one side of his ribs are broken (making it painfully impossible to ride in an aero position), Dave is shooting for 13 hours. Over this past summer, he was able to race to a 6 hr., 26 min. half Ironman in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He says he’s using the “Mother Father treatment. Mother nature and Father time.” He is still unable to do any running, with the swimming also being difficult. “I just swim like Little Nemo. I have one lucky flipper.” He says he’s not worried about crashing on the bike. “I should be worried about everyone else.” Good luck, Dave!

During the Saturday rain storm late last month, JENNIFER ZID was seen huddled in the back of her car like a teenager caught at the end of a date, except alone, trying to stay dry and warm before the start of a training run at White Rock Lake. “One of my goals for the year is to increase my stretching before and after my runs. Under today’s weather conditions the backseat of my car was the best place,” said Jennifer.

“Now, go into the world in peace. Have courage. Hold on to what is good. Honor all men. Be just. Love kindness. Strengthen the fainthearted. Support the weak. Help the suffering. Love, share, believe and may grace be with you.”

Stay active and I’ll see you in the Phishbowl.

You ask any competitor, they’ll tell you, a half hour before an event, “What the hell am I doing here? Why am I doing this?” And three minutes after the race, they’re planning for the next one.

– Sebastian Coe, world record holder in the 800 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, and the mile.

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.