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December 2009

12 Annual Best Quotes of the Year

If for no other reason, this issue is the reason you have a subscription, to see who said what. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s extremely touching, sometimes it’s insightful, and other times, with a deep sense of the profound, it’s almost predicting the future.

This issue has become our most popular issue with the most writing coming from you, the readers, and the athletes we train alongside. What started out as part of “The Best Of” issue (that comes next month), this collection has taken on a life of its own. Now it’s time to start next year’s issue.

I know my editor and wife will be happy to see the bits of paper with scrawled, almost illegible, writing on them be thrown into the trash. Those scraps of paper are what recorded your famous quotes at the end of a run, bike ride, swim, or race, and are now listed in chronological order. Until then, I would have to keep repeating your quip over and over again in my mind, for sometimes hours, to help me remember it. Nancy Hooker, Nikki Davis, and Dan Clubb have some of the best ones.

Be entertained as we are, seeing the thread of a conversation that runs through the quotes when read collectively, and revel in their uniqueness, just like us. Please don’t be offended by anything said here. We try to keep the negative stuff out. It’s meant to bring insight and humor. If you’re name appears, be thankful. Many didn’t make the cut. –The Bee Keeper

I threw in a nifty 9:00 last mile to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!” – JEFF ROTH, 11/27/08, missing the Olympic Marathon Trials time standard in the last mile. He finished 2:42:42 at that race, the 1986 Dallas White Rock Marathon

I trained more for the taper week than for the event.– BRENT D., 11/29/08

Woo hoo!!  Let’s rock and roll!!!– NANCY HOOKER, 12/4/08, getting verification for her goal race after starting to train 10 months before

A Speedo doesn’t look good on James Bond!– VIRGINIA STINCHFIELD, 12/4/08

I’m going to run until my heart blows up! See what happens. – MATT CROWNOVER, 12/6/08, while en route to PR’ing his 50K by almost 30 minutes, placing 16th overall

I’d hate to miss a tapering opportunity!– MIKE SANDEFUR, 12/6/08

Nothing like being stuck with having to walk back a half a lake away.– JEN SMITH 12/6/08

If you are not ready to do a half, you are not ready. It takes me about a month to get over one. – CLINT BELL, 12/6/08

She’ll be fine. I know she doesn’t want it to, but it will take time to heal. Although it’s been two and half weeks, it’s not surprising that she is still having rough days. I mean, think about it, we’re really supposed to take a month of recovery after doing a marathon, even though we’re well trained. She was NOT trained for physical contact (unless she’s been playing tackle football or hockey) so it’s going to take a while for the bruising to go down and the bones to heal. Her inability to sleep is, no doubt, slowing her recovery for, as you know, that’s the best time to heal. – DAN CLUBB, 12/7/08, re: Shaheen Sattar’s recovery from being hit head on while running by an SUV

I’ve felt like Julie Moss a time or two.– DAN CLUBB, 12/8/08

Sub-three hours? You have me confused with my bother, Greg Floyd. I think I’m ready. I think 3:25. I hope 3:20. I wish 3:15. I dream…– LARRY PAO, 12/9/08, before the DWRM

The only thing worse than getting up at 5 a.m. to run, is not being able to. – LANCE REYNOLDS, 12/9/08

Run like you mean it.– LESLIE GARCIA, 12/9/08

Yea, I’m not sure about this “glow” I hear so much about, I think it’s just a little puke left on your face! – DEBORAH CARROLL, 12/9/08, on being pregnant

I bought two pairs. They were promptly seized by the spouse. They will not be released until late December. – DAN CLUBB, 12/9/08, on buying new running shoes

I treat it like an accident.– MATT CROWNOVER, 12/10/08, recovering from ultra runs

I would have thought there would be some compelling human interest story surrounding an African who might actually be noteworthy. You know, defeating all odds by overcoming polio, the hacking death of his family, and escaping from Darfur to pick up quick cash in Dallas. Remember to bring your spatula to flip me during the last 6 miles. – JEFF ROTH, 12/11/08, on being highlighted prior to his running of the DWR Marathon

No thanks. I’m holding out for a sponsorship from GM. My goals are 1) to obtain a build like Lou Ferrigno and 2) run a 2:30 marathon. Those aren’t mutually exclusive, are they? – DAN CLUBB, 12/11/08, passing on a sponsorship opportunity

Now the 2:30 marathon? Go to bed tonight, put a Runner’s World magazine under your pillow and dream away!!! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 12/12/08

Dream. Today, anything is possible. – anonymous, 12/14/08, before the start of the Dallas White Rock Marathon and Half

Is it possible to go back to bed and still win the race? – DAN CLUBB, 12/14/08, waking up for The Dallas White Rock Marathon

This is great weather for a marathon!– FRANK SHORTER, 12/14/08, announcing the DWRM: warm, humid, windy conditions

We really needed the positive energy out there yesterday. Not a fan of heat and wind anymore! – KAREN DELEON, 12/15/08, after her first marathon, DWRM

Ooooo, paper cut. Can’t run the marathon!– DAN CLUBB, 12/16/08

It’s hard to peel [runners] out of their Under Armor, Nike or Asics gear! – CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON, 12/16/08

Spaghetti is kind of like pizza…even when it’s BAD it’s GOOD! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 12/17/08

I need something to remind me I am a runner, not a person who runs to stay in shape. – ASHLEY POWELL, 12/17/08

The guys at the water stops on the marathon thought it was really cool, some of the women glared at me thinking I was running 26 miles with a little bean sprout growing inside of me. – DEBORAH CARROLL, 12/19/08, very pregnant running alongside her husband at the Dallas White Rock Marathon

I have a better “Rule #1 of Running Marathons.” Do not start a marathon if you are already injured. I now own a cheesy medal and an XS finisher’s shirt. Plus, I can now drive my wife’s Jeep and not be embarrassed about the 26.2 sticker on the back window. – BRYCE CARROLL, 12/19, doing his first marathon

I put on a TON of pressure and then give myself anxiety, or on the flipside I don’t think about it at all and get to a race and start out without thinking too much about it. Then a mile or so into it, I am like, “Oh, I am running in a race…” That’s me. – ASHLEY POWELL, 12/19

When [my daughter] signed up for the Disney Half Marathon, in the question that asked “How did you hear about this race?” she chose “Other” and typed in “My obsessed mother.” – NANCY HOOKER, 12/20/08

Enjoying your time in PR city too much to leave? – DAN CLUBB, 12/20/08, to Mark Olateju continuing to set PR’s for three months straight

Considering coffee and other necessary pre-run preparations, 6 a.m. is definitely doing good. Committed, yes. Comfortably committed – for sure. – ASHLEY POWELL, 12/22/08

Good news throughout the holidays. I have not picked up a single pound with all the food and desserts on every table. Family and friends think I am anorexic now. – PAUL GARDNER, 12/28/08

Dear Lord, I hope this year there will be no hullabaloo of painful fire balls, injuries falling from hell ruining my running. – LIMO CHEMIRIR, local Kenyan runner, 12/28/08

I have worked out almost every day this month, but unfortunately it’s a lot easier to consume calories than to expend them.– JENNIFER WISINSKI, 12/29/08

I gotta get a coach!– MICAH CROWNOVER, age 4, worried about his running competition

Are we still getting older? It used to be more fun.– CHRISTINE SHIRER, 1/1/09

Wear some coat tails so that you can drag me around. – BRANDON BARNETT, 1/3/09, making his way running around White Rock Lake

The Y was packed all last week. Such a pain! But, based on past experience, the rush will be over by the end of the month. — JENNIFER WISINSKI, 1/5

I ran at 5. It’s not morning before 5. It’s night time.– NANCY HOOKER, 1/5

The treadmill is a good backup, but outside rocks.– NANCY HOOKER, 1/5

I drove by Humperdink’s in Richardson yesterday and saw some blurb on their billboard about them being non-smoking. So today I called and sure enough, they are smoke-free. Oh well, no more watching ballgames there. Out of fear, I called Wizards to make sure they were still cigar friendly and they are. Just a public service announcement. – SCOTT STEFFEN, 1/6

Thirty-six degrees and wet but I loved it!– KHAI HARBUT, 1/6, bike commuting

No can do. The chlorine tarnishes my crown. Plus, I melt in water! – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 1/7, re: not getting in the water to swim

What’s “pull?” No wonder I see people at the pool consulting a hieroglyphic list as they swim! I had to climb the old-person steps. – LESLIE GARCIA, 1/7

My wife has always said I’m heartless. I guess mine already ran away. – LANCE SHELTON, 1/7

It’s not the big that eat the small….it’s the fast that eat the slow!- RANDALL TURNER, 1/11

Logging miles on the trainer is like logging virtual sex. Though it might feel you’ve done it, can you really count it as the real thing? You can log your training sessions but your actual distance should be zero since you haven’t gone anywhere. – KHAI HARBUT, 1/12

I’ll have tequila in my fuel belt for shots at the halfway point! – CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON

What if you want to run with a Margarita? – BRANDON BARNETT, 1/12, for CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON’s birthday

OK, I thought of new strategy. I run the first 13.1 miles in an hour. Then I’ll be tired, so I can take two hours to run the second half. That’s good, right? …Maybe not. – DAN CLUBB, 1/15, attempting to run a three hour marathon

I rode this morning in the 24 degree heat wave and my toes got very cold. This sets a new record for me for my coldest ride. Did anybody else brave the weather? – RODNEY ELLIS, 1/16

Should be fighting down the home stretch right about now. No, I’m not bitter!!!!!! – LANCE REYNOLDS, 1/17, watching the Houston Marathon he was planning on doing

This job thing is really holding me back.– NANCY HOOKER, 1/21

Maybe I’ll take up a life of yoga and chocolate chip cookies. – DAN CLUBB, 1/21, considering retirement after running 2:58 at the Houston Marathon

When will I stop feeling like a poser?? – NANCY HOOKER, 1/22, after completing two half marathons and many other races

TNT-Tuesday Night Track is my “eye candy” night. – LUCY SILVAS, 1/27

When there is ice on the roads it is a good time to wear pants! – JAMIE PENNINGTON, 1/29

The spirit is willing but the body is, oh, so weak. I’ve done my first, second, and third marathons. Twenty-seven years ago I took my first 0.8 mile run in Nike tennis canvas shoes, and, oh, did I think I was all that and a bag of chips. I admire the young ones just starting out, all enthusiastic, and full of energy! Like I said the spirit is willing but the body is so much weaker! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 1/30

Because I don’t drive my car that way. – MIKE KEEL, 1/31/09, when asked why he didn’t roll through a stop light on his bike with pack

Our business is educating kids, not providing entertainment for the public. – TAMMY KUYKENDALL, 2/2, a Duncanville school district spokesperson, on the closing of Duncanville pool

Swimming….aaahhh. I wish I was related to Michael Phelps…..without the bong. – LUCY SILVAS, 2/3

The problem with ice cream is it goes so fast. – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 2/7

I know what a 6:45 pace feels like and I also know what a turtle runs like. I do both very well. – PAUL GARDNER, 2/9

I embrace the hills and the wind, because come race day, I will be more prepared. – BRANDON BARNETT, 2/9

The true character of an ultra-runner comes during the “storm,” not during those times of relative ease and comfort when all is good and you’re having the race of your life. – PAUL STONE, 2/10

My wife was under the weather yesterday and is now sporting a 101 degree fever. Does it make me a bad husband to want to avoid her this week?!!?!?!!? It’s fitting, really. Bum ankle impedes training and results in missing nice, flat marathon in favor of a hard, hilly marathon. The ankle starts flaring up again and now I have to defend against an unknown virus circulating the house. It’s all part of my master plan to overcome incredible odds en route to [qualifying for the] Boston Marathon! – LANCE REYNOLDS, 2/10, five days before his first marathon

I find great joy in endurance training. It’s soothing to my soul. – DAVID NAKHLEH, 2/10

Thank goodness we don’t have to do this to stay fit. – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 2/14, after completing (part of) her first trail run, ETUR 25K

Can MY times improve too if I get hit head-on by an SUV? – RANDALL TURNER, 2/14, referring to Shaheen Sattar being hit by a sleepy driver, while running

I’ve been juicing. Yeah, Tropicana and Minute Maid. I have abs! – BYRON BENOIT, 2/14

Still another five months until registration even starts. By then I should be done with my base training and ready to ROCK. Maybe I’ll get an invitation to race in Europe, or KENYA!!! – DAN CLUBB, 2/18

I love to sweat. Makes me feel as if I did something! And for your information….I smell good all the time, sweaty or not! – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 2/19

Running provides an important balance to my life. It frees my spirit from the mundane and the sometimes heaviness of responsibility. Even in weariness, it rejuvenates strength. It’s my outdoor study, where I can plan, create, or just be entertained. The left side of my brain probably enjoys the measurement and logging, while the right side soaks up the beauty and joy of the day, evening or night. It gives me peace and allows me joy. – RIO KING, 66 years old, 34th consecutive Dallas White Rock Marathon as of 2008

Nothing better than waking up to the Rocky theme song in the morning. – BRANDON BARNETT, 2/22, preparing to race

If it wasn’t for the run and the swim, I would want a tri bike just like that! – JOSEPH MURPHY, 2/22, watching the TMS Duathlon bikes

They need to gear up, too. They’re all talk and no pedal right now. – DEBORAH CARROLL, 2/24, about a bike competitor

Mile 22 on, was just a blur of torture! All I wanted was a cheeseburger! Stairs and curbs are the work of the devil. – MATT GORE after doing his first marathon, the Cowtown Marathon, 2/28

I only know FAMOUS people! – LUCY SILVAS, 3/5

I am a growing boy that needs good food for fuel. – BRANDON BARNETT, 3/5

You do not value sleeping in on Saturdays. – ASHLEY POWELL, 3/6, on early work-outs

My entry fee is non-refundable. So this freaking foot better get healed! – LANCE REYNOLDS, 3/9, registering for the Chicago Marathon, while injured

Tonight is gonna suck in the rain…and I love it!!!!! – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 3/11

They should’ve named it Rock to Revenge!!! – LUCY SILVAS, 3/12, speaking of The Rock to Victory

No, we don’t have Twinkies in our organization…though if you must have a Twinkie, we will teach you how to fit it into your day! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 3/13, registered/licensed dietitian

Seriously, ask me when I’m done. – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 3/14, who doesn’t talk when she gets tired during a run

You have to be mentally prepared that those markers aren’t in the right spot whether they are short or long. – CLINT BELL, 3/14, speaking about race mile markers being off

I am completely out of running! So for now swimming, weights and spin. I love it. – RANDI ROGERS, 3/15

I was in a place where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep running or take time off. I’m in a really different place, now. Running is actually keeping me a little sane with everything else that’s going on. It’s great to be in a different place. – WENDY RAGLE, 3/16

Pardon me while I run to Austin this afternoon to catch up with you. – DAN CLUBB, 3/16, comparing training miles

You’re all heart. I meant to re-fill it with ice water. – DR. CHARLES RYRIE, 3/18, giving his coach hot water to drink

Now that everyone has had a massage today, except me, let’s figure out the weekend run! – ASHLEY POWELL, 3/18

I’m going to TNT track every night. – DAVID HARTWIG, 3/17, on getting a date after working out.

There’s not a surer path. – NANCY HOOKER, 3/21

Sad when 7:30 is considered sleeping in. – JEN SMITH, 3/22

When I win the race at least I know my name will be pronounced right!– SHAHEEN SATTAR, 3/24, on learning she knows the race announcer

If I can get my hair to look like that when I’m running I’ll be the happiest girl in the planet! How does she do that? Wonder how long she had to run for this picture…one mile? 14 miles? – LUCY SILVAS, 3/26, gazing at a running magazine cover model, running

Totally understand! If I ran with mine like that it would be a tangled mess!!! That’s why I use THREE rubber bands in mine to keep it from getting gnarley!!! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, responding to Lucy Silvas’ above comment

Krispy Kremes have all the appeal of snot. We need to do an Ice Cream Mile this year. I’ve seen Chris eat. He could down a gallon of ice cream and stop by Dairy Queen for a banana split on the way home. – MIKE GIBSON, 3/30

Was it raining this morning when you all were out there? I am such a baby. It was raining when my alarm went off this morning and so I went back to sleep. Now I get to look forward to running in the psycho wind this afternoon… fun fun. – JEN SMITH, 4/2

Super, Mega, Biggie Sized Wind! I thought I was going to blow away!!! – LUCY SILVAS, 4/2, trying to bike in the wind

I felt I was going to get blown away and no one would ever find me! – LUCY SILVAS, 4/5, finishing the Fast and Furious Duathlon under very windy conditions

I love to run, but I don’t know if I could EVER get 200 miles a week. Gee, 80 is hard enough! – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 4/6, two weeks before running the Boston Marathon

You never own cones. You just borrow them. – MATHEW COMPTON, 4/7, re: race cones

Yep.  Run, eat, work and sleep a little. That’s what we do. – DAN CLUBB, 4/10

I can definitely sleep and eat better than anyone I know! – EMILY TIPPETT, 4/11

Any cycling club that wants me as a member, I don’t want to be associated with. – SCOTT MURPHY, 4/11

You can do it—you little Boston Baked Bean! – KAREN THOMPSON, 4/14, cheering Michael Smith on in The Boston Marathon

I’m going to be as fast as Lucy. If I don’t finish first, I’ll finish sexy! – LUCY SILVAS, 4/15, before her first triathlon

When all else fails, plead insanity! – DR. RANDY SILVANGI, 4/16, describing runners

I lay to rest all my other adventurous tools. Running is now my source. I am a runner and I run for aReason! – NIKKI DAVIS, 4/17

Life is just in a state of out of control-ness. The first thing I thought of when my computer crashed last night was… MY RUNNING LOG!!! – JEN SMITH, 4/17

I had sooooo much fun. AFTER getting out of the water!! – LUCY SILVAS, 4/19, after her first triathlon

People walk sooooo slow through the finish chute. – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 4/20, crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon

I’m just passing thru [this world]…bring it on! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 4/23, on facing the pain of training or racing

Khai [Harbut] was trying to push me out of the way when he heard the girls from Wellesley in the distance. When you get crushed like me, you can’t even get a hug from the fat volunteers. – MICHAEL SMITH, 4/23, after finishing with a 3:49:58 behind Khai at the Boston Marathon

My butt looks fat when it IS fat. – NANCY HOOKER, 4/24

I just read that the top NFL prospect got a six year 78 million dollar deal with 41.7 million in guaranteed money. I think I’m gonna retire from triathlons and play football. Of course I would have to move to Dallas because he was a product of Highland Park High School in Dallas.– JONATHAN MANGSEN, 4/25, resident of Boston, Mass.

You coaches…..always letting good sense get in the way! – LANCE REYNOLDS, 4/25

Another journey begins. – NANCY HOOKER, 4/25/09, 52, getting back on a bike again since childhood

What’s four miles between friends? – a friend telling BRANDON BARNETT he had to run 13 miles to everyone else’s nine, 5/3

I will be there…do my running shoes count as my date? – SHAHEEN SATTAR, 5/4

Great, hope it’s rainy and muddy. It would be exciting for me to fall and roll in the muddy grass in front of some fast guys! – NIKKI DAVIS, 5/5, anticipating a hill workout at Flag Pole Hill during the rain

He’d be a good runner if he didn’t waste his time swimming and biking. – DAN CLUBB, 5/7, commenting on BRANDON BARNETT

Chocolate is the solution for everything. – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 5/15

Ran 10 rain-soaked miles up north….love running in the rain. It’s invigorating. – LANCE REYNOLDS, 5/16

What is grandma doing that I am not? I had to hang my head out the car window doing 70 mph to throw-up four times. – BRANDON BARNETT, 5/17, wondering why he’s not able to finish strong at a triathlon

I pray you cry tonight. – Dallas announcer at The Ride Of Silence, 5/20

That’s the first ride I’ve ever been on that I didn’t get dropped climbing the hills. – MICHAEL SMITH, 5/21, in the Ride of Silence

As I was following Ken Ashby marking a 15K with flour, I was picking some up. I added some eggs, sugar, and milk as I went. At the end, I had a bundt cake. – BYRON BENOIT, 5/21

This is Texas. Are we constitutionally allowed to do anything on surfaces other than concrete or asphalt? – DAN CLUBB, 5/21, re: the prospect of trail running

I don’t know. I think we drove through some mud or something. – BRANDON BARNETT, 5/17, returning his rental car after throwing up four times out the window, driving from the race to the airport

I’m swimming with a bar of soap from now on. If you see bubbles stream from my backside, all I can say is that kind of jet propulsion is still legal by USAT rules. – KHAI HARBUT, 5/25

What do people do when they can’t exercise? – KHAI HARBUT, 5/28, sitting out a bike injury

I am amazed at the amount of snot I have produced today. Between that and coughing, I’m really not fun to be around right now. – MEREDITH FOSTER, 5/28

That beats sleeping in, any day!! – DOUG BUTLER, 5/29

You know, over the years, we’ve both had our moments of irrationality… – JACK WEISS talking to CHRIS PHELAN, 5/29

A swarming group of gnats were not playing nice this morning. I’m going to go floss. – MEREDITH FOSTER, 6/2

What a difference a diaphragm makes! I’m glad I figured this one out early on. Kept me calm and my heart didn’t feel like it was jumping out of my chest. …I’m looking forward to having it be a normal breathing habit. – MEREDITH FOSTER, 6/4, on breathing better

I have to be in the office and ready to go at 7:30 every day. And they expect us to be showered and fresh. What are they thinking? This job sure does interfere with my activities!! – NANCY HOOKER, 6/4

And, the best part, involves no processing fees from places like! – Hills and Heels $5 5K, 6/28

Time was going faster. – JOHN TRIMBLE, 6/06, on the first mile of the DRC four miler attempting to negative split the race

It’s all about tapering! I would like all training runs this week to be fun and easy. But come next Saturday Morning, I want you all to show up, ready, rested, and with a desire to “run till you puke”! – NIKKI DAVIS, 6/6, prepping her Run Well team

So how long ‘til I am good at this? – EMILY TIPPETT, 6/9, after running hill repeats

Any day without throwing up is a good day. – TOM GRANT, 6/9

If being an Ironman is your life’s dream occupation, then hopefully you’re ready for a couple of extra doses of dedication, because the greats will tell you with no hesitation, that you don’t win it in the race, you win it in the preparation. – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 6/16, before leaving for his third Ironman Triathlon

And a big Mac for my special needs bag. – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 6/16, re: his nutrition plan for Ironman

And a 200 count bottle of Advil for after the race. Or maybe before if you want to skip the trip and go straight to the death. – DAN CLUBB

I find that having a double quarter pounder with cheese waiting for me in my bike and run special needs bags to be a great motivator. – KHAI HARBUT

I will be thinking about you when I am eating donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch and drinking beer for dinner. – RODNEY ELLIS

You should all do The Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and be sure to bring your running shoes with you so you can get in a quick 10 miler afterward. You know…just to stay loose. – KURT CIMINO, 6/16,

Skinny Cow fudge pops are now my best friend – YUMMY! And my friend, the personal trainer, moved in next door to me. She has been checking on me NIGHTLY and making sure I’m doing The Ab Workout! I’m starting to dislike my neighbor! – NIKKI DAVIS, 6/18

“I hope you run as fast as you drive.” – the ticketing policeman’s comment to a runner as she tried to make her race on time, 6/20

Patience is difficult for those in a hurry. – KHAI HARBUT, 6/20, rehabbing after a bike wreck

The only thing that didn’t hurt was my eyeballs. Are you kidding me? I looked back and, man, I almost gave up. I almost walked the rest of the way. I almost made excuses for myself. I guess it’s good to never give up. I knew that, but it’s nice to say it out loud. I have to train, I can fake a 70.3 [mile distance triathlon] but I know I can’t fake an Ironman. – AHMED ZAHER, qualifying for the Hawaiian Ironman four months after being hit by a truck, breaking six ribs, collar bone, and puncturing his lung

I was having a great run until I decided to have a conversation with the pavement. – PAULA ROBERTSON, 6/23

It’s hard getting old…things start falling apart….I never used to have injuries. – SHELIA NATHO, 6/24

I’m pretty stubborn. Even if I tell myself I can’t do something, I have to prove myself wrong. I am in essence a sprinter with a distance runner waaaaaay deep down. But, I won’t give up! I will coax her out to play and have fun while I do it! – TRACY SMITH, 6/27, RaceNation post

Are 800’s longer than half mile repeats? – NIKKI DAVIS, 6/29, discussing track workouts

Oh, good! Glad you like the comments because I have a whole bunch! – NIKKI DAVIS, 6/29, complaining, commenting on track workout

Go hard for the first 75 meters. Then, keeping going the last 25 because it isn’t going to matter if you splatter all over the pool. – STEVE BARNICOAT, 6/30, coaching DAM

I look good in sweat. – LARRY PAO, 7/4

Oxygen! – JEFF BURROWS, 7/4, during 10K race, in need

January 25, 2009 was my 37th birthday. While I was running that morning, I decided I want to be a runner, a four day a week, runner. Not just to run a marathon, but to run for the rest of my life. – MEREDITH FOSTER, 7/4

Is this true? You are coming to Coppell to ride with us? Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! – JAMIE SHAW, 7/10, excited about a guest joining her group on a bike ride

Big Rod will be leading the 32 mile [cycling] group at 14mph, with two half  hour water breaks. Who’s in? – RODNEY ELLIS, 7/10

Hills [Thurs] +10miles with tempo [Fri] +14 [Sat] =TIRED! – LANCE REYNOLDS, 7/11, marathon training

I’m amazed at how many self-defeating thoughts you can have in under four minutes. – NIKKI DAVIS, 7/5, before starting her workout with an abbreviated warm up

Once I cross that DWRM finish line, this was all a bad dream. – CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON, 7/12, enduring life’s trials while training for her first marathon

Gosh, that hill thing was evil. I think my thighs have transformed to Jello at this point. – NANCY HOOKER, 7/14, after doing her first hill workout

Ya’ll know that means there’ll be no SAG wagon for me, right? How will I get home? Guess I’ll have to ride the whole way. The things I have to do to hang out with you morons. – JAMIE SHAW, 7/15

One of the best things about running at WRLP is seeing all of the men, women, children, families that are outside exercising. Why anyone would want to take that away from us I will never understand. – MEREDITH FOSTER, 7/18

Because it strokes our egos to have a bunch of crazies come out and run our race. Because a marathon is only the beginning. Because toenails are overrated. Because pain is enlightening. – the web site from the EL SCORCHO 25K and 50K held July 19

The shirts are super cute. They also give out cute medals. After finishing the race, I felt like a complete running warrior! – NIKKI DAVIS, 7/19, after completing the El Scorcho 25K midnight run

I have no speed. El Scorcho sucked the will to run right out of me! My feet are killing me and I have no energy or desire to run! It’s been a long time since I had that feeling. The first thought that crossed my mind when I finished El-S, “I never want to run again”! …I will say, they give the cutest shirts! FYI: if you hear me say anything about El, Trail or staying up 24 hours ….shut me down. – NIKKI DAVIS, 7/21, two days after completing the El Scorcho 25K

Yep! Off. Getting my hair done tonight so I can enjoy it for 1 whole day! Then tempo Thursday… – EMILY TIPPETT, 7/21, on enjoying a day off from working out

Coaches are NOT Doctors! We are Running Coaches. We are trained to say, “Go SEE A DOCTOR!” – Runwell Head Coach, NIKKI DAVIS, 7/23, advising new runners

Predicting an IM time is like predicting the weather. The best one can do is guess. – anonymous, 7/26

Nice looking home inside, back yard was a bit boring. Neighborhood was weak looking too. Tell the owner great job on the two Iron Man’s!– comments left by a potential buyer, 7/26, for TRACY CLEVELAND’s home

Three bags of pasta, sauce from a jar, couple loaves of French bread, big bag of salad w/dressing, jug of water and ice tea, gallon of vanilla ice cream. – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 7/28, list of items needed before leaving for the RiverCities Triathlon

I’m going to start calling you the seven minute man. – NIKKI DAVIS, 7/28, to compliment Byran Crabb for maintaining a seven minute pace during his training run

My Lake Placid Ironman shirt is getting old, but I think I need a St. George Marathon shirt instead. – MICHAEL SMITH, 7/28, looking for a reason to do yet another marathon

Everyone OK leaving out at 10AM – guy time 10am? – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 7/28

I have made my decision. I am NOT going to do the Cozumel Ironman. Do I still have to bike 70 miles on Saturday? – EMILY TIPPETT, 7/30, not looking forward to a long bike ride

Nothing like doing an hour swim and an hour bike. – TRACY CLEVELAND, 7/30

After our run, we enjoyed muffins, fruit, and cupcakes! I love a good sugar rush. – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/3

I had some runners email saying they wanted to do Flagpole Hill. Sick runners, they see someone falling apart over the training, and they want to do it! – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/3

I really, really, really need music to keep me going. Many years ago, I would leave the gym if my batteries ran out of my player. I love loud music! Very motivational. – SHANNON JAMISON, 8/5

The proposed law to fine drivers passing too close to bicyclists is absurd. I bike all the time and I am smart enough to stay off the street. Roads are for vehicles, not bikes. – KENNETH BAIN, 8/6, father of driver who killed cyclists Meredith Hatch and Michael Alfara, hitting them from behind with his Lincoln Navigator on 6/8/08

It’s awesome to experience the nervousness of the beginner triathletes and all the questions they have. – ROBERTO FLORENCIA, 8/7, teaching beginner triathlete clinics

Do you think they’ll have a Most Congenial award? – SHANNON JAMISON, 8/7, entering her first bike rally, The Rockwall Hot Rocks bike ride

Injuries just get in the way. – JOSE CASTRO, 8/8

For some crazy reason, I like the sound of “the pain room.” – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/9, entering a harder phase of her training

My body rejects marathon training. If you’re at five hours, you should just die. – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/12

I didn’t say I was GIFTED. Just that I love swimming. Trust me, Michael Phelps and Dana Torres are safe, …for now. – CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON, 8/14

Training is fine. After an hour I had to walk and run the rest. It really sucked. – JULIE KANER BURNS, 8/14

“In addition to enduring two practices and a three mile run each day, the football players were banned from using cellphones, iPods, and all other electronic devices. The players didn’t even have watches.” MATT WIXON, 8/15, Dallas Morning News “above the fold”, front page article on 18 year old high school players enduring early season workouts. JANALOU FRAGAPANCE’s response, “This is sacrifice?!” The Cross Country team is probably laughing [about three mile runs].

It was Jill’s birthday. I just couldn’t convince her that track would be a romantic night out! – JEFF BURROWS, 8/20, why he sacrificed track practice for his wife’s birthday

It’s easy to DO a race. – JACK WEISS, 8/21, noting the difference for him when directing a triathlon and doing a triathlon.

I did my tempo run last night with “The Hot Fast Guy.” He ran me in the ground! The first 3.5 miles was a sub eight pace! Then he took me through some freakin’ six-story parking garage! With each level of the garage, he got less and less hot looking. I barely made it back, seriously. I finally got him to head back without me. I struggled real hard to keep a pace under 10 minutes on the last few miles. I’ve totally lost all interest in him…for Real! The Ex-Hot Fast Guy’s name is Trey Bryant – 40 years old. But I’m seriously so over him! Next. – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/21

I think I’m becoming a Penguin! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 8/22, referencing Runner’s World John “The Penguin” Bingham’s column on three types of runners. “Then there are the penguins. The ones that are there for the pure joy of it.”

You go ahead. There will be a shotgun and a baseball bat waiting for you. – JACK WEISS, 8/23, giving instructions at Tri The Rock Triathlon not to ride a bike through the transition area

Oh, what have I gotten myself into? – SHANNON JAMISON, 8/23, former Ms. Dallas beauty pageant winner, after doing her first triathlon

Shirtless and shameless. I finally ditched my Puritan upbringing and ran shirtless for the last eight miles. Can’t believe how much better it felt. What took me so long? – DON ROSSI, 8/23

Nikki, that was the best Gatorade I ever had! I helped myself to five or six glasses after the five miler. I decided to stop at the supermarket to get orange juice. As I peeled myself out of the car, shuffled into the store, and slowly reached into the refrigerated section for the gallon container, which I could hardly hold up because my arms were also tired, I thought I’d only feel like this when I’m 80. Crawled back into the car, got home, and ate a whole package of heated frozen creamed spinach on the couch. A whopping 80 calories. I cooked some fish, but almost couldn’t walk back to the kitchen to turn it off and package it into a container for lunch today. I was too tired to eat it. – Dr. Mona, 8/23, after doing her first five mile run, reaching her lowest weight since started running

Don’t make me ask you, “Are you drinking enough Water?” – NIKKI DAVIS, 8/23, berating her Runwell runners to drink

Poor baby, had to run a 7:51 mile. Welcome to my world – wait, what am I saying.  That’s still not my world!! – JAMIE SHAW, 8/24

Hat collection has become more important these days. – RANDALL ROEBUCK, 8/24, on his thinning hair

I’m working in running, but I’m really not. I live in a unique world. – ASHLEY POWELL, 8/24

Don’t worry. I’ve got a few thousand of my closest friends on whose tires I will be sticking like a fat kid on a cupcake. – JAMIE SHAW, 8/24, planning on drafting at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred bike rally.

Imagine that! Stuffing yourself really doesn’t work! Ding, ding, ding, ding!!! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 8/26, on athletes learning how to eat properly

With fins, all things are possible! – ASHLEY JOHNSON, 8/26, before a challenging kick set in the pool

If I go before you do, please ride your bike on the day of my funeral. There are few days in my life that I would not want to ride and I can’t remember the last day I WANTED to sit in church rather than ride. Just because I am dead doesn’t mean this day is any different. I don’t want to be remembered sitting in some stuffy church. So ride some route we rode together and remember the silly, stupid things between us, that’s who WE are; that makes us, US. – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 8/26

At least he is pain free now and can run everyday up in the most beautiful park God has made. – BRANDON BARNETT, 8/26, of Eddie Pascacio’s passing

I’m sure hoping there will be endless bike, hike, walk, run trails in Heaven while we “play.” Then go to the Italian buffet afterwards, and eat our fill. – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 8/26

Know anyone who wants to buy some bikes? REAL CHEAP! – EMILY TIPPETT, 8/27, after her husband, TERRENCE, crashed on his bike, broke some bones, and received a concussion

I’m not about safety. – former triathlete DAVID MORGAN, 8/30

Has to be idiot proof. Morning is not my best and brightest time of day. And I’m a pretty big idiot at 5:30 in the morning. – NANCY HOOKER, 8/31, morning workout instructions

Is eating a hobby? – Ironman triathlete GERALD JACKSON, 9/1

Yes, I’m fully aware that I am crazy. – runner LANCE REYNOLDS, 9/6

“Another one bites the dust. That was me today! I was minutes slower than my other race. I couldn’t get out of my head. I was obsessed with my Garmin. Novle saved me at mile five and took it away.” — NIKKI DAVIS

“Not to worry sister, it happens to the best of us. My head holds me back, too. No wait, that’s my butt. Disregard everything I just said…” Nikki Davis’ sister, 9/9

Gators? I heard there was the Loch Ness’ cousin in there.– BOB SMEBY, 9/17, on swimming five miles across Lake Ray Hubbard

I like that this guy who eats snickers, red bull, etc. has a Wal-Mart water bottle.  Awesome. – MATT CROWNOVER, 9/21, on DAVID HARTWIG’s swimming the five miles across Lake Ray Hubbard

Dude, I am so sore! Getting old is just wrong and mean. – TRACY CLEVELAND, 9/28, extending himself during a season ending triathlon

All through the bike, and the first loop of the run, people were flying past like I was tied to a tree. That must be what it’s like to race Kona through a lottery slot. – MIKE GIBSON, 9/21, on PR-ing the Redman Half Ironman after 18 months off

Hey, I have almost crapped in my pants on training runs. Missing a shirt and a couple of pairs of socks. Lucky for me it happened in semi remote areas. – CHARLES MCCAULEY, 9/30

I felt my body gave me the middle finger today. – LANCE SHELTON, 10/1, on having a bad workout

Thanks, anyway. Spandex causes rashes on my tender parts. – JAMES CORMIER, 9/29, after being invited to join a long bike ride

I felt like a cartoon on the treadmill. That’s the first time I’ve ever worn the clip for the treadmill to automatic turn off! Holy cow! – NANCY HOOKER, 10/1

Maybe if I show up at track once in a while I’ll get faster. – MICHAEL SMITH, 10/1

Being active is self perpetuating. Just like being inactive. – JAMIE SHAW, 10/3

Oooo! The drive through thing! Give me my things! – LUCY SILVAS, 10/3

Hill, yeah! – 10/3, North Texas Bicycle Rally sign at the bottom of hill

I take greatest pleasure in being 22 out of 196 on the bike. Now if only I could run. And swim. And transition. – JAMIE SHAW, 10/5, on doing the Benbrook Women’s Triathlon

One step, one day, one run at a time. – RON ROSSETTI, 10/7

Dude behind me is snorting and hacking up a lung. Awesome!!! There is an older lady sitting in front of me wearing a Boston Athletic Association jacket. Yeah, I’m going to beat her up and steal it when we land. – LANCE REYNOLDS, 10/9, hoping to qualify for Boston at the Chicago Marathon

I know a lot of people will be going to U2 tomorrow night.  If anybody not going wants to run. I’m thinking of the Katy at 6:00. ED COUNTRYMAN – 10/11

Really enjoyed being at the front in the start corrals. It is a nice reminder that I am in the top 15% of idiots that like to beat themselves up for three plus hours. – LANCE REYNOLDS, 10/13, on starting corrals at marathons

I’m sure if I ever run a trail run I’ll either get lost, sprain my ankle, get left behind, and get eaten by coyotes.– JOSH TERRY, 10/13

You can just taste the nutrition. – MARK EGGERT, 10/18, biting into a chocolate covered donut

I could have started my own triathlon shop with all the stuff out on the course. – RUSSELL TAYLOR, after the Redman triathlon battered by storms and flooding.

I run like I drive! – JOHN TRIMBLE, 10/20

That’s the appetizer…along with a hotdog, nacho tray w/jalapeños, Klondike bar, two pickles and a box of red vines. – KHAI HARBUT, 10/22, deciding to have popcorn for dinner

That bod of yours is certainly courtesy of GOOD nutrition! – JANALOU FRAGAPANE, 10/28

No mile feels so good as that run in a state of injury-wrought appreciation. – MATT CROWNOVER, 10/28

It’s like you’re on vacation! – NANCY HOOKER, 10/30, tapering

To get to the start line takes muscle, to get to the finish line takes heart. – HAROLD WILSON, 10/31

Don’t fear the pink. Pink is power, remember! – SHANNON JAMISON, 11/1, who wears a LOT of pink

Thinking about the post workout after-glow gets me out of bed at 5 a.m. – KATH YOUNGER, 11/3

Kraft Mac and Cheese tastes best when you eat it right out of the pan. – KARA TARA TOLAND CAMPBELL, 11/3

Amazing what a haircut, a new shirt and a pair of shades can do for one’s appearance, eh? – DAN CLUBB, 11/1, on his DRC Half race photos

No one dies from their time being off! – race timer DAVID HARTWIG, 11/6, weighing the importance of having volunteers at aid stations instead of the finish line

It’s more important to know the directions than to be fast. – MICHAEL MONTGOMERY, 11/7

Do I get a bag of cocaine? – MATT CROWNOVER, 11/9, asking about the $110 cost of the DWRM and VIP treatment for $400

I think it’s better not to know…there’s a shorter span of time! – CELINA RICHARDSON, 11/10, on whether it’s better to see the bike crash coming or being surprised

The next day after a long run when your muscles are sore but your joints and bones still feel healthy, that’s one of the best feelings! Twenty-two miles yesterday. – MATT GORE, 11/16

You run on the lead shoes enough and they’ll turn to gold! – DAN CLUBB, 11/16

So if I’m too low on calories, can I make it up with beer? – 11/16, anonymous

I don’t run to compete; I compete because I run. Fitness is part of my day. – DELLA IRBY, 11/17

Hills and hell: What do they have in common? A lot, I’ve decided. My legs felt like rubber, I could hardly breathe at all, and I nearly fell flat on my face at least four or five times at the top. I guess this means I’m a runner. – DON ROSSI, 11/18, doing 20 hill repeats

So bummed. I could have used the boost tonight and my 3.5 on the treadmill left me flat. And here I was hoping I could count on running to lift me out of my funks. I want my money back. 11/18, anonymous

The only thing that’s been running is my nose. 800’s in the rain, those are never fun. – CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON, 11/20, feeling sick

I thought I understood what it means to be patient. Now I can write the book! – FRANCES MCKISSICK, 11/22, waiting to get over injuries

It is going to get ugly. – BRANDON BARNETT, 11/23, signing up for his first Ironman triathlon

Twenty-four miles done. White Rock, you are in my sites. —CHRISTINE WILLIAMSON, 11/25

 Athlete’s Question

QUESTION: Track went well today! My friend wants to try the hills out tonight. Would I get anything out of going as well or just wear myself out?

ANSWER: When planning workouts, one of the things the athlete or the coach needs to be aware of is the cumulative affect the workouts have over a couple of days, a week, a month, and a season. You want a program that challenges you and works for you, but doesn’t leave you wiped out and discouraged.

Coming out tonight for an extra leisurely few miles (no more than three, or 30 minutes tops) I think will be fine given that tomorrow is your day off. I do NOT encourage you doing hill repeats as this will wear on an already taxed muscle system (Achilles, ankles, quads, hips, lower back, knees, hamstrings, plantar), and can lead to injury, or fatigue that can lead to injury.


12/2/73 Jan Ullrich, cyclist

12/6/66 Natascha Badmann, triathlete

12/9/76 Desiree Ficker, triathlete

12/12/63 Arturo Barrios, runner

12/23/47 Bill Rodgers, runner

12/28/60 Sylviane and Patricia Puntous, triathletes

1/6/76  Jeremy Linn, 100m breaststroke (96 Olympics)
1/12/58 Mark Allen, triathlete

1/17/40 Hezekiah Kipchoge “Kip” Keino, runner

1/19/76 Sky Christopherson, cyclist (96 Olympics)

1/24/55 Jim Montgomery, swimmer

1/21/78 Faris Al-Sultan, triathlete

1/29/60 Greg Louganis, swimmer

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.