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Thank You!

Tis the season.

I want to give thanks to you, the reader, and the advertiser. I will list you by name below.

As most of you know, this paper is a labor of love. Your subscriptions and the ads combine to pay for paper, printing, and postage…barely.

And so it is, I wish to say thank for your loyalty, and seeing value in something I think is a necessity in a city the size of Dallas; that is, a paper dedicated to running, biking, and swimming.

If you have lived in any other larger city, or traveled to them, you will note they have a dedicated news source. Dallas didn’t have anything until the Sports Pulse came along in the mid-1980’s. It lasted until about 1990, before it died. Several others tried to fill the void, but none lasted very long. None were dedicated to DFW, or to just the three endurance sports from which we get our endorphin fix.

With its comprehensive coverage of Dallas, it is the Sports Pulse that we wish to emulate. But without our readers and advertisers, putting out a paper every month to catch you up with what’s going on becomes a dream, a wish at best.

So we give thanks to you.

You probably know or recognize some of these people. We are proud to include a high percentage of “movers and shakers” in our community. We take that as a sign of valuable journalism and a publication that is uniting the community. If you notice someone that should be on the list, pass along the renewal form on the back page to him, and tell him, “Hey, you need to be reading this!”

Molly Anderson, David & Amy Balis, Steven Barnes, Clint Bell, Byron Benoit, David & Nikki Bertrand, Rick Bjorck, Jason Bogardus, Jhovany Bonilla, Bill Borowski, Grace Brock, Staci Brode, Coby Bullard, Amby Burfoot, Matt and Julie Kaner Burns, Jeff and Jill Burrows, Wally Capps, Bryce & Deborah Carroll, Rhonda Carter, Ken Chigani, Dennis & Mary Lewellyn Chupp, Erica Chorley, Kurt Cimino, Dan Clubb, Todd & Kristen Warner Codish, Sarah Collins, Tom and Patricia Conlon, Frank Cortese, Karen Cott, Cliff Couch, Bryan Crabb, Mark Craggett, Janet Cromer, David Crowder, Mathew Crownover, The Dallas Public Library, Chuck and Ann Dannis, Nikki Davis, Jennifer Dean, Darren & Rebecca Durrett, David Dozier, Scott Eder & Stephanie Bassin, Rodney Ellis, Russ Emerson, Tom Emmons, Art Fairchild, Mike Fields, Greg Fisher, Greg Floyd, Meredith Foster, Roger Foster, Murray and Betty Forsvall, Michael Friedhoff, Leslie Garcia, Paul Gardner, Hank Garrett, Joe Gaspari, Lewis George, Chris Gescheidle, Mike Gibson, Diane Golden, Matt Gore, Fiona Green, Marcus Grunewald, Dianne Guthrie, Shamalee Haliman, Khai & Danine Harbut, Kelly Harris, Walt Hartley, David Hartwig, Donna Hegdahl, Kyle Hemmer, Darlene Hess, Chuck & Michelle Boyer Hobbs, Nancy Hooker, David Hovenden, Scott & Lisa Huggins, Tom & Lauren Hulsey, Terry Hunter, Gerald Jackson, Russ and Terry Jackson, Tim & Stephanie Jagoda, Shannon Jamison, Libby Jones, Mike Keel, Amy Keene, Mark and Carol Kemanish, Rio King, Vikram Lakkamsetti, Gail Leveque, Jerry Lewis, Amber Li, Tony Long, Jose Lopez, Nancy Lowden, Roberto & Jeannine Mahoney Florencia, Marius Maianu, Fred Marsh, Dave & Karen Matlack, Danny McGar, Scott & Frances McKissick, Huntley McNabb, Charles Meachum, Mark Miller, Michael Montgomery, David and Carol Morgan, Stacy Mullikin, Julia Mungioli, Sheila Natho, Walter & Lauren Nicks, Mark & Kathy Norman, Tuan Nguyen, Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki, Mark Olateju, Mike O’Neal, Greg Pace, Ed Park, Lawrence Pao, Marylyn Patrick, Catherine Paulson, Olen Penn, James Pennington, Wes and Nicole Radetsky, Clay Rahn, Wendy Ragle, Robert Reveal, Jan Richards, David & Celina Richardson, Novle & Randi Rogers, Ronald Rossetti, Don & Teresa Rossi, Mike Sandefur, Marlene Schaffer, Bill Shaw, Jamie Shaw, Lance Shelton, Dr. Allan Sherman, Bill & Christine Shirer, Marcelo de Silva, Lucy Silvas, Bob Smeby, Michael Smith, Tommy & Leslie Smith, Michele & Rick Snyder, Steve Stanley, Robert & Kim Stark, Scott Steffen, Mike Stieglitz, Zev Shulkin, Josh Terry, Larry Thompson, James Thruston, Terrance & Emily Tippett, Joe Torres, Angela Tortorice, Ron Tribendis, John Trimble, Angela Turnage, Randall Turner, Matt Unthank, Deedra Vines, Rachel Walker, E.W. & Dana Walter II, Jack & Esther Weiss & Ironhead Race Productions, Gary Welch, Dave & Laura West, Jason Wicke, Kathy Wickersham, Christine Williamson, Harold Wilson, Steve Whitworth, Bart Yasso, Trey Yost, Dave Young, Ahmed Zaher, Terry Ziegler, and Mike Zinn.

Our advertisers this year have included: CK Sports Store, Coit Chiropractic, The Dallas White Rock Marathon, Ironhead Race Productions, McGilberry & Shirer Attorneys, Mellew Productions, PlayTri, Richardson Bike Mart, The Ride Of Silence, Dr. Novle Rogers, and The Texas Club.

Thank you…Thank you and Happy Holidays from The Phast Times News!

“Sure, Charlie Brown. I can tell you what Christmas is all about,” Linus quietly says in the face of frustration and chaos. “Lights, please?”

Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.