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Rocky Raccoon 100mi & 50mi Endurance Trail Run

Huntsville State Park, February 7, 2009 – Texas Finishers Aftermath BY MATT CROWNOVER [Ed. Note: At this race, Matt PR’d the distance with a 21:22:34, an incredible effort considering he walked the last 10 miles.] My foot began to be sore early in the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler. There was never any moment where anything snapped or popped or anything, it just was sore. I kept changing shoes, orthotics, trying to figure it out. It was not until Mile 90 that it really crossed over into true pain. Soon thereafter,Read More

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February 2009

Bandera Trail Run LOCAL RESULTS January 10, 2009, Hill Country State Natural Area, Bandera, TX 25K 241 start / 240 finish / 99% Place Overall           Time               Name              Age     City 35        2:32:35                        Paul Thibodeaux     50    Dallas 53        2:45:13                        Jonathan Johnson  29   Dallas 99        3:04:26                        Sarah Brown           39     Ft Worth 106      3:09:03                        Stacy Dannels    42     Grapevine 112      3:10:43                        Tom Emery     55        Dallas 113      3:10:43                        Rick Lawson   56        Dallas 114      3:11:00                        Amanda Short24        Irving 116      3:11:42                        Le Pham          41        Frisco 121      3:13:37                        Monette Crain            41        Ft Worth 122      3:14:00                        Brad Reno       33       Read More

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Janaury 2009

Sunmart Texas Trails ENDURANCE RUNS December 6, 2008, Huntsville State Park, Houston, TX In the 50 Miler, this was Stephen Stanely’s first ultra-marathon, and first trail run. The Phast Times News reported in the January issue that Steve was training nearly 200 miles per week. Ken Ashby is the local icon who measures the distance of almost every race in Dallas. There were 159 finishers. In the 50K, Steve Shopoff, former Dallas White Rock Marathon director in the mid 1980’s, placed 61st overall at the age of 61, while TimothyRead More

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September 2006

For the first time in 36 years, The Dallas White Rock Marathon has a title sponsor, changing the name of the 26.2 mile race scheduled for December 10, to the WELLSTONE DALLAS WHITE ROCK MARATHON. At a press conference Aug. 29, on the Scottish Rite Hospital lawn (the beneficiary of the marathon), marathon board Chairman CHUCK DANNIS, Race Director MARCUS GRUNEWALD, Dallas Mayor LAURA MILLER, Gender Challenge sponsor, Dr. KENNETH COOPER, and marathon Founder TAL MORRISON, announced Dallas’ marathon joining the ranks of Chicago, LA, New York, and Boston. ThisRead More

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July 2006

Bad news, good news greeted Ironman MICHAEL MONTGOMERY last month. He had contacted MIKE GREER to volunteer at Greer’s Buffalo Springs Half Ironman Triathlon. But a week before, Montgomery’s job required him to travel on that date. The good news was the project Montgomery was traveling to is in Spokane, WA, 30 miles from the Coeur D’Alene Ironman Triathlon. Montgomery got to watch and volunteer for an Ironman race instead of a Half Ironman race…. AHMED ZAHER and STACI BRODE were married June 17th.  After their small wedding in Grapevine,Read More

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June 2006

Wonder why there are no more races out at Lake Grapevine? The GRAPEVINE City Council made it law: No more athletic events. This affected the Disco and PlayTri triathlons. When the city suggested closing down the roads around the lake to PlayTri triathlon race director AHMED ZAHER last summer before his race went off, he said they didn’t need to. The city did anyway. After the race, the residents and city were angry and upset with traffic problems. The city then enacted the new law… Odd as it may seem,Read More

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March 2006

The 3M Half Marathon in Austin on January 29 produced some fast times. Unfortunately, the course was officially declared short by a tenth of a mile. Nevertheless, outstanding locals who participated include DAVE RAY (24th overall male, 1st age group, 1:09:56), ALBERTO CASTRO (1:12:42), JEFF BURROWS (1:18:24), ALEX CASTRO (1:18:28), JASON BEREND (1:18:53), SHIHUI MANG (1:19:30), JENNIFER PRIM (17th overall female, 2nd age group, 1:19:44), and SHEILA NATHO (1:27:57). …MINDI RICE, 30, of Lewisville, ran her second 15K and her fourth race ever at Grapevine’s Bold in the Cold 15K.Read More
Since the 2005 triathlon season in North Texas has come to a close, and the 2006 season is right around the corner, I’d like to share with you some of the exciting changes that have taken place at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center. Being a multi-sport athlete myself, I understand how crucial comprehensive training is, so we at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center have created an all-encompassing multi-sport training program specific to the needs of these athletes. Since these athletes are a big part of our valued membership,Read More

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February 2006

The DALLAS WHITE ROCK MARATHON gave $37,000 to the female winner without a drug test. According to Kate Mittelstadt [] at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, “I wanted to confirm that USADA has not tested the White Rock Marathon since 2001. I don’t know of the testing history prior to that.” According to Ryan Lamppa, Running USA Media Director [], the Dallas White Rock Marathon is certified by USA Track and Field (USATF) but that doesn’t mean drug testing procedures follow. “Certification refers to the course. USADA determines whether a race willRead More

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Best Phrases of the Year

Last month, we gave you a taste of this column by having Tracy Cleveland’s assembled comments. The below phrases were assembled over this past year. It is a running commentary of life involving the hobbies we enjoy,…hopefully. Sometimes, that is not the case as these comments suggest. What surprises me every year over the years of doing this, is how these individual phrases make up a conversation, without one person listed here knowing what was said by the others. ESP-ish? Maybe. Note also some of the repeat comment makers. I’mRead More