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Posted On February 1, 2007By Coach PhelanIn Spotlight

Terrance Tippett

Occupation: Conference Call Attendee How did you get into triathlon? Wanted a new goal, so I signed up for Ironman, and then the next day I went and bought a bike. How long have you been doing triathlon? Two years Favorite workout? Any that I can just have fun, lately that’s been swimming (Fat Floats). Running has been tough lately to enjoy. Do you have training partners? Yes, any sucker I can get to go do it with me. Best Race? Best over all, of course, Ironman Arizona Triathlon forRead More

Posted On January 1, 2007By Coach PhelanIn Spotlight

Dan Club

Occupation: Commercial Banking – Credit Underwriter for Bank of America How did you get into running? My third grade teacher, who was also the cross country coach, encouraged me to come to practice. How long have you been running? Off and on since the third grade. That means I would have started back in 1980 or 1981 (22 years, with no consistency, 3 years with). Favorite workout?  Does running to the donut shop count? If not, then a loop around White Rock Lake with the ‘Loving hills’ thrown in there for good measure. Do you have training partners?Read More

Posted On September 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Spotlight

Tom Hulsey: Keep Your Stick Low and Goals High

By Liz Manglesdorf, Director of Skating Schools, Dr. Pepper StarCenters It has been said, that to be the best in the world at what you do, you’ve got to find the very best in yourself. That wisdom, combined with a unique drive to perform, is what motivates Tom Hulsey to be the best. Tom, a Professional Hockey Instructor for the StarCenters, is gearing up for the annual Ironman competition in Panama City, Florida. He recently qualified at the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 race. The Ironman requires tremendous psychological stamina asRead More