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Posted On February 1, 2007By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Randy Rogers: A Presidential Mirage

“Road racing is very strong in Texas and our area. Some of the best anywhere, in all disciplines.” It is a mournful site, the last significant hill on the south side bike ride, going from Beltline Road west along Northwest Drive to I 30. The hill is relentless, punishing, with cyclists falling off the back like crumbs off a piece of cake to be enjoyed by those who conquer it. This is a hill RANDY ROGERS knows well, living not far from it. But also from the many trips upRead More

Posted On January 1, 2007By Coach PhelanIn Spotlight

Dan Club

Occupation: Commercial Banking – Credit Underwriter for Bank of America How did you get into running? My third grade teacher, who was also the cross country coach, encouraged me to come to practice. How long have you been running? Off and on since the third grade. That means I would have started back in 1980 or 1981 (22 years, with no consistency, 3 years with). Favorite workout?  Does running to the donut shop count? If not, then a loop around White Rock Lake with the ‘Loving hills’ thrown in there for good measure. Do you have training partners?Read More

Posted On January 1, 2007By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Keeping Up with the Jones

President Libby Jones in Her Own Words She’s not the first female President of the former Cross Country Club of Dallas in the club’s 40 year history. After Jean Millet (1987-1989) and Cricket Griffin (1995-1996), she’s the third. But, “I might be the youngest, though.” LIBBY JONES will, however, be the first female President of the Dallas Running Club, the new name of the former CCCD. Prior to the sudden name change the club recently went through, Libby was a board member before considering the Presidential post, trying to make theRead More

Posted On September 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Spotlight

Tom Hulsey: Keep Your Stick Low and Goals High

By Liz Manglesdorf, Director of Skating Schools, Dr. Pepper StarCenters It has been said, that to be the best in the world at what you do, you’ve got to find the very best in yourself. That wisdom, combined with a unique drive to perform, is what motivates Tom Hulsey to be the best. Tom, a Professional Hockey Instructor for the StarCenters, is gearing up for the annual Ironman competition in Panama City, Florida. He recently qualified at the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 race. The Ironman requires tremendous psychological stamina asRead More

Posted On September 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Chuck It All!

“What are ya doin’, boy?!” It’s that voice, a bark really that snaps one into reality no matter how many miles one has run. “This ain’t Hollywood! I don’t see Paris Hilton waiting for your autograph!” No matter the plea, his voice, slurred yet cutting, gives no quarter. “I don’t care. Get up there. Go get him. He’s not better than you!” CHUCK HOBBS is a coach’s coach. He used to be only known for his own running talent, and his ability to inspire others to higher performances. But thatRead More

Posted On July 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Bull Dozier

An icon of Dallas running, he talks non-stop with an occasional grunt to clear his throat. His legs are as stiff as wooden 2 x 4’s, and his back has that slight runner’s curve as he makes his way around the largest inner city lake in the world, one more time. With his thick salt and pepper hair, David Dozier is known to most runners at White Rock Lake as… “The Mayor of White Rock.” He’s not known for his speed, necessarily. Though he’s posted a 3 hour, and 15Read More

Posted On June 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Kathy Norman: Not the Norm

It is the heart that defines the person. But for this athlete and artist, is also her art that defines who she is, really. Yes, Kathy Norman has done 5K’s, marathons, century bike rides, and even the Ironman Triathlon. But it’s her art that both drives her and keeps her thinking. Her sculptures of runners and cyclists (she’s yet to do a swimmer) are considered some of her best work. But besides athletes, her art also includes Texas themes such as cowboys, coyotes, and cactus. All of her characters areRead More

Posted On March 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

A to Z with Ahmed Zaher

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon on June 21. The heat is everywhere. We are drenched in it, swimming in it. Even bugs scatter under the blades of the SMU track infield grass. On this of all days, at this time of all times of the day, Ahmed Zaher (pronounced ACH-med ZIGH-here) has requested we meet to work on his speed and running form. His face is all about concentration. The 41 year old has already swum 5,000 meters, and biked over 70 miles.   There’s not a cloud in theRead More

Posted On February 1, 2006By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Logan’s Run

At 19, Logan Sherman is the youngest ever to win the Dallas YMCA 8 Mile Turkey Trot when he crossed the finish line in front of 25,000 other runners this past November. A month later, he also won the Dallas White Rock Marathon Half Marathon for the second time. Having won it two years ago at the ripe old age of 17, he has also likely set the record as the youngest to win that race as well. At 5’ 10” 137lbs, it’s validation for someone who was nicknamed “JellyRead More

Posted On February 1, 2005By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Mudgett, Your Time!

It’s early Autumn, Steve Mudgett’s favorite time of year. “Going back to when I ran in high school. It was the middle of the cross-country season. The weather was crisp. And then as now, it’s the month for the ‘Big Dog’ race in Hawaii.” Boy-ish good looks, youthful with blond curly hair, blue eyes, and a great build. When you meet Steve Mudgett, an account consultant for St Paul Travelers for three years (he’s been in the business for 20 years), one is struck by how he seems so Californian,Read More