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Posted On July 1, 2009By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Jose Lopez: Of Running and Balance

He looks like he’s working so hard, with his jaw clenched tight as if he’s grinding down his teeth, and his head with a slight roll. JOSE LOPEZ, 24, is preparing for the San Francisco Marathon, July 26. His feet, wearing Brooks T3 (Brooks Adrenaline for races), pound the track mercilessly. He’s leading 30 souls around the track at a Tuesday Night Track session where the heat is almost intolerable. Sweat flies off his jet black hair. But, because he’s going so fast, it lands 8-10’ behind him. The othersRead More

Posted On June 1, 2009By Coach PhelanIn Interviews

Wendy Conditions

Her blond ponytail bounces along the trail around White Rock Lake, doing a cruise of the lake with friends. She’s wearing her favorite shoes, the Asics Nimbus, and a dash of pink. “I do like pink.” Today she’s running two loops, or 18 miles. WENDY RAGLE talks about business as a rep with Auto Zone, her boyfriend, family, training, and past runs and races. She’s very even in her breathing, pace, and conversation; dependable and consistent; traits not common to other runners. Although only mildly fashion conscious when she worksRead More

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Harold Wilson

At 6’ 1”, 180 lbs, HAROLD WILSON is a beast. That’s meant in a good way. The 32 year old triathlete, coach, and father is one of the most tenacious competitors in the area. All who know him, respect him, immensely. DAVID BALIS, who finished the April 19 King Tut Triathlon in a virtual 3-way tie with Harold and Pedro Trindade, says, “I didn’t know him [before the race.] But he had very good swim, bike, transitions, and run at King Tut. I had a hard time holding him offRead More

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Shaheen Sattar: Seriously!

Photo: SHAHEEN SATTAR (#12542) and KHAI HARBUT (#12382) make the final turn in the Boston Marathon and see the finish line for the first time. “Seriously!” It’s one of the words she uses frequently for emphasis, at the end of sentence to cap off either her distain or delight. SHAHEEN SATTAR (pronounced Sha – HEEN, sat – TAR) has been the epitome of seriousness for the past five months. But let’s get something clear right now. She doesn’t like getting her picture taken. Nor does she like the pictures that areRead More

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River Runs

Any runner worth claiming a trophy should know about RIO KING. Quiet and austere, tall and thin (6’, 145lbs) at 66 years old, he cuts a fatherly figure on the start line of area runs. Although his claim to fame is having done 34 consecutive Dallas White Rock Marathons (PR of 2:48:40), a lesser known fact is he is responsible for giving name to the hills along that same course at Mile 19, along White Rock Trail, known as, “The Dolly Partons.” “It was during the three year reign of STEVERead More

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Jacob’s Ladder

“I don’t just do triathlon, I live it. It’s become such a huge part of my life and who I am. I was a 215 lb band student that used to eat breakfast burritos in bulk, with chocolate milk and donuts.” He’s climbing higher and higher. JACOB EVANS race history is a steady climb up his own ladder. His big jumping off point was in 2006 doing his debut marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 10 (3 hr., 49 min). In 2007, he did his debut IronmanRead More

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Sting Ray

He has swum a mile in 16 minutes and change; biked 25 miles during a triathlon (after a swim, without drafting) in “about 58 minutes,” he says; and run a 5K in 16:20 (5:16 per mile average pace). He won two consecutive overalls at the now defunct Tom Landry triathlon, was 2nd overall at the elite Memphis in May triathlon in 2000, finished 20th overall at the Boston ITU Pan-America Qualifier (a prelude to the Olympics), and won almost all of the triathlons he has done in the last threeRead More

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Jan Richards: Hall of Famer

If FRANCES MCKISSICK is the Queen of Dallas road racing, then JAN RICHARDS has to be its First Lady. And now it’s official. Local runner JAN RICHARDS has been inducted into Texas’ Running Hall of Fame. Richards, 79, who has not been able to run lately due to a bout of shingles that reached her eyes, has set many national age group records. Richards began running while working as receiving clerk for K-Mart, at age 55. She was dating a runner, and waiting for him at the finish line whenRead More

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Envy Green

Standing on the start line, she appears sweet and innocent without an aggressive or competitive bone in her body. Her lips aren’t even pursed. She is even polite on the start line, saying pleasantries. FIONA GREEN, at 5’3” 99 lbs, runs along and in between the shadows of tree limbs at Flag Pole Hill. She’s Dallas’ latest addition to its growing female running population. “Five foot four in running shoes,” she says, thin and petite, exactly how you want to be built to be a runner. Her dark blond hairRead More

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Terrance Tippett

Occupation: Conference Call Attendee How did you get into triathlon? Wanted a new goal, so I signed up for Ironman, and then the next day I went and bought a bike. How long have you been doing triathlon? Two years Favorite workout? Any that I can just have fun, lately that’s been swimming (Fat Floats). Running has been tough lately to enjoy. Do you have training partners? Yes, any sucker I can get to go do it with me. Best Race? Best over all, of course, Ironman Arizona Triathlon forRead More