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Posted On February 4, 2014 By In Featured

Hostages or Hijacked?

What’s Dallas Parks & Rec doing at White Rock Lake? Is it any wonder DAVE HARTWIG is still able to host races at White Rock Lake? Most people aren’t aware of the push back he’s gotten from the City of Dallas and its affiliates since taking over Thruston Racing. Despite a slow start, Hartwig appears to  have turned the corner and is getting a reputable sized crowd at his events. A lot of the athletes that show up to race are aware of the problems and side with him. TheyRead More

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Tommy Smith

Tommy has always worked hard on his running, and later on his biking and swimming. But being plagued by injuries, he was forced to cut back on the volume of this training and concentrate on the quality. And that has made all the difference. His all-time highest volume of training is much lower than the people he competes against. While his best week in the pool only amounted to three miles, his competition is putting in seven miles or more. While his highest weekly bike mileage is only 100, theRead More

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Welcome Bob Smeby!

The irony of the photos included here (taken Sunday, August 9 at the Cooper Aerobics Center on Preston Road) is they show Bob on his new and latest hobby, his bike. But more than likely, you know Bob as a runner. You can’t always tell a book by its cover. On the starting line, Bob is well known and respected. He lines up on the start line or just behind it. He’s that good. He is part of the nervous chatter that takes place before the starting gun is fired.Read More

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Who is Tom Ryan, Really?

Who is TOM RYAN? I’ve known of him seemingly forever as part of the triathlon seen. I knew he was part of the local race producers and what he looked like but that was about it. I’d done a couple of his races, notably Texas Man Triathlon as it was the state championship that year. He had spotted me at the start line while he was on the microphone. He made some welcoming comments and gave everyone a brief introduction of me, which was nice. I won the master’s categoryRead More

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RT: Randall Turner

He’s got a smooth Texas drawl that drapes over his words, that’s as subtle as a fine wine. It’s there, but you really hardly notice it. Being from Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, communities known from being laid back, it’s understandable. “Growing up on the ocean cannot be compared to living inland. There is just too much to do, see and be.” He loves the coast. RANDALL TURNER is nothing if not competitive. In everything. But couldn’t care less how he dresses to run. “If it does not match, plusRead More

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Podiatrist’s Feat

Podiatrist Dr. Allan Sherman doesn’t know a stranger. Meeting him at his gym at Preston Road and LBJ, we are hardly able to walk a few feet before he says, “Oh, wait! I want you to meet this guy.” Then a lengthy conversation ensues with each of his friends gushing over Sherman and friendliness. An hour and half later, I leave with a hug from him and more stories about this man who has beat the odds in his athleticism. As a podiatrist, almost every decent runner in Dallas hasRead More