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Chris Phelan has written, laid out, photographed, and published The Phast Times News since 2001. He’s crisscrossed Texas on his bike three times, swam 5 miles across Lake Ray Hubbard three times, completed three Ironman triathlons, and has represented the US in completion three times, and run with the Olympic Torch. He maintained All-American status for five years and has also biked across the country, 3600 miles in 30 days. The running/triathlon coach has PR’s of 2:27 marathon, 15:40 5K, 3:55 at the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, and 10:00:52 Ironman. Chris is the only person to have won overall and Master’s at Dallas’ Crosson Dannis road racing series, DRC road racing series, and the USAT/SMW duathlon series. In 1988 he began Dallas’ oldest track workout, 1998 started north Texas’ first treadmill class, and 2003 he founded the world-wide Ride Of Silence. He’s been twice nominated Master’s Road Runner of the Year, highlighted in a variety of magazines and is frequently asked to speak at camps and organizations about fitness. Outside of swimming, biking, and running, Chris has summited several mountains including Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.


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A Swimming Leif

You might find Leif (pronounced “LEAF”) at the pool with a near perfect swim stroke propelling himself through the water at incredible speeds or you might find him at White Rock Lake running loops on a Saturday morning washed in sunshine. His grin carries him through his day. His home sport is swimming, but he’s athletically gifted in other areas as well. His long, flat torso adds in generating power for various strokes. But it also comes from his shoulders and long hands that add to that momentum, giving LeifRead More

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Shamalee Haliman

He is like a shaman. He runs purposefully and quietly, usually alone, though he has many friends who pass him at White Rock Lake, and either wave or say hello. Trudging in quiet solitude he continues, at peace with the world. You almost expect him to sit right there on the trail and begin an “OOMM” chant. But he doesn’t. He runs on as part of his approximately 30 miles per week. “I am a morning person. I start out before daylight and look forward to sunrise and the beginningRead More

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Running with a Heart of Cole

“The hardest part of running is getting out the door.” So says NANCY COLE. “The hardest part of any race is the first mile. Running is just something I have to do.  I can’t not do it, no matter how slow I am.” It’s a beautiful morning at White Rock Lake this July 8th morning, and Nancy is in a good mood. Not that that’s unusual. But to be photographed at 6:30 a.m. as the sun is rising can be challenging for some people. “I am so flattered that youRead More

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Alma (DAREnSburg)

There are few people in the world who are identified by their first name only. The person usually has a talent that allows him or her to own that name. Adele, Beck, Bono, Cher, Iman, Enya, Kesha, Liberace, Madonna, Oprah, Prince, Sting, and Twiggy come to mind. Alma, as in ALMA DARENSBURG, is another. She stands out in many ways. One, in which she’s very comfortable talking about, is that she’s African American. That makes her very rare, indeed, competing at a very high level (has represented the U.S.) inRead More

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Tribendis Tremendous

What a genuinely nice guy Ron Tribendis is. Really. To meet him is not imposing at all. He’s of normal height, good looks, not a boisterous talker, and doesn’t throw his athletic accomplishments into a conversation as if he were dumping food on someone else’s fine carpet. No, it’s only after you meet him and find out all that he’s done that you are impressed, wondering if you should be sharing this guy’s air. How’s it possible this Clark Kent looking guy has completed 16 Ironman triathlons and has PR’sRead More

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Hostages or Hijacked?

What’s Dallas Parks & Rec doing at White Rock Lake? Is it any wonder DAVE HARTWIG is still able to host races at White Rock Lake? Most people aren’t aware of the push back he’s gotten from the City of Dallas and its affiliates since taking over Thruston Racing. Despite a slow start, Hartwig appears to  have turned the corner and is getting a reputable sized crowd at his events. A lot of the athletes that show up to race are aware of the problems and side with him. TheyRead More

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The DFW Tri Club

“We’ve accomplished more together and impacted more lives than we ever could have done on our own. That’s what it’s all about.”  – Bertrand The story of DFW Tri Club is really three fold. There’s DAVID BERTRAND, FREDDY VACA, TREY YOST, and MIKE SEXTON. It’s really a triathlon group of the people, made simple. It’s four guys coming together with their specialties, allowing all to succeed, doing what’s best for the athletes. Simple. DFW TRI Club, according to David Bertrand, was created to help make it easier to become aRead More

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December 2009

12 Annual Best Quotes of the Year If for no other reason, this issue is the reason you have a subscription, to see who said what. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s extremely touching, sometimes it’s insightful, and other times, with a deep sense of the profound, it’s almost predicting the future. This issue has become our most popular issue with the most writing coming from you, the readers, and the athletes we train alongside. What started out as part of “The Best Of” issue (that comes next month), this collectionRead More

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Thank You!

Tis the season. I want to give thanks to you, the reader, and the advertiser. I will list you by name below. As most of you know, this paper is a labor of love. Your subscriptions and the ads combine to pay for paper, printing, and postage…barely. And so it is, I wish to say thank for your loyalty, and seeing value in something I think is a necessity in a city the size of Dallas; that is, a paper dedicated to running, biking, and swimming. If you have livedRead More

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November 2009

TRIVIA QUESTION: What’s the average weight of an adult man and woman in the U.S.? ….Runner, cyclist, triathlete, and White Rock Lake walker, BETTY FORSVAL turned 75 on October 15. She keeps fit with a pack of friends who have known each other for 20 years. Currently, along with her husband, MURRAY FORSVAL, 78, they have run in 49 of the U.S. states. Alaska, which will be the last one, will be scratched off in 2010. Murray, who tries to stay up with his wife, had his second bad cyclingRead More